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I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thank you very much for commenting. The games I have here on itch have all been created under a time limit of 2 weeks per game (in this case, for the 2018 Adventure Jam), which necessitates keeping the games short (or less polished). That you were left wanting more is a great compliment to me. I hope to be able to complete a much larger game in the future.

And good point about the password, I may have gone a bit too complicated for the random password generator. It may be good security practices in real life, but perhaps overkill for a game.

It's not in the settings, no. My monitor is at its native resolution of 1680x1050 (which is 16:10), so it ran full-screen at that resolution. I think it occurs only when no configuration data has been saved yet, because now when I try it, it defaults to windowed mode and 1600x900.

Very well made EGA graphics - to the point where I quickly forgot that it was 16 colours only. And a very pleasant FM soundtrack too.

My only gripe is that it becomes very easy to lose when you need a certain colour canister and it just doesn't show up. My last game (in the screenshot) was lost because even in 65 moves, there was no second magenta canister to show up:

The environments and the characters look really good. I wasn't able to really get anywhere, as none of my attacks seemed to have an effect on the enemies' health, they ganged up on me pretty quickly and killed me. And I couldn't find out how to increase my stats, as the UI was a bit confusing. Maybe I just didn't understand the mechanics very well.

Seems like such a cool game though, I'm gonna have to try it again.

It looks pretty good, but it's a little too zoomed in for my liking. This makes it very difficult to determine where to go or hit the enemies. That meant I got killed pretty much the moment I got the potion.

Very strange, yet touching story. Definitely an interesting way of playing through it!

Very ambitious project, though maybe too ambitious for a 2-week jam game. I didn't see any of the documents or cutscenes, so it was tough to get a feel for what was going on. I did manage to take the radio to the hill and do the morse code thing (which was very difficult, though on the third attempt the symbol wasn't moving and that made it a lot easier). I'm not sure I really reached the end that way.

I got a cannon to shoot at me (though fortunately, I could continue even as the health bar reached 0), got red, green and blue skills, and even (think) I found a way out (getting a sort of flowchart at the end). I'm intrigued, even if I don't fully understand what's going on here.

Played through it several times to get the full experience. It's very poetic and beautiful.

The graphics are gorgeous and it's very atmospheric. Would have liked a bit more of a backstory. It's a bit strange to me that the first section of the cave is a lot harder to navigate than the later sections, making for an inverted difficulty curve. I'm glad I stuck with it though, so that I could reach the end.

That was quite the freak-out.

Good grief, remind me never to work retail! You really freaked me out there.

I loved Thinker. Played it when playing all the entries in that jam (and also participated in the jam last year - this year I couldn't). It was really clever and I recognised your style from that immediately as I played Flight From the Robots!

It's pretty cute. I was unable to defeat the final boss though 😞

That was creepier than I thought it would be. Poor Frank though.

Nicely atmospheric. Good job for a jam game. I do have a suggestion to make it a little better after the spoiler dots:












It's pretty difficult to write down the morse code (since I need my eyes to write it down, and also to watch). With sound, it would be much easier, as I could use my eyes and ears at the same time.

In fact, something like that could help put in more content. For instance, you could have a volume knob somewhere in the game that enables a sound, or hide the flashing dot behind a panel that has to be opened first and the components in the panel also have a small buzz along with the flashing. Maybe even have to find a tool to open the panel with. And with little additions like that, you have more content in your game.

Lovely pixel art. I had a bad feeling about what was going on...

I have no idea what was going on. So yeah, I think you succeeded in showing what it feels like to be in a dream 😁

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Looks cute and it works pretty well. I was able to collect 32 coins as my best. You might want to put in some sounds too!

Very beautiful graphics, with a lot of polish to this game! I'm amazed you got it done in 2 weeks time. I would have liked a bit more choice of what to do and in what order, so that it feels more like a game than "just" playing through the story linearly.

It's very short, of course, and the screen is tiny on Windows, but the game works well. I wish I was capable of such things when I was 9 years old. I hope you make more and bigger games in the future!

A bit short, but a nice little story with cute graphics.

I guess it depends entirely on what you want to achieve. In your description, you said "The game is generally about you losing reality and your memories." and I think it does convey that feeling very well 👍. Also, having seen several of your entries to various jams, I can tell you are improving.

