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Stage 2 Environment Art

Search For A Star + Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019

in partnership with

Development Project

Students are asked to create and compose an original game environment scene for UE4, featuring a set of four key assets. All stylistic, narrative, thematic and aesthetic considerations are at the artist's discretion. Students will need to show evidence of their full development process, from pre-production, production and post-production, through to the final presentation.

Full project briefs will be released to registered students on 29th October 2018.

This project should demonstrate your ability as an artist to conceive, develop, create and present an innovative and creative space. The process that leads to the result is as key as the final composition itself, and the creativity and motivation of the final piece should be evident from the foundation work.  

This project is designed to emulate the aspects of a studio development process, including documenting and following a production pipeline.

Please note this jam is only open to students who have registered to take part in Search For A Star / Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019 - further details on the challenge series can be found over at Grads In Games.

For support or enquiries, please contact 
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Grads In Games & the Search For A Star challenges are run by Grads In Games / Aardvark Swift with the support of Epic Games, Sumo Digital, Boss Alien, nDreams, Red Kite Games, TT Games, d3t, Firesprite & First Touch Games.


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Sumo Digital Rising Star Submission
Arch Vis Dentist - Grads In Games
RS Submission
Search For A Star 2019 Environment Submission
A Cyberpunk UE4 environment created for Search For A Star 2019
Search for a Star 2019 Submission
A 3D game environment created for Sumo Digital's Rising Star 2019 competition
3D Environment for rising star stage 2 competition
A work in progress of an Environment inspired by God of war
Grads in Games 3D Environment submission 2019
Rising Star 2019 3D Environment Art
SFAS hygge/winter workshop
Search For a Star - Rising Star 2019 submission for the Environment Art category
My entry for Search For a Star.
Grads In Games Rising Star 2019 Entry - Futuristic Urban Sci-fi Bar Environment -
A work in progress submitted for the Search for a Star competition.
Environment for the Grads and Games Search for a Star challenge, is a Space Command Centre with view of a rocket.
RS Environment Art 2018 Anna Latchman
Search For a Star - Rising Star 2019 submission for the Environment art category