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Thank you for playing! This was a really enjoyable video thank you for making it! :) 

I'm sorry, Adding android support is a big undertaking and this was a small weekend project. But it works natively in browser on a computer or laptop. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Yes updates are unlocked now you may update!

Hey! It does that I think if you yourself submitted the game, not sure how to update that :( it i think is an limitation. Though I might be wrong I haven't messed much with the team submissions personally

Thank you so much!

And yeah Chippany was actually a friend's suggestion after I named her Chip and I loved it and the name stuck haha. I had a lot of fun doing the art and the designs so i'm really glad you like them!

Thanks for playing!

Really glad you enjoyed, means a lot that you played thanks so much!

Thank you so much for all the kind words!

I would definitely have multiple recipes with different requirements and actions to perform, like rolling out dough cutting them into shapes and decorating them.

I definitely like not having a timer for the chillness of it all.

And yeah definitely feel that, thanks for the suggestions! They mean a lot!

This is super cute and the concept and title made me laugh it's such a creative idea!

Got difficult fast but I had a lot of fun with this the visuals and general idea are really charming you did a great job!

This is really impressive for a solo project! The pixel art is great and I liked the general feel of the world and the level design alongside the music made for a nice cohesive experience. Was a little difficult to control, but things like platformer controls are a huge beast not to be underestimated. Considering that you did a great job! Good work!

I like this platformer a lot! Considering the timelimit this is really impressive, the writing made me laugh a few times, and I thought the controls were actually really solid even though there was a message warning me about potential issues. 

Obviously the visuals are simple but I thought in a way that was charming, and i thought the water was really cleverly done.
I think if anything I'd say some of the coins should probably just be on the platforms instead of needing to be jumped for because it didn't really add anything but all in all I think this was a good time, nice work!

Thank you so much! And haha Baking cookies is an underrated art that takes years to master. I still mess mine up all the time and I consider myself a baker!

Thanks for playing and glad you liked it :) 

I love the audio and graphics and writing on this! It's a great format for the story and the pixel art on this is beautiful. Would love to see this expanded upon the aesthetic is just gorgeous.

This was so cute! I love that the dogs show me their FOV that makes it a lot more intuitive and truly felt like when I messed up it was all my fault for not being careful enough haha. I thought the visuals were simple but really effective, I immediately knew where I could hide through the tutorial section and thought that was a great use of teaching through game mechanics instead of text. Great work! And love the sound on this it adds so much!

Really fun mechanics! Really creative puzzle design and simple but endearing visuals. Love this!! 

This is super cute, and the design elements are super well done and was a nice puzzler had a lot of fun playing it and the art was super cute. Great work! Made good use of the challenge and theme! Also thought the difficulty curve was great, taught me the mechanics without having to spell them out for me too much! Fantastic tutorialization. 

This is really cute and surprisingly satisfying! I had a lot of fun playing and I think the graphics are really cute! Great job making such a simple mechanic so fun!

haha 1000% agree. I was originally wanting to use a real recipe but measurements and things are a lot messier and more of a pain in real baking, and I thought it'd be more fun if it was slightly different every time.

The downsides, a lot of the recipes would likely be very strange in real life haha.

Really glad you enjoyed thanks so much for playing!

The art in this is really cute! Took me a second to figure out how to refuel my gun but I think this is a really cute and well executed concept. Nice work! 

This concept is so cute and I think the tutorial is brilliantly done! Great work and really cute concept. I wish I was better at it because this game is a delight haha

Agree with the others about the tutorial but I think in the mean time this is really interesting take on the theme! 

And also a good stop gap could be writing up a tutorial in the description on your game page and that could go a long way to help people play your game!

I love this.
The concept and the execution are both great! It somewhat reminds me of my experiences with ghost trick which is one of my favorite games so this was a blast to play through, fantastic work! I thought the visuals sound and controls all worked very nicely together this is such a neat idea would love more of this 

Even if there isn't any gameplay I still really like the aesthetic of this! It reminds me a little of the few digital plant caretaking games I've played and thats a good thing! I also still hoped you learned making it and keep trying because I actually love the 3D models and music and can sorta see the ideas that were going behind this and hope you keep going because I'd love to see what you make! 

I think the general concept seems really interesting! I do think some more direction onto what the different controls are and what is going on could be a big help in knowing what to do, even in just the games description! personally I wasn't sure how to interpret the feedback the game was giving me so I didn't know how to best react to it.

In terms of getting more people to play your game it may be people just don't know what to comment on it because they couldn't get very far, so even just adding some direction in the description could help get traction! Keep trying you got this and I think this is a really interesting premise based on the description I just wasn't sure how best to experience it but I do think programmatically it's really impressive and you did good work!

Loooove the art on this! Great use of the limited color palette. Also thought the puzzle design was awesome and I had a lot of fun trying to figure them out! You had a lot of cool mechanics in here to keep things feeling fresh!

Even when I accidentally restarted a level out of habit after I cleared it I still had a lot of fun haha

If I had to suggest something I'd say just the ability to pan around the area with the arrow keys or something to see where I'm going in the bigger levels would be awesome! But considering the jam limitations this is already way above and beyond you did so well! Great work!

I thought this was really cute even if it was simple! I thought it had a lot of charm with all the different bear graphics used in different areas. Great work and fun silly little game!

This is so cute! Love the art style a lot, its graphically really really solid. I also think the controls are really smooth and responsive! Love the interactions and animations for Zoey it was super cute!

Thank you so much! It’s a new style I’ve been playing around with and I find it really fun to draw in so that means a ton thank you so much!

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ah thank you so much! I actually made the font myself it’s my handwriting I tried to make it match the handwriting I had in this art so that it’d all be as consistent as possible so I’m glad you noticed the detail!! And I love design so that means a lot!

This is so adorable visually! I'm admittedly really bad at shmups lol but this was really fun and really cute! Great job! 

I had trouble figuring it out but I really really love the ease controls and highlighting and everything! It felt like I was the thing holding myself back haha. I do agree a bit more direction on what to do could help somewhat because I feel like I'm thrown into the deep end without any guidance. I do think that you definitely shouldn't just give out the answer since that is part of the fun but maybe just something to help get you started cause I kept messing up the IC and not knowing what to do haha 

All in all I love the UX and the visuals on this you did a great job!

This is really cute and I love the color palette. Had a good time with this! Great job with the aesthetic!

I think this is a really nice concept! I also really liked the filtering option for the screen I thought that was really cool! simple premise that makes for a fun little time! Good work!

This was really good for a first ever submission that's really awesome congratulations! 

I really like the concept of exploration leading to different prompt pop ups and I really think that it helped me know if I went the right way. This was really cute and I think you did a great job! Great work and thanks for sharing!

I actually really enjoyed this! Even if the descriptions are simple and the choices are simple I actually find the tone all in all really nice. I know sound  with twine games is tricky but I think with just some ambient sounds this could be a really nice atmospheric experience that left me feeling surprisingly calmed and nice afterward.

I think it was a really nice experience!

I really liked the animation in this game! and the sound feedback was really good too.

controls were sometimes a little slippery but all in all I think this is really well done great work!

Thanks so much John! Really appreciate that :D Glad you enjoyed!!

Really like the graphics and audio on this! Also thought the UI and menu design especially for the instructions was really nice! Was a little tricky to get the hang of but I think this is a really nice concept and design! Good job!

You should be proud! Completing a game is a great achievement! And even if you don't finish the learnings you take from a game jam are also a great reward! Good work everyone!!

Thank you! And thank you for playing!

Wow thank you for such kind words! I'm really happy you enjoyed it thank you! I already really loved your game so that means so so much!