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Team Building

A topic by ke51n created May 23, 2017 Views: 1,005 Replies: 46
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Need a team? Find teammates here! 

Put any relevant info in a post: What skills you have or are looking for, how to contact you, time zones, etc. 

You can also use the Shenanijam Discord channel but posting here will be more permanent.


I can create a game using Fusion (I'm okay), but I am in need of a decent artist, and if one other wants to join up to help the process, I'm down for that, too. Please let me know guys! If not, I'm on my own! (Cmon, it'll be fun!) 

I'm a sound designer that wants to get involved with game jams. I'm currently creating audio for

In UK so GMT 0


Would you be interested in working together?


I think I'm going to work it my end a little differently and basically act on service to anyone who wants it. I will  be creating an SFX bank and posting it to Discord for anyone to use this week too.

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Looking for a fellow programmer/artist/animator to jam with.  Probably using unity 3D.

I'm primarily a C# programmer, but I've played around with vertex/surface shaders, 3d modelling, 2d art, and a small amount of audio editing. Central US timezone (UTC -5)

Here are some of my past projects:

Hey there I use unity myself too (c#) and would like to learn new stuff while jamming a game!

I am not good but I can make some 2d art , but don't expect me to be detailed beccause it is not my terrain.

Hi Guys,

I'm a musician and sound designer looking to join a team!

I'll make your game shine with original assets made from scratch. I love making sounds from scratch. 

Hit me up!


Your stuff on the SoundCloud page is great!


I'd love to work with you man! If I have your help, that would be awesome! 

Awesome :)

What's your username on Discord bud?


I'll make one now haha. Post it after it's done.

cool, mine is carminbit :)


Okay mine is the same as here. Repapermunky


Knock! :D

knock knock ^^

Hi guys,

I'm a programmer who programs in Game Maker Studio and would be obliged if I was in a team rather than by myself. I primarily want an artist or another programmer.


Hi :)
Do you need sound design?


GameMaker programmer and can do 'praogrammer arts' lol.
Looking for a team.

what's your Discord name?



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I plan on working in Unity, programming for VR. I have very little 3D programming experience, so this is going to be a very, very rudimentary jam output from me. If anyone is flitting between teams generating 3D assets, I'd certainly appreciate assistance, but I wouldn't want to ask for a full-time team member as I'm not certain what kind of output I'll be able to generate.

(I suspect I'll be making use of the Unity Asset store!)


Gamemaker programmer here looking for artist, sound, or programmer to work with on something.

Im down to help you out on sound

GM2 programmer & artist. Keen to team up if you're game.


Sure, just give me your discord ID so I can DM you, or you can DM me from the shenanijam channel, I'm Zen00 there.

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I'm a front/backend dev, I plan on making the game using p5.js and I'm looking for anyone who's especially good at design or html to be on my team. I don't need to make it in html though, I know many programming languages so I'm fine with any engine (as long as it works in linux). My website is and my github is

If anyone is looking for a teammate please reply or send me a message on discord @squishybanana04


After thinking more about it, I think I've realized why I've been unwilling to ask for teammates or to take people up on offers - and maybe it applies to others as well: I'm assuming I don't have the skills to be successful and I'm afraid of letting other people down/dragging their jam down with me. 

That's perhaps fair, but on reflection I think it makes more sense just to explain that up front while still being open to collaboration. So I'll be more clear about it now - I could certainly use someone who can generate 3D assets. However, I also intend to keep the game simple, so wouldn't expect there to be too many models. So if you're capable of making some models, even if you don't think you're good at it, hit me up and we'll see if you want to drop anything in a game. If you're a fast modeler, that should also let you work with other groups if you're so inclined, so you don't put all your eggs in my fragile, fragile basket.

Happy jamming everyone!


I a way I wish I'd seen your post earlier. I'm not much of an artist but know my way around Blender and Unity fairly well, so could provide packages ready for import.

In the meantime, I've decided on a rough idea for the type of game I want to do (theme permitting) as a solo project, and it's going to require all the time available for polishing - but some other time maybe?


You bet! Good luck - be sure to post some stuff as you work on it! 



Okay so I think this far I am working with creamb on music. Now I can do the art but I was hoping to find someone a bit more advanced. If anyone is interested, please respond here or reach out to me on discord at repapermunky.

I was wondering if I could do the art aspect, I'm great within 2 dimensional art, and I'm looking for a team to pair up with

Also PS reach out to me on discord because you need the discord tag to add someone! Jeez xD I'm Slainlight#7387

Deleted post

How about writing in html5?

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Gamemaker 1.4 or 2 (depending on the team) a begginer programmer (7 years of experience in web-dev, but very little in gamemaker) looking for a partner for this jam, preferably an artist (although I can do some simple art myself). Main goal to have some fun, explore interesting ideas and learn something new :-)
Discord handle Shaman#3600

Hi, guys! 

I'm a sound designer looking to join a team!

you can watch demo -> here

Hi, I am using Unity since 2 years, I know c# , can do some easy 2d art and ouwl like to see new people making stuff with me


looking for a teammate, i have some experience with unity and a bit less experience with game maker. i'm pretty good at coding (c#) but i am really bad at art

hi i am not that good at art myself but I can help coding I use unity and c# .


yeah if you want to team up, i'm down.

@coderx3#8120    on discord or do you want to use something else ?


discord is fine sent you request

alright thanks

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I'm so angry at myself I didn't notice this jam before now :( I'm such a fan of BSS though, I've got to try and get something done on Sunday(gmt+1) if someone wants to collaborate, got a pretty busy schedule though tomorrow. I'm a programmer myself probably do something in unity.


hey. i've tinkered in engines before but never really made anything.

if you want a teammate up up.

at the moment i'm trying to make a 1v1 pogostick  plumbing thing. (went of from the "plunger joystick theme)

I'm a programer working with unity to make a 2D game where your'e digging thought the ground to find hot-spring water under certain conditions. Looking for a posible artist to work with, is possible. Preferably pixel artist