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Explore the first sub-surface solar observation station.
Submitted by Jess, Ward (@ward_rtw) — 3 minutes, 6 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Emotional Engagement#602.8672.867
Mental Engagement#772.8002.800
Lasting Impression#1022.8672.867

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like how there's so many different paths through the game's conversations. It's a really neat idea to let the player roam the game world after reaching an ending too!


Pretty solid game, a bug i noticed is that you made it so the instead of using key press to switch left walking sprite to right walking sprite try using key down and switch if the key is down. Otherwise your character will walk backwards


Nice atmosphere and an intriguing story. As others have said, it would help to have a way to skip through dialog a bit faster, but it was an enjoyable game overall.


I really enjoyed this! I had some technical problems at first and I am not a fan of the "use-keyboard-to-walk" limitation. But the atmosphere and really solid sci-fi writing that quickly ups the ante and poses some interesting choices sucked me in very quickly.

The game is easy on the puzzles (which didn't stop me from dying though!) and is more focused on meaningful decisions which is a very welcome change of pace in this game-jam. I skipped some lines because I was too impatient to watch the text appear and clicked "continue" in the hope that the full text would appear before being replaced with the new text. I also got a bit tired on clicking the dialog option and then move the mouse down to click on "continue" only to move the mouse up again for the next dialog option, so I think the dialog progression system could do with some work. But music, art-style and the engaging sci-fi story more than made up for it! Very enjoyable.


Great game! I liked the setting and story. The music was really good too!

The first time, I kind of mindlessly turned on the terminal in the main control room and died. I wasn't expecting that because usually there are no real consequences in adventure games, the character just says "I can't do that yet" or something. This had real consequences which was fantastic and made my second play-through more meaningful.

Good work!


Art and music made it have a great atmosphere, well done!


Very enjoyable! The music and the art were great and very moody. I really liked the setting and the story, super cool.


I'm not that much into choice based games, but there is so much to like about your project that I enjoyed it none the less.^^ The graphics and music create an impressing atmosphere, the story is intersting and the writing is really good. And beeing able to see all three endings (well I guess that three is all ;-) ) without have to load a savegame was very welcome. Great job!


The atmosphere in your entry is so cool, I love the purple color scheme and the dialogue. I was also happy to see a game with player character death, I know a lot of people dislike it in adventure games but it's something I miss sometimes. 


I'm usually not a fan of multiple-choice narrations in writing, especially big moral choices, but retro style point and click adventures and old school sci-fi ones in particular are always an absolute classic. Great job with the music and the art as well!


Music was so fitting, really enjoyed playing this mainly because of very well constructed atmosphere!


Cheers! I'm really glad you enjoyed the music. I made a totally different song for the intro to and then realized nobody would hear it, lol. I'll have to re-use it somewhere else.

When Ash exits the Brain Room he is walking backWARD or MOONwalking or SUNwalking

  SFX for text displaying rather harsh but overall LOVE the HUMOUR

btw it is SUN & not the sun (our star we orbit was named SUN)


It's not letting me rate the project, but I just wanted to say I really enjoyed this! excellent work, both of you!


Thanks for playing! I wonder what caused this. Are you able to rate any of the other games? Maybe your itch account email isn't verified. I couldn't do much until I verified mine.


I liked it! The writing was very good, the music felt atmospheric and fitting and the storyline was interesting, despite being short. I like what you did with the writing on the hoverbot.

One small quality-of-life improvement that would be nice would be to make the "continue" button on the text boxes reveal all the text if clicked before the text has continued scrolling, like it does in most other text-heavy games. I think the text scrolling speed is a bit too slow, so at many times I instinctively pressed the continue button expecting to see the full text faster, but instead I accidentally skipped the dialogue.

Anyway, it's a cool jam game and I think it could be an interesting game if further developed into a full experience.

Also, unrelated but based on your profile it looks like you are Logan from Tek Syndicate? It's very surprising to see a game made by you in a random game jam all of a sudden.  I used to watch your stuff like a decade ago and it was a huge inspiration for me to study computer science, so it's good to see you're still doing cool stuff!

Developer (1 edit)

This is really helpful feedback for when we make a bigger click adventure. Jess also pointed out that having to click the continue button gets tedious. So, maybe a good solution would be for the use key to also work for continue and the first press merely advances the text. I'll figure that out.

Also, Indeed, that is me! I've been trying to figure out how to make games since before my tek days, but I think I mostly wanted to be a creative director or a writer... However, it's basically impossible to get hired as one of those things unless you have some work to show, so I decided to learn a bit more. Jess did all the coding, but I did teach myself pixel art and I'm getting ok with unity and unreal engine.

I'll head over and check out your game. Cheers for the useful feedback!

(2 edits) (+1)

Was looking for this game just a couple minute after you had mentioned it in your "Don't Get Addicted to Upgrading!" video and couldn't find it.  Glad I finally did.  Most Unity games I find play fine on my Linux desktop.  No Linux release though.  That's right.  I'm here to be the Linux complainer. :D  

EDIT: inb4 :: blocked ::

Developer (1 edit) (+3)

Well who said complaining gets you no where, check our page before I block you. ;)

EDIT: We now have Linux support


Woohoo!  Just tried it and it works great!


Cheers! Let us know if you find any wonkiness... Well, it's a game jam, so expect a little, but I mean crashes or anything like that. Enjoy!


A nice game, well-rounded despite it's short length (not short in relation to the jam's short length, though). The art is beautiful, the music supports the intrigue and mysterious atmosphere. I could get a good sense of the characters in just a few lines of dialogue, for which there are multiple paths with some meaningful choices to think about for streamlined progression. The game has great potential for integrating player decisions in the narrative, even though the overarching structure currently is more linear, but with multiple endings -- this was undoubtedly a time contraint and not one of creativity on the team's part. I'd look forward to a couple more hours of this if it would (or will) exist.