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Thanks! I know it's super confusing, I was trying to make a resource management game and things got out of hand really quickly :O

Anyway, I hope you liked it :) (because I really liked yours hehe)

Not really a fun of those .io games that look multiplier but in reality are not, tho the core idea is fun.

I think it would be worth trying to develop it as a singleplayer game, or, with more time, make it an actual multiplier game with mobile adaptation :)

I really like the gameplay!

It's not super innovative, and the dialogue can get a little bit depressing and quirky sometimes, but the core idea is cool :)

It's kind of a complex game for a game jam, lots of tangled things together. I didn't have time to display a proper tutorial over time, so I had to go with the quick route. Hope you didn't find it very confusing!

Love the idea and the presentation, although the 48 hour limit really shows off in here.

I think this could be something amazing with some original art and more time to polish.

The idea kind of reminds me of Pathologic, which I would consider checking out to get some inspiration for the game :)

I love it! It's so cute :D

It was a hard choice between Lup and Alle, but I really liked all the characters overall :)

Really good job! It's short and honest. It's what I like to play in a game jam :)

It's not a bad concept, but it really gets super dizzy after a few levels, so I couldn't get super far into the game (I got to the chamber of one of the screenshots and I wasn't able to complete it).

Also, I think there is a bug where you can completely skip getting the keys for a couple of levels, which I think wasn't intended?

Overall good, I like the retro style and the VHS effect, but maybe rotating the dungeon less in some complicated levels would prevent people from throwing up hahahaha ;)

It really gives some Bridge Constructor: Portal vibes, which is really good. Like the rest have said, the graphics and the audio are excellent, really minimalistic and well done.

A great game overall. :D

Not bad, movement is great, but hitting enemies can be really hard and I end up dying a lot to them. Exploring the map is the best part of the game, I think you should focus on that if you plan on expanding the game later on. :D

The best part was the level design! Really cool, really liked it :D The only problem I have with the game is the janky jump, you sometimes get stuck in walls, but coding can be really hard, so it is understandable haha

Really good concept! I would like to see it being further developed, although some tweaking to the time flow would be great, you can just beat the game while moving around because it never really stops stops.

Great prototype! I had a lot of fun :)

I think the dialogue was the funniest part of the game! Really well done! But the gameplay gets stiff after a couple of minutes of standing in the middle and grinding gopplers, but hey, the music and the visuals compensate! Good use of Unity's primitive objects and shaders, really original :D

Everybody else said the same thing, the art and the music are excellent, kudos to the respective artists.

Maybe I haven't played the game long enough, but it seems that having several bubbles only makes you complete the same level a bunch of times, and it really doesn't benefit from what could be a sorta "coop" experience. (Again, I haven't played that much of the game but it's the feel I got from the first levels, so if I am mistaken I apologize!)

I think it could be cool that bubbles could collide with components such as levers and other bubbles to give it some sort of "puzzle" feeling, not too much so it's professor Layton, but just a little bit so that the game keeps fresh the entire time.

Overall, good job!

The game aesthetics look really good! Tho I think it would really benefit from some post-processing, now that's where the next level's at ;) The only problem I find is that my machine just won't run it as a consistent frame rate and it makes it a little bit hard to play, but judging by the other comments it's probably just a problem of mine. Great job :D

Oh yes! While getting the feel of the hammer I couldn't even break one hard rock hahaha (I was trying to get the feel of it, the kinematics of the hammer to get the feeling right in the game). The audio part was quite hard, it's been the first time I've "composed" something for a game, and the graphical part took a lot of trial and error. I think there's around 3 different versions of the house! Writing the lines that the professor told the player was super tricky because I wrote them at the very end of the development cycle and I was super burnt out, thus he sounds a tiny bit more agressive than I would have liked to, and some lines repeat way more than others, but it's a good prototype for what could be a post game jam version :D I'm gald that you enjoyed it! :)

I forgot to clamp the value of the shaking of the camera! Oh well, might fix it in a post-jam version later on. Thank you for your feedback! It took quite a while to get the feeling right, a lot of hammering around rocks in the garden hahahaha

Thank you so much! The graphics took a long time to make because godot is not as good dealing with 3D as with 2D, but some post-processing always fixes everything B)

Yes! I got really burnt out at the end, but you gotta do what you gotta do to make them pixels look smooth :D I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and also yes, the paleonthologist is not really sane hahaha

Yes hahaha, while replaying the game I noticed that he is way more agressive than what I firstly expected him to be, but at least I am glad taht you enjoyed the game! :D

Thank you so much! Yes, polishing took quite a long time, but I think it payed off in the end. The problem was some bugs that remained because of time constraints, but that's what you get in a game jam!

This is so good! It's so polished and everything feels so right!

I found a bug where you can stand riight next to the elevator when you enter a new floor and shoot within the elevator without loosing laser charge. Just go to the far right of the elevator and the door will open, but you will still be inside. Hope you can fix that!

It is true that the mechanics are quite hard to understand, but anyways we appreciate that you took the time to play the game and leave a rating :D

The only problem I have with the game is the weight of the characters. When you are on top of the knight, it is really hard to jump and control the height. Besides that, the game is excellent :D

Wow, we actually didn't think about that, and it could actually work really well! :O Thank you for taking some time to try our game and enjoying it, we appreciate it :D

True, game design is quite hard to tackle in these kind of games without a proper tutorial. Thank you for taking the time to play our game :D

We wanted to implement those mechanics like in Super Mario Bros 1-1, but unfortunately we're no Shigueru, we have quite to improve yet! I really appreaciate that you enjoyed the visuals of the game :D

Yup, we were thinking of during the development of the game, but we opted for just leving it there. Maybe on a post game-jam version? Anyways, we really appreaciate that you took the time to play our game :D

Yup, it's super hard to master this game, but quite rewarding haha! :D Thank you for playing!

Yup, the programmer of the game runs on Linux, so it was almost mandatory haha :D

This game is so wholesome and fun!

You 3 make a great team together :D

The mechanic is so weird, I love it! The moment when you realize that you are actually moving in some sort of a 3D game is so cathartic, please develop this idea!

Thank you! I really appreciate it :D I was also thinking of developing the art of the game and actually turning it into a free asset pack ;D

I'm sorry that you didn't have a good time playing our game D: We were trying to build up for the later on procedural levels, which can be really fun to play, but I guess that completing some of those early stages can be really nerve wracking. Anyways, thank you for giving it a try :D

Really good game! The player likes to fall to the floor whenever he is on a ledge and where to go is not sometimes super clear, but it is expected from a game jam game. Kinda wish there were some mechanics to make it easier like homing sword to the enemy (without the player noticing) or ledge grabing.

I couldn't pass the spike level. It was too tricky! I kind of reminded me of a game from the GMTK Jam, really good job! :D

It is a really good idea, although some polished needs to be done. There's quite some potential here!

It was kind of hard to get past the first rounds, the enemies are quite strong and your weapon barely inflicts any damage, but I guess that the point is that the game is quite hard, which is really cool!

The only thing I would change is the motion blur, which can be quite distracting sometimes.

Well, everybody else in the comment section is saying more or less what I am going to tell you but, increadibly polished game and super fun. It could perfectly be a mobile game with some microtransactions/ads and it could be on the front page. 

I really wished there would be some original art or music, how the game would shape with that, but besides it, really good job :D

I really liked that you could rotate the character when you jumped, it was so quircky! Like they said before, it does not relate to the theme too much, but it is still a good game :D

Unfortunately, we didn't make the rewinding shader, but I am really glad that you like the graphics, thank you :D