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The game has received a small patch. There was a bug with the reset of the Battle for the Space and it's now fixed.

I took a look to the page of the competition and I'm not sure of something. There will be a page with all the sent games and people can see that page and download the games and play them? Or how it will work? As I say, I'm not really interested in winning, but I am in visibility, that people see my game and maybe play it. If you can explain me how this will work, I might send it :) I also saw in the webpage that you can send various games and it's no problem. Fan-games (non-profit) are also welcome, or only original games are welcome? Thanks!

Hello! Yeah, you also posted about the GDWC in my Horroria game. I was thinking in it, participating by submitting this game, but as it still requires at least the Third Expansion to be completed, at least the basics, not sure. Can unfinished games enter in the competition? To be honest even if I participate, I do it only for visibility and to get players, not to win the competition.

I'm working in the lore since around 4 years ago, I created the game and composed the music back in 2016 if I remember correctly, but it's this year when I'm revamping it and adding more content. The lore is part of a saga of books I'm working on, and that will still take me several years to be completed. This game can be taken as a visual, immersive and timeless aproximation of that :) Since the game is not based in the story of the books, but in the cultures and their lore.

Hello, this is because you haven't installed the RTP adjunted in the Install folder correctly. I've just tested the game in another computer to check if I get errors, and I got no errors. The error you said is because a default RPGMaker sound. Default art and sounds are installed with the RTP. Please, follow the instructions of the installation. If you still have problems after it, I'd suggest to uninstall the RTP and reinstall it again.

I'm sorry, but I have no idea about Mac. If RPGMaker games can be ran in Mac, this game should work, but no idea, I only use Windows.

About the competition, it sounds interesting, but this game is too simple to be worth to be there, if I had to choose any of my games I'd chose others, that to this day are not still completely done. But thanks for the info, I'll take a look!

What error do you get? If you follow the installation guide from the download page and in the Readme you shouldn't get problems. You need to install the rtp adjunted in the rar and put the custom font in your fonts folder.

For people entering thinking you are downloading a high graphics Minecraft - please read the text. This is just a pack of maps for Minecraft, the images are taking using mods. I tried to download the pack and it works perfectly but this download only includes THE MAPS. It is a pack OF MAPS, IT IS NOT A VIDEOGAME NOR HD MINECRAFT.

Thank you, you should check the Unity maps, since they are the same but with better graphics :)