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You know, some things in life are just complex. However that formula is not complex, it is real.

Here are some answers for you:

Yes, ergonomics, love and/or hate, both and/or neither, the power of love and/or hate, it's a good source of healthy fats, from the soul.

Thank you for playing. 34 is a pretty good score

Fun game! Good sound effects and nice implementation of an achievement system. The difficulty was reasonable, and it took a couple of tries to beat the game. It may just be relating to my setup, but the framerate was a bit low and inconsistent for me. Still fully playable and enjoyable, though.

Okay, this is really cool! At first I just pressed random things and hoped for the best, but once I applied my brain a bit I got much better results. The ending animation makes it all worth it. One thing that I think would make the game better is if the scene played out in slow motion when you hit play. This would look cooler and it would be easier for the player to parse what the consequences of the choices are. Overall, though, excellent game. Loved it!

Just like in real life, it is quite good to get some fish. They contain a lot of protein and are a great source of healthy fats, so I would not avoid them entirely. However, fishes should not be used as a substitute for love. You need a bit of both. It's probably best to get mostly love, though. You can't eat that much fish when you're full. A good ratio is one fish per four loves (both in the game and in real life).

Thank you for playing!

Those would in fact be good improvements. Unfortunately, I am lazy and I suck at Unity. However I feel like adding a counter to show how many things you have collected would make the game too easy, which is why I will not be updating the game.

Anyway I am glad you enjoyed the game and I hope you look forward to the prequel.

Love it! It's great! Fantastic! Excellent! A fine idea, indeed. I said the F-word 47 times.

Yeah! I did a pit stop on my first try! I like the music that plays when you win! But the fail music is also very good.

Fun game! The challenges are of a reasonable difficulty. It would be nice if you could skip repeat challenges instead of having to wait for 20 seconds.

Why yes, I am in fact a nerdy, animal loving emo lover. This is an excellent personality test.

This game is great! I love the art. Everything feels really polished. I love the duck song reference. I played it like 10 times and it feels like I see a new character every time. One of the best games I've played so far

Fun idea and nice execution! I won three times in a row, so I think that means I am the master of horses and I should spend a lot of real money gambling on real horses.

I beat it on my third try. Nice experience. I like the art and music. Note that the instructions seem to be wrong. It says "Space to shoot", but I think it should be "Space to jump"

I appreciate the effort of making a story out of a button masher.

That's a great mechanic! Everything makes sense from the start, the graphics are nice and it was an enjoyable 20 seconds. I liked it!

Nice game! Looks great. It took a second to figure out how to control the game, though. It would have been nice to have some kind of instruction before the game started.

Dang! I didn't expect anyone to want to play the game more than once, so you can't restart it. I guess I'll fix it if I get around to it. Thank for play!

Ah, yes! Maybe love was the antagonist all along!

Okay, I  tried it now. The tutorials do help a bit, but the game is still really hard. I get what I'm supposed to do, but getting the boosts is really hard. I wasn't able to beat it in like 10 tries.

Nice! I'll give it a try later

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Ah, yes. That mark that I was aiming for was weird

This is a classic challenging thing that doesn't sound challenging. The execution is also great! It looks nice and the subtle changing background gradient manages to look good while not being distracting.

Nice stuff! I like the design of the aliens. It's cool to see a game made in Scratch here

Pretty simple game, but enjoyable nonetheless. I got a high score of 78.

Some explanation of how the game works or what the goal is probably would have been nice, but I managed to get a score of 179 anyway

Yeah, I can't figure out the second room either. Looks and feels decent, though.

There's something interesting with trying to maximize your enjoyment of life as well as the length of it as a concept. It's a shame I can't  manage to play the game for more than 3 seconds, though. I think the level design needs some work. Either it needs to be slower or the platforms need to be less densely packed so you don't get stuck. I probably tried 20 times and my highest enjoyment was 2020 and my highest age was 26.

Man, I can't believe this is the second game I've played this jam where the goal is to harm geriatrics. I do like the movement, though. The style, while a bit crude, is consistent and fits with the theme. I like the shaky text when you finish. Played it thrice, my high score was 14148.

I got it in 9.28! It was fun and the level is well-designed. One little issue to note is that when you complete the game it just says "Thank you for". I think you may have missed a word.

It looks cool and I'm sure it's great but I have no idea what's going on

That was kinda crazy. I didn't expect the second part, but I guess you wouldn't expect it in real life either! I like the use of emojis instead of drawing faces. Drawing faces is hard

Very simple, but polished, especially the visuals. It could be interesting to add some special kinds of bugs or something, but for a 20 second game it's sufficient

Very fun idea and great execution. The music fits like a glove and enhances the franticness of the game. The sound effects are also nice.

Ah, here's a little hint: Instead of using calculus you can just brute force the best solutions to the formula. Given that f and h will always be integers, and usually less than ~40, you can just do a brute force search to find the best amount of things to grab (not that I expect you to (I haven't done so myself (I just created a random formula (because I thought it would be fun (mostly) and also because it's a metaphor about life (probably) (I think)))).

Glad you liked the msuic. I probably spent more time on that than the game itself.

Damn, that music sure goes places. The platforming was a bit too difficult to succeed with, but it's a cool concept.

...that's one theme for a driving game I guess. While I do not condone mowing down elderly people the game looks and controls nice. It was fun to play. I got 1140 points on my first try.

I made it! It took a few tries to get past that frogger section, but once I did I was very proud of myself. It's cool to see a game made with RPG maker, which is not something you would expect in a jam like this!

This is one of the best games I have played so far! Really challenging with the bullet trajectory physics, but the task of finding the target within a limited amount of time is really fun.

Fun idea! The game looks nice too. I did not manage to beat it, but I had a good time nonetheless.

I got it after a few tries. It was fun. The sound effects make the game was funnier. I like the subtle parallax scrolling on the background.