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Thanks for the kind words. There's a lot I could probably do better now, but in terms of setting up an on-line collaboration with a complete stranger on a different continent, and finishing a short storybased game over a single frantic weekend, I'm still proud if it,

Best aspect remains John's fantastic voice acting + general audio work!

Thanks - joined! :-)

Link seems to have expired.

If this was my game jam, I'd delete those four entries submitted today that have absolutely no relation to the theme, and also ban that user.

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Generalist with main focus on programming and 3D modelling looking for collaboration. Main engines Unity and UE4. Also a working knowledge of audio production in games. Keen interest in history. Open for game design ideas. Drop me a line: snebjorn at spectralstar dot com

Hi all,

I'm a game development generalist with a strong coding background interested in collaborating with a pixel artist on this jam. Planning to test out some new tech ideas. Haven't got any specific game design or story decided yet, but it's definitely going to be pixel-based.

Drop me a line if interested: snebjorn at spectralstar dot com

Can't take part this time (or the next) as I'm currently busy on another jam project, but I really like the format of this!

Would love to have the time, but completely full calendar the next couple of weeks ... :-|

Thanks - though there wasn't a lot to do for me as an organiser. Very quiet community ...  :-)

More than three days left, and already what looks like three serious entries. Hope to see more as we approach the finishing line. It's been a very quiet community, but I'll definitely try to cover all entries in a video thing.

Fresh link: https://discord.gg/nXTAsz

Fresh link: https://discord.gg/hdYTZ5

Fresh link: https://discord.gg/crvCAP

Here you go: https://discord.gg/VNqBRJ

Just started the channel "Social" on the server - let's keep it, well "Social" there, and if that's not your thing, I've also created the "Thermonuclear Warrior" channel.

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What's up with you people??? Some of you don't want to sit through your entire four weeks? First entry just up???

You wouldn't last a weekend in my fallout shelter ...

Anyway, as it was brought to my attention over on our Discord type of alternative form of communication and survival, some people might actually want to share what they're doing along the way, so check out devlogs for early entries!

And peace - stay fun, but give peace!

I've set up a channel on the discord server specifically for posting stuff that could work as an inspiration for those working on the jam - but it's probably not for the faint of heart: https://discord.gg/rYfa9t

If you want to share anything you working on for the jam, post it here or on the jam's discord server: https://discord.gg/rYfa9t

Haha - sounds great! :-D

Yeah, will definitely try to do something to cover the entries at the end of the jam.

I've set one up here now: https://discord.gg/rYfa9t

Sorry about the late reply - it's okay, just not too much game design, but since we're almost ready to start, it's probably a moot point now!

Teams are absolutely fine!

1st rule includes anything created specifically for the jam - so if you have e.g. a general character controller or a collection of UI components you've created for a different project, that's absolutely fine - just don't start working on anything game-specific before the jam.

Minimum game length is 1 second - anything shorter will be disqualified! :-)

It really depends on what you're creating, but quality generally tends to beat quantity.

No need to share source code - this is a trust-based jam!

No prizes planned, but I've managed to find a sponsor in the past for this type of thing, so who knows? :-)

Absolutely - planning your game is of course 100 per cent acceptable! :-)

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I think I have a basic idea ready in my head now - will be spending the time before the jam trying to remember how to use some of the tools I'll be using for this ... :-D

Please use this thread if you're looking for someone to form a team with.

Cool - I have a specific workflow I want to try out. :-)

Minimalistic Jam community · Created a new topic 3D?

Would a highly stylised and minimalistic 3D game be OK?


Both - but never mind, I started a solo thing here.

Drop me an email: snebjorn at spectralstar dot com

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Well, that didn't exactly go according to plan ...

Had promised myself I would focus completely on gameplay this time but ended up doing everything but that. At 48 hours in I decided to scrap everything I'd made up to that point and create something much smaller, which again turned out really weak in terms of gameplay.

What went wrong:

  • Didn't keep the focus on gameplay as planned.
  • Created a really boring game.
  • Building a generalised layout system for PICO-8 would have saved me a lot of time during those last frantic hours.

What went right:

  • Actually finished a game, even if was rushed through design and development in the last 24 hours.
  • Built a reasonably well-designed state machine in Lua for PICO-8. I'm beginning to come to terms with it as a programming language.
  • Built a complete UI library for Unity, which I'll probably be using for future jams.
  • Built (most of) a cool (if I do say so myself) 3D combat robot in Blender that I'll probably be using in a proper project at some point.

I basically started out with the idea of focusing much more on gameplay this time, then found myself drifting off into creating a general UI library for Unity and building a really complex 3D robot which deserves more polish than there's time for. Then I decided to put it aside and create a really small and completely different game in PICO-8, just for the sake of finishing something.

Well, at least that UI library is going to be useful for other projects ... :-D

Great idea - joined!

According to the rules, free assets are allowed. What about licensed assets? Specifically, I might be interested in using SFX from a sound library I own, and in fact I used some of those in the last jam without noticing this rule.

Also, I might be interested in using some substance materials from Allegorithmic's Substance Source library, which I have access to as part of my subscription there. I'm thinking about doing something in a more realistic style this time, so this would be a huge time saver.

I'll of course follow the rules either way, but just wanted to get this straight before the jam starts.

Thanks - I learned a lot from building it, and actually had fun most of the time! :-)

That makes sense. Looking forward to the next one!

Why not have the theme be announced on the day the jam starts, rather than the day before?

Thanks for taking the time to give feedback - much appreciated!

I agree completely with all the points you bring up, and in fact, everything mentioned is stuff that ended up on my "nice to have" list and thus didn't make it into the game.

The scope of the project was definitely too ambitious for the time available, but to put a positive spin on this: it was a really good learning experience in terms of prioritising features! :-D