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That's cool. Thanks for making it available for play. The style of graphics goes really well with that of Fate of Atlantis. Pity that the project was never completed.

Those spells are a very novel idea. Hilarious and completely bonkers. I loved it :D

Even though I know I should expect it by now, I'm still amazed at how much you managed to put in the game in 2 weeks.  Even multiple endings. Great work!

That was so weird. Couple of things really had me in stitches. I hope you'll put in the definitive art and cutscenes :)

Very nice :-) Puzzles were sensible enough to figure out, yet also not overly obvious. Really enjoyed it.

I liked how there were multiple stages to the puzzles. The RoboMusic puzzle is a good example, as were creating the fuel and returning the contraband detector. I think my actual favourite was how Ten-Eyed Tony and Denzel actually gave useful hints.

The last puzzle was indeed a bit odd, as I felt setting all dials to 7 would have made the craft the most uncontrollable (maximum power leads to less control, maximum boost leads to less control, overly sensitive leads to less control, and compensating for high gravity would apply  even more power and thus less control).

Disturbing at times, but I loved the story. It actually made me tear up to see these lost souls get some relief :)

Works great :) Thanks for incorporating my suggestion!

Completed all 100 of them this weekend. It's awesome. On the later levels I found myself wishing for a restart puzzle option though, when I messed up.The CLR/HOME button would be a good candidate...

Completely bizarre with wonderfully weird dialogue too. Poor puppy :) Oh well, nothing like a little wanton destruction to solve a case and avoid paying a secretary for another year.

I wouldn't call what happened a "small hick-up". Glad you did release in the end. Impressively well-polished game!