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Thank you for playing my weird game from a year and a half ago. I don't remember if 168 is a good score or not, but it sounds pretty good. 

I wish you all the love, and a small but sufficient amount of fishes, in the world  ⊂⁠(⁠◉⁠‿⁠◉⁠)⁠つ

Yeah, I probably should have spent a bit more time tuning the numbers. The max possible value of the paintings decrease exponentially as the game goes on, so after like five paintings, you basically get nothing, even if you nail the painting itself, so you kinda have to do as well as you can in the first ones.

But I'm glad you had fun nonetheless

The first thing I did when I opened the game was click the credits button. At first I thought you forgot to implement the credits screen and accidentally mapped the credits to the "start" button. I thought I was watching an intro cutscene, but no, apparently this game is just so dang polished that this is the actual credits screen.

The game itself is also very good. It was a bit difficult at first to memorize the recipes, which made the first couple of attempts a bit frustrating, but once I memorized the steps it made a lot more sense.  It definitely got a lot more fun once you had multiple furnaces, forcing you to prioritize and schedule your activities.

Overall very good!

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it.

Yo, FYI I got it to work on Mac. You just have to first try to open it, then go to Settings -> Security settings and then press "Open Anyway" from inside the settings. After that it should work.

The game definitely had some technical issues for me on Mac (but I'm used to that as a Mac user), but it was playable, and I managed to beat it. It's just very small, and if you resize the window things get funky, but I've got eagle eyes, so no worries for me.

Anyway, I like the creative idea here. In many ways it reminds me of LISA, which is an amazing game, so you should be proud ;) I think that comparison comes mostly from the music, which has a similar desolate vibe, and the fact that you can attack different parts of enemies, which result in rage gauge filling up.

The rhythm aspect also adds a bit of action to an otherwise kinda still game.

Also, the chicken is beautiful! The other lil bois are pretty as well, but the chicken is the best.

haha good to know that the practice is paying off, but I did have to use a lot of autotune!

The UI for the pencils probably wasn't great. You have to first buy them from the store by clicking the icons on the left in the shop screen, then once they are unlocked you can switch while drawing

I really like the way this game looks. It kinda feels like a minigame in Final Fantasy VII. Similarly to those minigames, this is unfortunately a bit unintuitive at first, but you start to understand after a while.

I think if the dots at the edge of the screen indicating the asteroids were some kind of icon it would have been faster to figure it out, but the current version works fine, it just takes a little bit to understand.

Overall, I enjoyed it. The aesthetic is nice and I like the quotes when you die

Yeah, that makes sense. It's always difficult to cram everything you want into a game when you have a deadline. But I think it could be a cool game if you kept working on it!

Cool stuff! Is that leaderboard online? If so, that is very impressive.  As others have mentioned, it is a bit difficult. I find it very hard to create high quality weapons to sell for a lot of gold.

I really like the voiceline when you die. That was a very nice touch!

One small issue is that I think some of the text goes outside the screen in the tutorial.

I wasn't fully sure what I was doing or what was going on at first, but I got the hang of the basics after a bit. I feel like the enemies at the bottom should have been a bit stronger to put some pressure on the player and force the player to experiment a bit more with combining stuff. But it was still a very cool game

The core is very polished. Graphics and sound are on point. I do, however, wish there was more depth to it. I feel like it's very easy to become overpowered and just kill everything. I had 100 heals by the time I had enough.

Some suggestions:

More enemy variety would be nice. Maybe some bosses or enemies with ranged attacks?

It would probably be a bit more fun if you had to stand still and wait for like a second to use the heal, kinda like in Dark Souls and similar games. It adds a bit of risk and tension.

Overall, though, I'm very impressed!

It was a bit of a struggle to figure out what was going on, but I think I got it after a couple minutes. Would have been nice with some sound.

Fun idea, and very funny execution.

I also made a drawing game and one issue that I noticed here that I also ran into is that if you move your mouse fast when drawing, Godot only registers a few of those events. So to make the drawing a lot smoother you could add all the pixels between each event and the previous event. I don't know if that makes sense, but it would improve the drawing experience by a lot. It made a big difference to my game.

Anyway, good job. It would be interesting to hear how the grading algorithm works!

Very good! As everyone else has mentioned, I really admired the level of polish here.

If I had to complain about something it would probably be that it's a bit too difficult. I had a hard time getting past the "harder" obstacles and they tend to present themselves a bit too early. Allthough I'm playing on a laptop touchpad, and I imagine it is a bit easier on a phone screen, which I would assume this game was designed with in mind.

Very creative idea. It took a while to figure it out, but once I got the hang of it it worked fine. I wish there was a way to scroll the background instead of it being automatic. Currently when you place down objects to forge you have to hope that you don't progress further, which is a bit annoying.

Overall, though, very good job! I like the aesthetic of the game

Hmm, interesting. Maybe it's just my browser. Anyway thanks for providing the litterature. I now have something to read before going to bed.

I actually ate one apple today, and I think I'm still fine. However I don't know if it was "the apple" featured in this game, so I may not be so fine in the future.

Thank you for pointing out the flashling lights, very careless of me to not think of that earlier. I've added a warning.

As for the AI stuff, I think the tech is interesting and the fact that the models look like shit fit the game very well, but I get that there are ethical considerations to using AI art.

Yeah! I found the sussy impasta fruit.

Very nice idea, and I really like the effort you went to to create so many different newspappers.

