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You get a good rythem in this game, it's pretty nice

I remember a few big name ones like Deco 27 and pinochio P i really like, but i've also some indies like aqua quilic and clean tears, they have some good albums as well. Though reaslly, i  hear a good song and i add it to my ever growing collection on youtube, heh.

The calming sound effects where a really nice touch, it is  a very calming game i'd love to see as a mobile game sometime.  good game!

The calming sound effects where a really nice touch, it is  a very calming game i'd love to see as a mobile game sometime.  good game!

Miku attemps, nice. Nice relazing game! loved it

simple yet satifying, i manage to beat all 20 levels, if not mostly though random chance

simple yet satifying, i manage to beat all 20 levels, if not mostly though random chance

pretty good for a first jam, and pretty cool concept,  the dice 'fling' is a little unforgiving at times but other then that pretty devent game

I have no idea how you manged to pull this off in 2 days, but it's a really fun game, simple yet enjoyable. Evenif the cats completly block off the cheese more times then one but that's what the reset button is for i reckon

OHHHH, you can rotate  the dice as you go around. Ah, that helps alot, really neat concept!

Intersting concept , with a bit of polish could be something cool.

now the d4 is someone elses problem

i know it's the theme of the game but results can appear to unpredictable, . fun concept but hard to play strategicly when numbles seem to shuffle a little too often, other then that fun game

Huh, that's weird.  i've never heard of that before, i dont kow if maybe the hit boxes of enimies are to big or some glitch but other then that i dont know.

There's nothing in the game that penalizes the player for missing an enemy so i geuinly dont know what happened in your case, im sorry

very captain toad vibes. nice cool colection gto jsut unwind with, i like it.

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Very fun game, but so there's something i healp with. I've been farming  Gold scales  but i never seem to level up. The drops sell for a lot, though the dealer is shady looking.
... what do you mean endangered species? Oh um.. well then, .. i was um, joking, yeah, joking .

nice use of theme and cool mechanics!


Very chaotic. short and  to the point, hope ya ready to rumble with this one

I'm  A simple man. i see anime, i click. its a nice fun game and just nice to unwind.
 that' being said i'm pretty sure that car must be  a health violation

it's very stressfree and a simulation of fishing irl. 

"Yo, this game is only able to be made in 3 days,  so don't go to hard"
This game:  You ready for a a ride?

Great game, highly recomend it. Can barely beilive it was made in a mere 3 days for a small jam.

Short but sweet. It's a small game that  seems to grow the more you play it, if not just a bit. Good game for the jam i'd say!

A very nice and relazing game! i could see myself playin a game like this on a phone on a break.

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Noted;  probably should have extended the timer or made an  endless mode. Oh well, too late now for the jam. Maybe another day. thanks for playing anyhow!

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Its a nice game! i could see myself playing it n my phone to pass the time a bit.
My game is this To Shore Once More .  Where you need to  last  for 30 seconds against a swarm of creatures, and possibly bring back some good haul while you're at it. Time creap really got to me on this one, but i think i did well on this  for the first game i've made in months, if not year or two.

i'm a programer with Unity who usaly specalizes in 2D games, so if you'd be willing to work togeahter for the jam that'd be well and swell!

Duct Tape is now legendary

Now That's an amazing Out-of-context patch note

Feeling  alittle tired so decided to throw this post out there for the heck of it. Imma making a unity 2d game with a plain idea but  not feeling too motivated (just cobbling togeather code atm), so just asking if anyone has some ideas or hints to bounce aruond or possibly if someone needs a partner. for what its worth i'm fairly confident in my C# programing skill

A very nice and chill game, i enjoyed playing isd. Is that sickerbush Symphony going on the the background. Good job on this game!

I've ironed out the bugs, it shoudl be working now. Yay.

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that seals it, i'm asking for a refund on that asset. It's a problem with the inventory system yet again. I'll post a video showing full playthough on how the game is supposed to run. But this really stinks, especialy since the hills are honestly my favorite area of the two. 

I'm a programer working with unity to make a 2D game where your'e digging thought the ground to find hot-spring water under certain conditions. Looking for a posible artist to work with, is possible. Preferably pixel artist