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Fight against the Holemancer across the multiverseView game page

Submitted by MMarker — 14 hours, 4 minutes before the deadline
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Fight against the Holemancer across the multiverse's page


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Game Design#1353.4583.458

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First of all, the voxel graphics are amazing! I really like the gameplay mechanics, it was fun to learn the abilities of each character and how they vary. I would definitely expand on that concept of different abilities, and how it affects the gameplay.


A great idea with nice graphics and generally a good game. The only thing is that the balancing is a bit weird. But cool game anyways :D


I would say the game needs some tweaks with the combat, as the whole premise of the game itself is pretttty good. But I was dying too often, with all the characters. With the fourth character I was doing a little better but then the time ran out. It seems like you should zoom out the camera a little bit, and allow the player to shoot while moving. As it is, it seems like the dozen or so enemies are almost as good as the player in terms of range and enemy visibilty. And the limited time makes it too difficult to play against them carefully. But rushing the enemy is impossible as well as you die tooooo quickly, with no way to heal it seems.

It needs improvement, and then it can be a prettttttty stellar game.


The graphics.. Thats great..Mechanics and combat is good. Just need little bit of balancing,


Really cool graphics.

This game is really great! 

i really enjoyed it ! the graphics and the theme are very cool,

The mechanics are really enjoying to play with, i loved the variety between the different heroes.

and it can be really challenging xD , i couldn't save any world xD

i loved it !

i also rated it :)

it would be great it you can rate ours too :)


Great game! The combat was incredibly fun, although the enemies are a little too tough.


It's a really good game in all aspects. I think that it would be great if we can hit  and move at the same time.


very good game

it keep you engaged and very enjoyable

it needs some more polish for the graphics and textures thats all

great job


I played this game for quite some time, just because I wanted to complete it but just couldn't haha, I think the normal npc enemies do too much damage per hit, the melee ones run at me faster than I can run, unless I run diagonally which increases my speed, also I found that if I can see them on the edge of the screen and I'm playing a ranged character, I can attack them while outside of their attack range and easily kill them, but then even doing that I couldn't get the objective in time, all in all though this was a fun game, I think it has potential and I hope you decide to make it a full game some time :)


Great game mate, the only issue was balance haha, i diead with every single hero. with a ranged hero it's possible to win but with melee.. no way, cant really avoid attacks with melee and no way to heal. i'd advice maybe put up little healing shrines around the map and maybe reduce the amount of damage the enemies deal


Really impressive for only 1 weeks worth of work! Nice menu UI and the controls are good, although could do with some balancing!

Check out my game!


Of all of the games I expect people to take inspiration from, Gain Ground wasn't one of them, which I for this game, is a good thing.  Holemancer here is pretty fun, with multiple character classes, tense gameplay, and a neat blocky aesthetic.  I do think the game can be a bit too hard, and the "Holes" theme is a bit spotty, and the cutscene that plays after every cutscene breaks the flow of the game.  Otherwise, this is another favorite of mine from the jam.  Fantasic work here.


This game is insane. I mean it looks like you made it in 3 months but In reality I was just one week.

I couldn't defeat the witch because It was to hard avoid the attacks of the magicians and arches maybe a hero with shield would be nice.

Great game.


For a week of development this game has a lot of content, I mean different classes with different attacks, loose and win animations, awesome music and good sound effects, the level of polish is also great for these many features!

I liked the idea that if i kill a character I'm forced to pick another one, this made me experience multiple classes and get a feel for all of them.

Overall a very nice submission, great work!

Nice graphics, UI and models, the gameplay needs some balance cause you get killed very easily, while enemies are hard to hit and you don't seem to do much damage, which makes ranged characters far better.
Hope to see this continue to be developed after the jam!


Lots of stuff going on here. I think the idea is a good one, and the graphics are consistent. It's a bit buggy in that, I can click, and then during the time it takes for the animation to play and for the damage to be dealt, my mouse position at the time of damage determines the location of the damage. Also, for a game like this one, the player needs more space to see things at the top and bottom of the screen. It feels really bad when something attacks you from range and you can't see them because the screen is too close. Other people mentioned the levels being hard, I don't think they need to be easy, but I want to be able to try the level again right then and there. Also, I attacked an Elite and he didn't take damage, that felt bad.

Overall, kinda buggy, but good concept. Good sounds too. Did you/your team make all these assets this week?


Very nice. I really like the combat style of giving you better attacks the more you commit to an attack instead of just running away afterwards. I definitely enjoyed this one,. Give mine a try too :)


This game is incredibly well done for a weeks worth of development time! Looks and feels really good. But there's a big but: it's too difficult to actually finish. I cant even finish the first level, and almost die instantly. Maybe ease the player more into that, and then you got a great game on your hands!



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