I wish the sound was amplified a bit more when you point your flashlight at someone, as it's currently a bit too hard to detect the bad melon.

You sure had an idea an executed upon it with style, and I like all the small details. Overall, defo a banging game, as the kids say.

Oh dear god the music made me laugh so hard. Did not expect that from the screenshots or anything else on the page. That shit is banging!

The game itself is pretty nice, if a bit simple. I like that you took the time to make the screen shake slightly when you collect a fruit.

Anyway I'm gonna go headbang until I break my neck now

Definitely reminds me of some old flash games I played as a kid. Like one of the good ones, the diamonds in the rough. Very challenging. Even though the levels are only 20 seconds, it feels very punishing to have to restart from the beginning, but equally rewarding when you actually finish the level. Very good game!

Nice! Surprising amount of depth in the game, and very satisfying once you get the hang of it. The music is very SNES-era Final Fantasy OST like, which I very much appreciate.

Pretty simple game, but still surprisingly difficult to manage flapping you wings while shitting (just like in real life). The art is very nice!

Looks neat and it plays pretty nice as well. Very impressive that there is an online leaderboard. For some reason the game is silent for me, but that could just be something with the engine not playing nice with my browser.

At first I mistakenly thought that the point of the game was to press shift to teleport between worlds, in order to get a higher score. It took an embarrasingly long time until I figured out that I was actually just restarting the game over and over, but as a consequence of that I did manage to see a lot of different levels, which was nice (:

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Okay, so first of all, the link to the complete list of software, including links to full source code, does not work. Yeah, I bet you didn't think anyone would check that, did you? Well I did! I wanted to see the full list, and I could not, to my immense dissapointment.

Okay, but for real, this game is neat. I like how you managed to make a visual novel 20 seconds long, and the battle-style actually makes it feel tense, so you read as fast as possible.

The best ending is number 1. Very relatable (as a non-doctor).

Yes. Tax evasion!

Them graphics are pretty good. I like how there are multiple songs, which makes the game less stale when you replay it, however the songs don't really match in terms of intensity.

My main gripe with the game is that it is very difficult. I don't think I could beat it in a reasonable amount of time, so I will not attempt to do so, even though I very much would like to see what happens if you evade taxes for more than 20 seconds.

I really like the fact that you made a little trailer as well. The trailer was cute, and weirdly well-edited for a 20 second game (:

Cool idea, and those graphics sure do look banging! It took a while before I understood how to play, and I couldn't get past the second level (maybe because of the web version I guess?) but I liked the idea of making a RTS game 20 seconds long.

It's a nice concept. The pixel art, while it looks nice for the most part, makes it difficult to read which way the arrows are pointing, but I guess that's just a limitation of the platform, and the fact that they are different colors kinda mitigates this issue, but there's not enough time to learn which color corresponds to which direction in twenty seconds. But overall, very polished execution of a very nice idea. Good job!

Pretty simple, but it was nice. I like how you made the switch on the turntable the start button. Looks very clean, and the music is nice when you beat the game.

I think there are a couple of bugs in the game. I managed to get a score once, but after that no score was shown, and also the restart button disapeared, so I had to refresh the page to restart the game. It does look good, though, I'm sure with some instructions and some other issues ironed out it could be fun.

I do like those robots. Got a couple of different endings. I like the way the paintings were used, it made the mood feel very unique.

I very much like the idea behind this game, and the fact that you included some story from which the idea came. Very interesting, I'm glad I learned something today!

Neat! Very well balanced, where I was able to figure out what was going on and just barely beat the game within 20 seconds, with a couple seconds to spare. Most things about the game are very polished, and I can tell there was a lot of effort put into the smaller details.

As a previous commenter mentioned it feels kinda off to have to aim while moving, but the current way of doing it definitely adds to the challenge.

This is the Dark Souls of romantic worm-based panda control simulators (RWBPCSs). The ending was good. The beginning was also pretty good, but the ending was also good. Although my brain was broken I could appreciate the story of discovering oneself in the youth period and finding love and passion. The part about continously dying violently is also very relatable.

Also u are very good at sing. I wish I was good at sing.

The end of the review

or is it?

Yes it its'

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The music is good. Also it feels good to play


Yeah, I like this! Very calming. Very comforting. The art is charming and the sound design is really good! Not much to complain about

Also, the snail animation rules.

I make the best Custom Drinks in town!

Okay, so some things are kinda weird (like the mouse cursor being off), but you managed to make a pretty nice, chill, vibey experience anyway.

Awesome! I love the narration and the little scene thing in the beginning. As others have mentioned it is pretty easy to cheat, but other than that the challenge level is very reasonable. The music is also very good!

Neat! Took me a while to realize you had to focus to know where to go, but once I did it was nice. I don't like the font, it was a bit hard to read, and I also don't like that the text doesn't always wrap at the correct place.

The platforming itself is pretty good. I like how heavy the gravity feels

Very simple idea, but very polished, which is exactly what a jam game should be! A bit slow for my taste and the extreme mode seems a bit too impossible for my taste, but the game does exactly what it sets out to do!

Great game! really good music, and very nice autumny art as well. I actually disagree with the others about the animation speed. While frustrating, it adds some challenge to the memory games and forces the player to actually pay attention and try to remember instead of relying on speed.

Also, it's impressive that there's a functioning leaderboard. I'm proud to be at the bottom of it (: