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A jam submission

[Buggy] Dragon SlayerView game page

A Community Game Jam game
Submitted by Brallex — 22 minutes, 4 seconds before the deadline
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[Buggy] Dragon Slayer's page


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Game Design#4432.7502.750

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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The narration at the main menu results in a slow start of the game. After I climbed some platforms and went over a bridge I didn't make the jump and fell far down in a slow buggy fashion. The game then reset me to before the jump, but the control didn't work properly anymore. It seems like there are quite some bugs in the game and it's also annoying that you take the controls of the player away during dialog.


Hmm what to start with...

There was a great use of mechanics, I really enjoyed that spin move! Animations are great and fluid, background would be really enjoyable tho. 

I really like the idea with narration, but I wouldn't recommend saying anything in menu, it's the place where people are setting game up etc and some might not even have opportunity to listen to what you say. Also most of the people are visualizers, so in narrative games it's a good idea to add subtitles, they add a lot of depth and help understanding and getting into the plot. 

I'm sorry but I didn't finish your game as after climbing a lot of platforms I fell far and far down as I didn't jump to the cliff properly and that was the end for me. Probably because of that I missed big part of theme and plot, but that's also something to work on. As for level design you must remember to make it a bit more narrowed? So don't let someone lose all his 10min progress after 1 mistaken jump, that's how people can quit playing.

Anyway, It was a really enjoyable game and there are some aspects that I really love. Good luck with it ;)


Okay the platformer part is well made but it's virtually Crash Bandicoot in 2D. The game crashes and I started to slowly fall down, I don't know if it is part of the theme or not but I quit there.

As you said if you press start after the end of the dialogue the game doesn't start.

I know you've made an updated version of the game but I'm going to rate this game as it is for the jam, everyone of us could have fixed major issues with more time.

The graphics are cool and the commands are responsive.

The sound fx are ok but I would have liked a little music.

The Voice dub is cool and pretty well acted.


This is an okay platformer, but for me it pretty fast become way too difficult.


Nice platformer you have done here! 

Once I bugged it I don't exactly know how and I was slowly falling, but f5 and tryed again without problems. Apart of that, cool entry!


Updated version is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer


Nice game, sadly I glitched it with the cords and was not able to jump after that, also it made me fall slowly. Also the game is pretty slow to start (I guess it is intended). However if you press space too soon, you'll get an overlapping sound of the narrator.

All in all, nice game, I loved the art which looks cute, solid entry, congrats!


Updated version is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer


Really nice paltformer :)


I bug 3 times so I didn't finish the game but it's a good plateformer and the graphics are nice ! I will try another time later in order to see the end ;) !


Update is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer


Great-looking game.

I loved the voice over. The game sounds a bit creepy and deceptive. Perfect! :D

Though I really wish you didn't make pixel perfect jumps so frequent. Those are never fun, especially if I have to make several in succession! :(

Anyways, great job!

Congrats! If you have some time, I'd love if you could check my game out. :)


Update is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer