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Cute as hell!

Hey, awesome game. I love the cover art, and the game looks really neat. The vibe was also a nice touch.

Great game! I particularly liked the voice mumbling that kept making some of the funny dialogs even funnier.

Good job!

Good job!

Thank you for sharing this! Yes, best ideas come out of living life, because they are connected to meaning. And to be able to convey them is a skill that I value so much. I’m really glad you opened this window to your perception.

Aw, such a pity your submission got deleted. But I did try your “Re-submitted” version, and I really liked it. Great job!

Hi! Really neat game. I would’ve loved a bit more sensitivity on the controls though! Playing with a gamepad still had me moving around in leaps.


Hi, great job, the game looks beautiful! I love the idea behind saving time to spend with a loved one. Thank you for such a lovely game.

Thank you for your input, and yup, you are on-point.

Thank you for your feedback! Yes, we definitely will take this into account. :D

Keep up the good job!

Thank you for your kind comment, but don’t do yourself a disservice, keep your spirit high!

Excellent job! I really like how well put together your game is. And I appreciate the original art.

Interesting take!

Thank you for your comment, we’re really would’ve loved to be able to tweak the controls and add other things that were in our GDD, but this is as far as we got. And it’s a good thing to, because in a fashion, it gives the community an opportunity to gives us good ideas and feedback for the next step.

Thank you for your feedback, ideas are always welcome and are the spirit of a jam!

We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to give it to us in a kindly fashion.

Hi! So sorry you got stuck by that. Yes, our jumping needs a lot of work, but if you hold the jump key long enough, and then perform the second jump, the caveman will let you get past the initial segment. Good luck, and thank you for playing!

Thank you! We love the feedback.

Thank you for your comment! We really appreciate all the patience you guys put into trying the game. :)

Lovely! I love the mood, and the character design is really really cute. Great job!

WOW, simply… WOW! This game is 100% polished, beautiful, does a great service to the theme, and drips cuteness all over the place. Congratulations, definitely one of the best games I’ve played so far from this Jam.

Nice. It’s really awesome to find some solid idea behind games. :)

You have to devolve to caveman! ;D But yes, jumping needed a lot of polish, but we ran out of time. U.u

Hi, thank you for your awesome comment. We did this as a team, but we didn’t know each other before the jam. Which is one of the appealing things about these jams for me, honestly. :)

Cool! I like the idea of leaving a backup behind, though once you advance a bit, it feels tedious to have to backtrack to it. But it certainly is a cool concept that can be explored!

So cute!

Beautiful! Ambience is lovely, the concept is great, and I love the font you chose for the game.

Great game! There’s a lot going on here, and progression is really good. Congratulations!

Exquisite! Beautiful gameplay, gorgeous graphics and lovely ambience! It’s a really great game. Congratulations. Such a pity it stresses my computer a bit too much and the mouse lags because of this. :(

Beautiful! I really like how there seems to be different approaches on what to rewind to get to different paths. Beautiful art, nice story, feels good to play. Great job!

Very interesting take on the theme! Great overall ambience, and the game mechanic is clear, and very playable. I loved the experience.

Very interesting take on the theme! Great overall ambience, and the game mechanic is clear, and very playable. I loved the experience.

Really loved the character design! The whole aesthetics of the game are great.

Wow! This is an absolute delight to play. The graphics are not only lovely, but also the lighting works to empower the nostalgic feeling. You did such a beautiful job. The music is pretty, the game concept really easy to grasp, and the puzzle is clear and very satisfying. The only downside is that missing a part sometimes feels extremely punishing, but we all understand how game jams are, so it’s not really an issue, I’m pretty sure given enough time you’d get this down to a T. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with us!

Awesome concept! I really like how you adopted the Jam theme. The playability is smooth, sound feels right, visuals are clear. Overall, awesome job!

Thank you so much for your kind comments, we really enjoyed making it and are very glad people like you are taking the time to visit it. Once again… thank you!