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Thanks dude :D

Aiming as a feature was something i messed around with, but i'm not sure if it could really fit, as it would probably break the level balance (from all the precise spots, though i might be able to remedy some bits with limited ammo and some arrow only/player only walls. It would make the game more about precision shooting, though that would be quite interesting)

I've added some alternative keys in a new build, for arrow key and spacebar users, will submit it after the jam finishes :]

Ah, i'll add some alternative keys for S



I'd tried to use mouse for aiming, but I wasn't too sure how to get the character flipping right, also makes balancing the levels a bit tough :/ 

Pretty interesting!

It was quite interesting, I loved the monster and world design, felt quite desolate.

You can use the monster's slower turning speed to outmaneuver it, it's fairly challenging to pull off, pretty fun :]

Pretty cool!

wasnt able to make it too far though

Thanks for rating and playing it :]

I used it for a gamejam, credit is in the description of the game and jam pages. Is the crediting alright or should I change it?

thank you ^^

I'll be sure to try implementing that after the jam, thanks :D

What's the theme?

(i still need to verify my phone in order to ask in the server, might take a while)

Ooh, will be sure to check it out

I loved secret hunting, i'll be following development for sure

oh lol

Cool game!

It was an interesting experience, a very sad one though :[

Cute :]

Yeah same, also good luck on any projects you might work on too :]

from what I've read so far, the game development team behind irori, pome pomelo, has been on a break since 2019 for personal reasons.

best to give them space and hope the demo sees the light of day as a full game eventually, I for one really wish to see what happens next, lets give the devs their space, but still hope for irori!

the instant I saw and heard meowmie, I developed an emotion connection to them, g'night meowmie :[

Finished it, loads of fun and a nice challenge :]

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I loved it!

cute art style with crisp line art and pastel colours, the game's main mechanic of trying to get the right sound was fun to mess around as all the sounds were pleasant to the ears. The game's world was pretty interesting with the marks left behind by what I assume to be people who were here before the player character, I'm also curious to see what's to the east of the playable section of the island.

English localization was pretty good, though I think the message on swapping items should be changed from:

"Replace [new item] with [current item]"


"Replace [current item] with [new item]"

just for grammar, its not a big deal ^^

I'll be sure to buy the extra content soon too.

I just fixed that, in my latest patch for the game!

i've also added a health bar and some screenshake to sell the hit effect even more!


i kinda hesitated from choosing this idea because i assumed that it’d be really common, anyway, cool game!


Its great!

i loved the art and sound design especially, it was a bit too hard for me to complete though :(

anyway, great game :D

Fun little game!

i enjoyed the puzzles and the little jingle it played in the background was euphoric and i couldn't hold back a smile while listening, kudos!

Thanks :D


Thats a great idea!



Ah, i’ll add a tuitorial after the jam maybe, thanks :)

Awww thanks!

There is a shield!

i should have probably made a tuitorial to make everything more clear than just the text i added on the game page, sorry xD

Its a fun game!

love the artstyle :)


triggered a bit of nostalgia from the times i played stick fight, those darn snakes!

anyway, its a great game!

It's a neat little game!

Lovely game, its pretty fun, even with a mouse and keyboard, i especially loved the sound design and the visuals, top notch!

Woah, this is really good!

i loved the mechanics, the only suggession i have is to maybe incorporate the character turning the other way using the flip() method!

i especially loved the music too :)