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I like the way your game looks, as well as the ragdoll of your character.  I do think moving the character can be a bit awkward, the debris falls way too fast.  If something is falling on top of you at high speeds, you're kind of doomed.

Your game looks very nice.  I think the movement of the mushroom is a bit too fast, and as for the game itself, there doesn't seem to be any challenge to it.  You just fall until it ends.

Possibly?  I don't know, I've never come upon this issue.

Your protein representations is really cool, and it seems like you know your stuff, I just wish there was some kind of game that came with this.

Do you use Mac/Apple?  Maybe that might be it


I think the throwing can be more responsive, and the game feels like it needs more, but I like the game overall.  I like the carnival feel, and the throwing arc feels accurate.

Nice aesthetics and graphics.  I like your concepts, like the ability switching.  I think the jumping is too stiff and too short, and the character is too sensitive to certain objects.

Nice art, but there isn't a game attached to this, sorry.

Very neat.  I like the idea of looking through the holes into another world a lot.  Obviously I wish there was more, but in your case I would say that feeling is a good thing.  I did notice the frame rate was a bit choppy, and the look sensitivity is too much, but overall good showing.

Very cool.  I really like the deductive gameplay, and the game is very easy to get a grasp of once you play it once.  I will say that it is pretty easy to find the perpetrator by finding the person with the lowest honesty and then finding a person with high honesty and confirming a piece of their clothing.  But still, this is cool!

Not bad!  I love your creativity with the concept here.  I like the tinkering with the data until you get it just right.  It takes awhile to get into, and there's nothing in game to help you understand what you need to do, but I think you got something fun here.

Neat.  I think the shooting is a bit short, and the enemies are a bit too simple, but I like the maze aspects, and your graphics look great.

Wow, this is really great and creative.  Loved this a lot, and don't have much bad to say about it.  I do think that using the RMB to move the camera is a bit odd, and could lead to my character to move places I didn't want them to.  Also, players can keep trying to connect clues without penalty, so they aren't forced to figure out the correct order of events, so maybe that can be fixed.  Great job!

Really great!  Love that you have a progression system where you get new powers based off performance.  Also think the game plays very well and the look is astounding.  Only real issue is the jump feels a little off.  Like it seems like you get some real air if you're rubbing up against a wall.  And I got stuck falling onto one of the doors in the game.

Neat.  I like the idea here, and your game looks great.  I do think the tilting is pretty sensitive, so once you get your ball rolling, it's hard to recover.

Very cool.  I love your creative ideas here with the dual gameplay layers.  The thing I wish was there was a kind of goal or something the player had to achieve.

Fantastic!  Great looking visuals, and awesome premise!  This game looks professional.  My biggest complaints are that the game is definitely wearing it's influence on it's sleeve, the movement and grabbing feels a little floaty, and getting killed from random spawning holes isn't great.  Otherwise. amazing showing.

This game is a little too smart for me, but I'm impressed nonetheless.  Great work, love the game!

Very good.  Levels are very well designed, aesthetics look good, and the game is very responsivse.  I do think the levels require a bit too much precise gameplay, but for a jam game that's nothing to be too harsh about.

Not bad.  I like you portals idea a lot, and your drawn graphics.  I do think everything is a little too touchy, with the shovel sometimes spawning into a wall.

Very cool game.  Great art, and interesting gameplay!  I will say that I was experiencing some issues with the skeleton where it would get stuck either in thin air, or by wedging it in between two bodies, thus getting it stuck indefinitely.

While I like the idea of a hole-based rhythm, the execution here is terrible.  Having the player click buttons in correspondence to the moves at the bottom asks them to look in two different places at once, thus the game is extremely frustrating to play

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.  It seems like no matter what, I always game over really quickly.  I think you have to hit the holes the correspond to the red holes on the other panel, but I tried that, and it doesn't work.

Your game is basically Super Hexagon, which isn't inherently bad, but you didn't do anything with it.  Plus I think your screen real estate is too small, and the character movement is so sensitive (both with keys and controllers) that I couldn't accurately get my guy through the hole.

I don't think your game works, or I don't what I'm supposed to be doing, or the tutorials aren't right, or something.  Seriously, I can't figure out your game.

Very interesting.  I don't have a second player, so I just played your tutorial really.  I think the shot speed on the bullet is a little too slow, and I think that if the main game requires two players, than you should check if two players have registered, else stop the main game from starting entirely.  Also it seems that the main game goes keeps looping indefinitely if you start it with one player.  You can't really break out of the cycle.

I get what you're trying to go for here.  Ultimately, I'm a little confused as to why pressing play will spawn you in one of 2 levels.  I also think that, when dead, instead of taking the player back to the main menu, you should instead let them restart the level immediately.

Pretty good.  I like the audio, the graphics, the controls are pretty responsive.  It's not that clear what the goal of the game is, nor how I advanced to the next level.  Also maybe have the stars in the BG be less white so that the white enemies stand out more.

Your game is pretty OK.  I like the concept, but I do think you could add a couple things to make it better.  Definitely needs audio, put a pattern texture on the walls and floor to convey speed, and make the transition between lanes a bit smoother.  Then, I think your game can be even better.

Not bad, I like your concept.  Unfortunately the majority of the game can be won just by spamming the space bar, so there's isn't really much in the way of a challenge.  The game over screen says I need to be fast, so I guess there is a goal.  I've gotten a score above 3000, so if there is a goal, then it's pretty far down.

Really great concepts going on here.  You are right that the game is buggy, so I appreciate that you put a reset button in the game.  I thought the music was pretty repetitive, and there seemed to be one level where the player's orientation wouldn't correct itself despite resetting.

A very Super Meat Boy inspired game, which isn't a bad thing.  I really like the responsiveness of the control and the look of the game overall.  I really like how you use the camera to hide platfors.  Good work!

You have a strong start, but you don't really do much here.  You're movement is fine and the portals work well.  I wish you could break off walls a little more easily, but mostly I just wish there was more to the game.

It takes awhile to figure out what you need to do, but once you get into the swing of things, this is a really addicting yet simple RTS game with some decent resource management.

This is really fun, and very well made.  I like your MS-DOS style graphical style, your sound effects are great, and the digging mechanic is really fun.  My biggest complaint goes to the health system, where the player dies very quickly.  It feels like the player needs more starting health, or the AI needs to be a little less aggressive near the start of the game.

This is pretty OK.  I like your aesthetics, and mechanics like movement and digging work really well.  However I feel like the game is hurt a lot due to the difficulty, and the lack of a clear goal when playing the game.  A lot of the game felt aimless.

The main aspects of the game aren't taught well, and even then the game is extremely frustrating with the one-hit hit kill speed ducks and limited bullets.  Not very fun.

Not bad.  I love your graphics and concept.  The biggest problem is the game itself.  Diving into thin ice is pretty troublesome when you can't scan and aim at the same time.  Once in the water, you can't even see where the thin ice is, so it's pretty easy to game over.