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Hi, thought the game was great :) Visuals were really nice. I found 4 flags in 2 tries. 

Some small things I personally would like for the game are:

  • No time limit, I would like to try and complete the game but I found it a bit frustrating to go back and do the bits I've already done when trying to figure out new things.
  • Initially I found it overwhelming, there is a lot of text  in the beginning and it's hard to read it all/understand what to do quickly. I had the same thing on the binary page. I think it would be nice to start with just one page, or one page + the life hacks page with a simple puzzle before opening up the other pages.
  • Different mouse feedback for clicking with screwdriver or zap: maybe a sound effect + visual effect. Sometimes I wasn't sure which ones I was using/ tried using before on that page.

All in all though thought it was great :)


These are all really good suggestions thank you so much! I'll definitely remember them if/when I ever make a game similar to this. I was worried it might be a bit overwhelming but wasn't sure how to address that issue. So thank you so much! And I did want to add sound effects and such but ran out of time so definitely a note for the future. Add sound effects!

Thanks again for the feedback I really really appreciate it! These are all really good points.