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Wow really simple but super polished. Sound design was great, and all the visual effects really add a lot to make it feel really complete and fleshed out. Could totally see myself losing hours to this with more levels on my phone. Nice job!

Nice concept and execution! I could see with some more sound effects to give more feedback to what you're doing on screen I could easily see this as a mobile game. Nice work!

Thank you so much!

The connection mechanic that lets you to some extent customize where you want your power while also making that a mechanic for platforming is really neat! Impressive work!

Thank you so much for playing!! Really glad you enjoyed it so happy to hear!

Thank you! It can definitely be tricky and I’m still learning how to write puzzles so don’t feel alone! Thank you so much for playing!

Really happy to hear you enjoyed it! And honestly same I love pen and paper notes haha but wanted to try and give people a place for notes in case they didn’t have any pen or paper handy. And I’m really glad to hear that it was immersive! Thanks so much for playing! 

Wow this is really simple but really fun and addicting! Its sometimes a little hard to tell you've hit something and hurt yourself after coming out of a portal and so i sometimes died without realizing i'd even been hit in the first place and have to play the tutorial again. But I think with some hand crafted levels and this endless mode I could really see myself losing a lot of time to this. And as always the pixel art is great!! Love the animations and I honestly love how the player controls. Great work!

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Great mechanics and voice acting! And great writing too. Timers seemed a little short and I could never diffuse the first bomb. And I had a couple times where if the word was say "WIFE" the middle column had two F's in it but only worked if i picked a specific one. But all in all this is really great and could be a full game all on its own. Nice job!! Really impressive

Definitely felt really frantic trying to diffuse it every time

This is really good! The mechanics are really impressive and interesting. And the random different ways to die are hilarious. Very cheeky silly and really enjoyable. Good work!

These are all really good suggestions thank you so much! I'll definitely remember them if/when I ever make a game similar to this. I was worried it might be a bit overwhelming but wasn't sure how to address that issue. So thank you so much! And I did want to add sound effects and such but ran out of time so definitely a note for the future. Add sound effects!

Thanks again for the feedback I really really appreciate it! These are all really good points. 

Really creative take on the theme! And I think the mechanics are really solid and interesting. Could really see myself getting lost in an expanded version of this. Really nice job! It's simple but really effective

Really interesting concept. I like the unique idea of the health of both characters being the same. With some more time and experience I could see that mechanic being used for some really interesting challenges. nice work!

I have a mouse I'm just usually lazy and playing through these things on my laptop in bed haha. I know the struggle of mouse sensitivities, seems like a battle you can never win. All in all i think you did a great job and probably is the best speed for the most people haha

I really like the concept and the mechanic of sharing things between friends! I think that a lot of it is really slow to take effect so it can be hard to get the feedback if you're doing something correctly or not or realize you just didn't wait long enough for something to happen. But I do really think that the concept and idea is really solid! Good job and really nice take on the theme

Really nice concept and execution! Could definitely see this being built out into a full game! Nicely done! I did think the light physics were a little counter intuitive and sometimes wasn't clear how much light was needed to hurt the shadow but all in all really well done! Really great interpretation of the theme.

I thought this was a really creative way to tell a story. Really interesting and minimal and without really any words you can understand what was going on...really neat!! I think a visual novel told almost entirely by images could be something really interesting...and even though this is obviously incomplete i think that what you have is great to think about mechanically. nice work

Yay! Glad to hear it! I’m a sucker for puzzles and escape the room type stuff so I wanted to try my hand at it, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it!!

So glad to hear it!! And haha I added a 6th puzzle cause I was worried one or two might stump people. It was some of my first puzzles like this so wanted to give people a little breathing room. Glad you enjoyed it!!

Ah thank you so much I really appreciate it! I look forward to seeing more from you :D the writing and character you can get from this puzzle game was amazing!

Neat concept! With a little polish i could see this becoming a really addictive mobile game. Nice job!

Really loved the vibe of this game! the voice over was great and the concept is really solid. I also liked the characters! Simple but really nice, could totally see this being built into a full game! great work!

The pixel art on this is great! And the mechanic is really clever! Great work! The path finding is also really impressive. It wasn't always clear what each character could go through but it didn't take long to figure it out. Really impressive!!

Really neat concept! The difficulty seems a bit high and I died a lot when trying to get the hang of the controls but its really fun once you get going. Nice work!

Simple but fun! I think if this had a high score board I'd be stuck to this game like a fly in a web trying to raise through the ranks. Was a little tricky to figure out what was going on at first but once I got the hang of it couldn't stop playing. great job!!

This is really clever! The AI is really good and the additions to the main mechanics are really interesting and I haven't gotten used to them but make this really addicting. Great job!!

A little tricky to control but very cute and well put together. nice job! 

Solid game! A little hard to control on a touch pad, but the puzzles were definitely really interesting and fun. Great work! 

Really clean presentation and nice concept! I think it's a great interpretation of the theme! Not sure if theres a point when it ends but i think it's really well done! Nice work!

My screen is sadly too small to see the whole board but i really like the concept and the art! Cute and simple. Good job! 

Interesting concept! Kinda reminds me of picross a bit. A little tricky to realize i have to use the arrow keys and not the mouse but other than that i think it's a solid base! Good job!

Really great art and concept. simple but still pretty challenging, maybe a little too hard out the gate and makes it hard to get going but all in all, Good work!

Loved the art and animations! A little slow but all in all its a nice silly game. Good work!

I like the concept a lot! And the art style is nice. Good job! I think it could be more fun is people moved a bit faster so there was a bit more sense of urgency but all in all nice job! Good interpretation of the theme. And I like the voice over, its a really nice touch

Fun idea! The dancing minigame is pretty unforgiving and I definitely had problems were it would try to load the dancing mini game no matter what i picked and it would crash if i accidentally clicked anywhere other than the button but i think the concept and exectution is pretty great! Though if you fail a mini game its sorta hard to recover with how fast the pet gets hungry...Can't kill my sisters pet!! That'd be bad!!

Nice concept!! Pretty tough and a little tough to get the hang of but fun! Love the art style and animations too. Good work!

Wow this is really impressive! I could definitely see it with a little polish as a mobile game! It's sometimes hard to tell what's gonna hit due to the perspective in the background but all in all I enjoyed it a lot and beat the game! Thanks for making it and nice work!

I like the concept! And I like that you can sit to find the people with the best deals on followers for stars. I think with some visual cleanup and debugging this could be the base for a very effective clicker game. Nicely done!

Interesting concept and nice idea to use photographs as images! I wasn't entirely sure what to do after matching up the first four cables but i think the concept is cool and could be built upon. nice work!

Well programmed mechanics and great concept and execution. Simple but effective! Played the whole thing well done!