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Love old pen-and-paper gamebooks like Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf? Want to write "interactive fiction" but keep it old-school? Look no further.

Magic Scroll is software for Windows that allows you to create your own classic gamebook adventures--the kind where you make decisions by turning to specific pages. Magic Scroll saves you the logistical headache of writing a gamebook by keeping track of chapter numbers and laying each section out in an easy-to-read flowchart, letting you focus on writing and design. When you're finished, export to RTF or plaintext to finish formatting your old-school gamebook!

Check out the project here:

Thank you for the comment! Besides the dancing minigame, I think the randomization was the best idea I had this jam.

Your game is showing up on the front page, congratulations! I don't know if that's just for me because I participated in the jam, or what.

Whoa, that's awesome! I'm no good at puzzles and mind games, but I still loved playing it and discovering everything!

I only figured out how to reproduce the crash bug just now and it's killing me inside that the jam's over! Note to self, keep testing even if you think you're done hours and hours ahead of the deadline!

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To be honest, I only left the minigame that way because there's a brief moment where the arrows exactly match the music if it's running at 60fps. :P

Not to spoil anything, there is a hint but it's not in the text. The descriptions are just there to amuse.

Awesome entry! I've been looking forward to this one since I saw it in the jam discord. I think this could be an interesting way to implement dialogue trees, especially in RPGs.

Let it run a bit longer ;) although for such a short game I wonder if I made it take too long before things get interesting...

7zip says I can't open the file as an archive :(

That was hilarious and also froze my browser for a bit when I tried to close the tab.