In your case specifically, since you make everything from scratch and on your own, I'd have a few recommendations, especially about games in the adventure genre:

  1. Try thinking up a short story in advance. For jam games, you don't really have the time to make it a long story, but it's good to have a goal.
  2. Create some nice, memorable characters. You can do this in dialogue in a dialogue heavy game, in graphic style, or them having a certain gimmick. For some good examples in this jam, I'd say stuff like Fluffy the hamster in FLUFFY FILES (cute graphics and a gimmick), the Popochius in the game of the same name (also cute graphics and a gimmick), the characters in The Gay Agenda (over the top personalities and dialogue) and many more.
  3. Figure out a good format to tell the story in. Do you want an overhead style like old Zelda games? Do you want a first person view? Do you want a side view, kind of like a platformer? Heck, maybe even mostly text.
  4. Save yourself a lot of time by making use of free art assets, such as you can find here on or on People invariably judge a game by its graphics even when they shouldn't. Having stuff provided (for free) by good artists saves you a ton of time, and also makes your games look more professional, instantly improving people's opinions of it.
  5. If you have puzzles, combat, or arcade elements, make those in a way that, for yourself, it is too easy. You yourself will know the game inside and out, for you it's easy. For others who are playing your game, it's hard, So make it too easy for yourself.

Funnily enough, most of those tips wouldn't apply to Memories as a game because it is such an unconventional story and a way to tell it. And they are, after all, just general things to consider, nothing mandatory. But the biggest thing of all is: be creative and make something you yourself would actually enjoy playing!

During several attempts, I'd somehow get the UI in an inconsistent state and couldn't really do anything anymore (one easily reproducible way this happens is in the tutorial, when the employee wants you to click on the stereo in your bag and you click on the box instead).

I ended up giving up pretty quickly, mostly because the game triggers strong feelings of anxiety in me, sorry.

Very nice art. It's pretty scary out there in those woods!

Short, but pretty freaky! For your first time creating pixel art, that's not bad at all.

You might want to make the transitions a little quicker, it wasn't always obvious to me when I'd go to the next screen or that I still had to walk in from the left.

Fun story, and the combat system was sensible enough for me to actually figure it out 😊 Had a few places where I could walk out of bounds, including at what I think is the end scene after defeating the demon. pretty cool game

I love the idea and the way it looks, but found myself struggling with the controls and had quite a bit of the the camera clipping and the graphics flashing.

At one point, I fell off and didn't respawn at the most recent campsite, but always fell down into the void. I'm afraid I didn't bother to try again, as I was already close to an hour in at this time.

Even despite that, I really appreciate this game as it is gorgeous and unique.

That was fun, with an unexpected ending. Glad that you got to submit an entry despite testing positive for COVID.

Quick bug report: the game cannot be completed when being played full-screen at a 16x10 resolution (I use 1680x1050) because the poster is not visible then. I was stuck for the longest time until I saw on your screenshot that there is a poster. I had to switch to windowed mode and force the resolution to 1600x900 to be able to view it.

Without weapons or health powerups, I found it quite difficult, though I eventually managed to defeat the boss. I love the early PlayStation style graphics.

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I did that, even landed on the platform, but that's when I couldn't find anything else anymore that I could reach and didn't see any glowing wisps either. Eventually made my way to the base of the pillar at the far end, that has platforms surrounding it in a flower petal arrangement which seemed promising, but I didn't manage to go off into the other direction.

Watching the playthrough below shows me I should have tried to make my way to the top instead.

Yeah, I could create the acid and open the door to the outside (it has a red cloud behind it), and to the cell with the lever, but I couldn't create the gold, even though I found the gold recipe.

Spoilers below!!!

What I did was:












I created what I think is holy water by combining a flask of water with the cross. Then I tried to combine a bronze ingot with an empty flask (the white one), that holy water (which was yellow), and the big pill I had from the start. But that didn't do anything. I've tried several other combinations, without the pill, for instance.

That wasn't a complaint. I thought it was brilliant, actually. (Heck, it still got to me on the 5th playthrough). You might want to put up a warning on the page at least, for those who are really sensitive to those things. Although that would probably be a good idea, it actually saddens me a bit that that might ruin the surprise.

I was unable to play the game as both times I tried, it locked up my computer so hard even the reset button didn't work and I had to cut power to reboot 🤯

Surprisingly tough given how short the game is. You're really asking a lot of the player's patience to be able to even start working on the door. I felt like a genius actually solving the game.

A pretty competent action platformer. My poor platforming skills didn't allow me to get to the end (I had to give up shortly after getting the dash skill).