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@PeaceNBullets You're already there bud! Maybe I should make that clearer, but I was rushing on that cutscene lol. @Rhornbeck Yeah, originally I had him squeaking every step... Imagine how annoying THAT was haha! @wonderingmonster Thanks man, I'm definitely going to look into those things.

Everyone, thanks for playing the game. I think I'm going to continue to work on it, revamp the graphics and gameplay, and hopefully it'll come out to something worthwhile! Thanks to Butterscotch for throwing the jam, I had a fun time partaking in my first jam!

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Okay so I think this far I am working with creamb on music. Now I can do the art but I was hoping to find someone a bit more advanced. If anyone is interested, please respond here or reach out to me on discord at repapermunky.

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Okay mine is the same as here. Repapermunky

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I'll make one now haha. Post it after it's done.

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I'd love to work with you man! If I have your help, that would be awesome! 

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Would you be interested in working together?

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I can create a game using Fusion (I'm okay), but I am in need of a decent artist, and if one other wants to join up to help the process, I'm down for that, too. Please let me know guys! If not, I'm on my own! (Cmon, it'll be fun!)