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Possibly a version for mac??:)

Hey, I only have a mac, is it possible to build a version for mac or maybe Web?

Loved the artstyle and music!:) Rated!

Was hoping for more, but the health area was stealing health instead of giving health.
Plus when my controller died mid game the movement input was frozen and I could sor of steer the player and gun.
I really loved the art and sound, and I think if I had more time I would play a lot more of it :)

Played and rated!:) I got the 3rd ending

Suuuper hard, can't imagine anyone being able to beat the hardest difficulties^^ But still really fun - rated!:)

Played and rated! The best so far!:) Loved the menu and artwork(and the MUSIC!!!)

Awesome game, even got the highscore!;)

Played and rated!:)

Hello again!
First of all, I'm planning on streaming today at 2pm till 5 or 6pm, playing your games:)
If you'd like to join me on the stream, here's my link: Twitch - Reindeermoustache

Second of all, my game is now updated and bugfree:) Please check it out: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

Update is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

Update is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

Updated version is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

Updated version is here: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

A updated version is now uploaded!
Check it out: [Updated] Dragon Slayer

An updated version is on the way!:)

Sorry gor the bad experience, but thank you for even giving it a shot, hope to see your feedback then too!

I saw this one earlier too, your game looks soo good, I'll try it!:)

Haha can't unsee it now ;)

Haha nice one x) Ofc, I agree!^^

Oooh, this game! I saw some progress screenshots and was very curious about character looking like pants x)

Hahah I will definitely play shuffleboard! :D

Oh, I've seen this game earlier, I really wanted to play it! Reminds me of blackthornprod;)

Looks soo good! *o*


I know the struggle of not having the time to everything x) But I'll try it out!:)

The trailer really got me excited!:))

I like the mood, is it possible for mac?:)

Looks awesome!! I'll try it:)

Love the graphics just by the screenshot, looking forward to it:)

I'll try make it to the highscore list! x)

Ooh this game I look briefly through before I crashed yesterday^^ But I'll play it for real this time:)

Ooh glowy:D

ooh looks real moody, looking forward to it:)

Look so much fun, is it possible to play on mac??

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Good work everybody!! You did it!

I'll be making a youtube video about me participating and also playing/rating in this jam. So if you want me to play your game, please leave a link below:)

I'm also livestreaming the process, so be sure to stay tuned:)

If you want to here's my game:

I'll try your game dude, here's mine:)

Pretty buggy, but it's out there!:))
Good work guys, my brain is shutting down though... so I'll update and check games next week.
Oh, here's a screenshot:

Rooting for ya!;)