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A quirky, semi-open world 2D adventure game filled to the brim with time manipulation, magic and heart
Submitted by Log0ns — 16 hours, 43 minutes before the deadline
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Game Design#3213.5503.550

Ranked from 20 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
This game is a single player 2D adventure game filled to the brim with time manipulation, magic and heart. The main mechanic of this game, rewinding time, fits very well with the theme of "Rewind"!

Did you write most of the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?
Yes, I wrote all of the code myself. I also created all of the art assets from scratch. I was very careful to follow the given rules when creating this game.

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This was a very fun game. I really enjoyed it. The audio and the voice recording was very good. Also the visuals were also very good. The concept was very good about influencing various objects with their positions. Overall, great game.

Could you please rate my game too? Its not as good as yours but still it would mean a lot to me if you rated my game.


Great game! I particularly liked the voice mumbling that kept making some of the funny dialogs even funnier.

Good job!


Wow, I loved the art and the music. The sprites are crisp and the surroundings look unique! I also liked the implementation of the rewinding mechanic, though sometimes it was unintuitive to be set back by signs for example. Also I got stuck at the beginning and had to restart, but thats just a minor thing :) Nice job!


Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it!


the platforms were a bit difficult to get over. I think the ledge of the platforms were throwing me off. I liked the exploring and being able to rewind any object was really cool. please give me a rating back when you can.

Submitted (4 edits) (+1)

Your game is a lot of fun. I like the story and the mechanics. I think it´s a cool idea to be able to rewind everything that moves. The coolest feature was the floating ability because it looked nice and felt smooth.

I´ve submitted a local multiplayer game: I would be happy to get your feedback on it. :-D


That's good to hear! Sure, I'd be happy to check out your game.


I love the adventure style and the actual gameplay had a lot of fun playing, I had a bit of trouble with the interact and rewind being the same mouse button but overall great vibe.


I really love the idea that  interacting with anything would rewind their position, I really do. I found out that some mechanics are little unclear (such as when I am rewinding myself or something else) as well as where to go.  Furthermore, the music was a bit too repetitive at certain parts of the game. Otherwise, it was a fun experience. Good stuff.


Cool game! a bit frustrating that you so easily get stuck on walls when jumping but otherwise good!


I really enjoy the idea of rewinding time for single object, it can create really awesome and fun gameplay.

I'd recommend changing the players collision to an capsule collision so he doesn't get stuck on corners as often.

The game is sometimes too easy.

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

How have you done SO MUCH in this time? I really love the characters, wonderful writing. (Pont the Knight... ( ╥﹏╥ ) no spoilers) Especially with the background music, this game really creates a mood.

BTW: mechanically, we had a very similar idea, though we didn't manage to make nearly as much game around it. Well done.

Everyone who worked on this did a great job, extra props to the Network Administrator.


Thank you, that really is nice to hear. I'll definitely check out your submission to see how we approached similar mechanics differently. It's all a matter of practice, patience and a healthy dose of obsession... I mean passion! And yes, I agree, the Network Administrator really outdid himself.


Wow, I really enjoyed this game, what a wonderful experience! There's so many shenanigans you can perform with the flight and the teleport, and the characters are super wholesome. If you ever want to expand this mechanic and world and need an artist, hit me up, I would be more than willing to help! :D


That's really good to hear! I appreciate the offer, I can tell from your submission that your art is quite good! I'll let you know if the idea of expanding this game's mechanics goes anywhere, because I feel it may have potential.


what a cute game character, i like it. great job