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That's so cute. Quite enjoyed it!

Quite ambitious to make a game with switchable characters for a game jam. The game is quite funny and I had several laugh-out-loud moments. Well done, Ramón! A few things could be a little more clearly signposted, but it shouldn't pose a major obstacle to reaching the end of this charming game. The ending (and post-credits bonus scene) were especially hilarious. Big thumbs up from me!

I'm saddened that it didn't bring the success the developer had hoped for, as this game is very well made and it deserves better. And being given away for free means you can't beat the price, of course. Yes, it's very short and the gameplay isn't overly taxing, but it's highly atmospheric... creepy and mysterious.

a Royal Midnight Snack

Gorgeous artwork. And I actually found myself getting engrossed in the stories too.

Spoilers below












Vampires hate garlic... And please note that the garter is elastic.

Great work as always! The graphics are amazing, the puzzles are good and sensible and the story is epic. The resolution is satisfying and it's worth trying multiple things to get all three of the endings.

The black and white art reminds me a bit of the first Hypercard games for the Mac. Quite a cool Alice in Wonderland vibe you have going on there without falling into the Disneyfied version.

I've tried to play it twice. Both times I was unable to get the Light Step as there was no hot spot on it. The first time, in my attempts to get it, I accidentally triggered the door to the ship again and the camera got stuck in the view of the ship from the outside and stopped tracking the protagonist. In the second time I played it, I made sure to avoid that, but still couldn't get the Light Step. Took a long time to get around, but couldn't really find anything after finding the map markers and reporting back to the mayor, so I gave up :(

Very cool that you have multiple endings. Perhaps even split that up into three, depending on where you go with one ending.

Quite a clever game, with rather more story than I would have expected from a platform puzzler.

That was pretty hilarious. Would be cool to be able to go through the game again and try different things without accidentally winning after making it into the cockpit for the first time.

Unfortunately, I hadn't noticed this game before the voting ended. It's really good and quite well made! Needed the walkthrough to notice that the king was all the way up there in the throne room.

Heel origineel concept met het gaandeweg uitbreiden van de acties en het ziet er ook fantastisch uit!

Intriguing idea. It's hilarious to read the variations of the story cards, and the audience reviews.

Thanks, Honza!

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed!

Hehe, that's one of the things I intend to address in a post-jam update. Thanks for the compliments!

Thank you, Ramón!

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the compliments, also on behalf of JD Kelly who voiced the ghost knight!

For getting past the vampire... it might be useful to know that the garter is elastic.

The game got stuck in dialogue mode without there being an option to select several times, which made it difficult to get through. Quite a cool idea to have to social engineer your way around.

Silly and charming. Nice work!

Very interesting way of telling such a moody story. Top marks for that.

You did a great job conveying the dysfunction. Atmosphere is great (as in effective, not as in pleasant), and some of the most fleshed out characters I've seen in the jam.

That's so very cute! The story is adorable, the encounters are funny, and the kid is doing a good job voicing.

If I might make a suggestion: you might want to try making the encounters less random, which, counterintuitively, might actually end up making them seem more random. For instance by ensuring that the same scene is not selected multiple times in a row (or by decreasing their probability the more recently they've been played)

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!

Really enjoyed the puzzles. The combat was a bit much for me, but not too egregious, as I did manage to get past all battles after a couple of attempts. I'm glad you always give 5 hearts and 5 arrows on every reset and with every room change, otherwise I would never have made it through. All in all, a cool game!

Thanks for the compliments ☺

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That was enough info to figure it out 😄

Oh wow, I did not expect that story from Ophelia.

Looking great. Really wish there was more to experience.

I had to run the game in windowed mode with command line parameters (-screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720) to get 16:9 (my monitor is 16:10) before I could get anywhere. The game is surprisingly funny :)

Gorgeous art style. It feels like I'm playing a piece of art.

Love the way this looks. I wonder what the other 3 endings are.

Very unusual premise. I wouldn't say it's fun, but I don't think that's what you were going for. It really made me think about the kind of betrayal people must have felt.

Like hankworx, I haven't found the last stone yet (the rightmost one in the indicator). Is there anything to the boot in the water? I quite like how this is (to me) much more adventurey than your previous entries.

I like how there's so many different paths through the game's conversations. It's a really neat idea to let the player roam the game world after reaching an ending too!

It looks gorgeous. I wish there was a way to know where to deliver the packages.

Silly and charming. Fun to see the popochius make another appearance.

That freaked me out way too much to try again after dying for the first time. So I think you succeeded at making a really creepy atmosphere!