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Thank you! I just wonder... I was trying to make it work in RPGMaker MZ but it gave some error, something related with rectangle. I guess asking you to adapt this script for MZ might be too much, but if I figure a way to do it myself, can I do it? No idea if I can though, as my script knowledge is very basic. I'd really love to use this script as I'm planning a game that ideally should have 3 selectable chapters and I haven't found a script similar to this anywhere :D

If curious, the problem is like this: RMMZ - i keep getting argument must be a rectangle | RPG Maker Forums (

Hello, I found you through reddit :) I was researching about chapter select screen for RMMV and wondering if your plugin is really stable? I might try when I get the time to start my game but wanted to ask! Thanks and good work!

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Oh that explains! I am not sure if this kind of games can work in Android browser but it seems not. I don't think RPG Maker is optimized to create WebGL games that work in Android, although it can work if you install the apk. I'm sorry!

Heyy! :D Wow I wonder about this!! I just tried it right now and it works for me! I wonder, did you download this web version and then you tried to open it in your PC? This web version is made to be played in web version, the downloable version is in "My Home" download section.

The error is because the music is not loaded but it's very weird. I've also tried the exe and it works fine :/

So that's the issue then. I use Enigma as it's very easy to use and I prefer to have the exes as pack so it's easier to locate how to open the game, RPG Maker creates too many folders. I didn't know Enigma triggered false positives. Thank you for reporting so if people have the same problem, they can know it's safe :) 

Thank you for notifying and it's indeed very weird, it's for sure the antivirus. Do you know what file in particular triggers the antivirus? The exes of the games are packaged by RPG Maker and later using Enigma Virtual Box. The RTP installation is downloaded from the official RPG Maker website. Then other files are the images, txt and fonts. So for sure it's a false positive from antivirus (what one you use?).

Hello! Thank you for commenting, and once again I think you downloaded the game in an even more perfect moment :D

It is very strange that new version works but old version doesn't work, since I didn't do any change to how the levels are launched - no code was changed, I even had to re-build the game with the same Unity version I used in the past because code issues, so it's indeed very strange.

I have no idea how I could implement a loading screen :D I think I never thought about it, but still no idea how it is done, but I will research about it just because curiosity.

About the new music, it's just that in the past, this My Home game and another game of mine entitled Animals shared music and some things, but with time, I wanted to separate them, so that's why I did these music changes. The old title screen music is the main title music in the game Animals, as it was also in the past :) and thanks for the font, it's pretty hard to find a good fitting font sometimes, specially when so many games, and wanting to give each game a kind of "different vision". If you have downloaded the game very recently, you should find a manual. I've been working on this for all my games. Nothing much special for this specific game since there is not much you can do, but still fun :)

Anyway if you enjoy the music you can always download it for free in my bandcamp. I'm also Anamura in there. Just download the album Animals for main title music, or My Home for the rest of the soundtrack :)

"first person advertisement avoidance simulator" just lol hahahaha only that line made me laugh, awesome imagination!

I am not very sure how colliders work in a game like this but maybe if you increase the collider at the border of the terrain it would be better, not sure if I'm explaining good enough. The main issue is that many times I tried to jump too close to the border of the terrain but I didn't jump, I just fell. So maybe making that the player doesn't need to jump too close to the border (or increase the collider so you don't fall so easily) might work. Or maybe it's a problem with jump button, I don't know :D but the problem was that, jumping is nice, it's just that when jumping near borders, it's easy that it doesn't work and you fall :)

You can do like in World of Warcraft - when you die, you have to return to your corpse. In your game, if you die, you play as the ghost and you have to find your corpse and enter again. No need to fight anything or whatever, just go to your corpse. Just some ideas so you can consider :D

Amazing atmosphere!

Funny game and cool artstyle :D

Simple game but works pretty good, fantastic job!

Awesome game but really hard without checkpoints, and saving people is almost impossible :D

Weird game, great art and fantastic atmosphere, well done!

As others have said, if you don't camp you get killed easily. But great job! Loved the atmosphere!

Cute artstyle, the game is very short, I hope you can continue it!

Amazing game, loved it completely, I want more levels!! The graphics are beautiful, animations really great and cute, music is fantastic!

Awesome game, graphics and music! Good job!

Cool character designs but sensitivity is too much, almost unplayable for me, but good job!

I must admit I had an hilariously good time playing this game hahaha. If I have to describe this game with 1 word, it's hilarious. Super fun, good job!!

The animations were the best, the jump action was somewhat frustrating for me. I missed sounds too. But it has great potential, I loved graphics and animations!

Interesting game, I wish I could play as ghost, though, they are so cute that I feel sad killing them! :D

Amazing how something so simple can be so disturbing. I wish you continue this game.

The game is very cute but it's so much hard :D I was trying for a while and even reaching to the boss in first level was a struggle for me! Probably if the level area is bigger, the difficulty would be decreased, since you would have more space to move. The bats are really annoying :D Good work!

Yes, indeed! I also noticed when testing it. You can use the walls for your advantage. Let me say that my original planification was an open room and you must run no matter what, but honestly I prefer being able to take advantage of the walls, it is less annoying. My other game Horroria has this same mechanic and the rooms are more opened (big and small) and it's much easier for the specter to catch you, so for this simple escape game, I think it's nice that you can trick him with the walls. There is one "disadvantage" here. The first time, the specter will spawn near the summoning circle, but next times, he will spawn where he last dissappeared. He doesn't spawn in the same spot all the time. So you should be cautious because if you are walking near the spot where he dissappeared before and you don't pay attention, he can catch you instantanely. Thanks for commenting :)

One of the best games I've played in the jam, loved everything on it. And you used RM2003, so casual tht these days I'm also using that engine. This game will come into my collection of games to play with EasyRPG on PSVita :D awesome job!

I loved this game, amazing!!!!!

Funny hahaha second level was the hardest for me!

Honestly I'm finding more enjoyment in playing all your games than pay attention to the score of my game. I come here to the jam at the end of the day thinking in what new weird games I can try today :D Well done everyone!

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Awesome game, one of the best platformers I've played, I enjoyed it so much that played it two times to see the different endings :D amazing!! I wonder if there is another end like you get all the upgrades but do the final fight... might try again! Edit: hehe I did it :D

Everything nice, I wish it had music!! Saving it in collection :)

Very funny game although sound design could be improved, great work!

Nice game, the part of the cell took me more time than the rest :D scary when enemies catch you!

Awesome game, loved it, gonna follow you and saving this game :D the music is simple but effective, it reminded me to Nightmare before Christmas.

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Yes please :D or at least some clues

Thank you very much, I wonder if you also discovered the different endings :D your game is also very cool!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Thank you :D