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hacker-forestView game page

Can you hack your way through?
Submitted by Raespark (@raesparkgames) — 28 minutes, 41 seconds before the deadline
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hacker-forest's page

The game is centered around connecting pieces of information in order to solve puzzles and collect all the "flags", as well as centered around connecting to distinct webpages for your puzzles and hints/clues.
It was also built in React as a functionaing website.

Sensory info

Takes a mild humorous approach to the idea of hackers

Extra Credit Challenges

Extra Open
Extra Monochromatic

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Stuck on 4 flags. Played 4 times. Love it. I agree with some of the other feedback about having sound or visual effects when a tool is used correctly - it'd make it feel that much more rewarding to have figured something out.


Daymn! This is either very hard, or i'm dumb as hell. Either way this is awesome. I found 1 flag. 

Music is awesome. The concept is brilliant. Great job!


Thank you so much!


Very happy to have been stuck on 4 puzzles for hours on this. :) Super well-designed, great interpretation of the theme. Time made it that much harder, but that's okay!

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

Hi, thought the game was great :) Visuals were really nice. I found 4 flags in 2 tries. 

Some small things I personally would like for the game are:

  • No time limit, I would like to try and complete the game but I found it a bit frustrating to go back and do the bits I've already done when trying to figure out new things.
  • Initially I found it overwhelming, there is a lot of text  in the beginning and it's hard to read it all/understand what to do quickly. I had the same thing on the binary page. I think it would be nice to start with just one page, or one page + the life hacks page with a simple puzzle before opening up the other pages.
  • Different mouse feedback for clicking with screwdriver or zap: maybe a sound effect + visual effect. Sometimes I wasn't sure which ones I was using/ tried using before on that page.

All in all though thought it was great :)


These are all really good suggestions thank you so much! I'll definitely remember them if/when I ever make a game similar to this. I was worried it might be a bit overwhelming but wasn't sure how to address that issue. So thank you so much! And I did want to add sound effects and such but ran out of time so definitely a note for the future. Add sound effects!

Thanks again for the feedback I really really appreciate it! These are all really good points. 


Whoa, that's awesome! I'm no good at puzzles and mind games, but I still loved playing it and discovering everything!


Yay! Glad to hear it! I’m a sucker for puzzles and escape the room type stuff so I wanted to try my hand at it, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!


This was fantastic! I played through like 4 times trying to find that 6th flag but you've stumped me. I suspect I know what is supposed to be the clue but can't figure out how to "connect" it ;) see what I did there?


So glad to hear it!! And haha I added a 6th puzzle cause I was worried one or two might stump people. It was some of my first puzzles like this so wanted to give people a little breathing room. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Super engaging puzzles, and the visuals are lovely. I played through twice, and will probably try again for those last couple flags I couldn't find :)


Ahh that makes me super glad to hear! I spent a while on them but didn't a chance to play test with people who didn't already know the solutions so that means so much thank you!


It seems that we had similar interpretations of the theme :p

Very well done, the interface is beautiful.


Haha I thought the same thing when I saw your entry! Thank you :)