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You bring the Jam, I'll bring the marmalade.

I've created a small but soon to be much larger Audio FX library that is free to use for Jams.  I also like to get involved making stuff bespoke but that's not always an option so I created Audio Marmalade

All files contain only ( _ ) to prevent any implementation errors. All sounds are mono and are available at full resolution (44.1KHz) or half res (22.0KHz) to help free up the kb.

The library contains a license and logo for referencing.

Happy Jammin' and I look forward to Rainbow Jam 2017. I'll do my best to jump in and create original content for the event.

I think I'm going to work it my end a little differently and basically act on service to anyone who wants it. I will  be creating an SFX bank and posting it to Discord for anyone to use this week too.

I'm a sound designer that wants to get involved with game jams. I'm currently creating audio for

In UK so GMT 0