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Gone & Lost - The AtticView project page

My entry for Search For a Star.
Submitted by LaundryDay — 11 minutes, 21 seconds before the deadline
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Gone & Lost - The Attic's page


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Research & Development#64.0004.000

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  • Really cool submission well done! You've taken an attic and really brought some interest and unique ideas to this loft space in the environment you submitted.

     Only a few critiques some which you already identified; for the finer details wear and tear, dirt etc would need to be added to really push the realism but you made it clear that there wasn't time for that.The wooden planks have normal distortion (jagged lines) this is due to the normal value being set too high in your UE4 shader; this can be fixed by creating a parameter for your normal map, instancing the material and adjusting it on the fly until your happy with the result.  Follow this link for a basic setup: 

    There always many ways to do anything in Unreal Engine 4 so do look about and check out UE4 Documentation as well.  Also for the hanging cables I would create some kind of connector that joins the cables to the ceiling, since it looks as though you've made the cable and that's it; try to understand how objects interact with one another this will help you create even more believable environments. 

    In terms of research and development is a little lacking, would have been good to see more moodboards of different areas besides attics and seeing how you would develop the environment more. You have demonstrated an understanding and awareness of tone/lighting and aesthetics just need more of that same research and you'll be on your way! There could have been more documentation regarding references, like films, more photos for example and there doesn't seem to be anywhere documentation to challenges that you came across along your project, which would have helped. 

    Critiques aside I think you have a really great workflow and the steps you've taken from the initial blockout stage to figuring out scale and focusing on light in UE4 before texturing has been ideal; keep this workflow up! I like that you've really dived into UE4 shading networks as well, since this can be really scary at first. Parameters will be your best friend when creating complicated shaders especially ones with wear and tear and texture swapping. Check out the tutorial below showing a quick run through creating textures in quixel to setting them in UE4 (you can use substance designer/painter instead of Quixel) hopefully this will give you an idea of how to create textures/shaders for realistic environments quickly: 

    Overall really amazing work for the short amount of time spent on it and I like the attention to the different assets contained in your environment and how you have considered how they will function. 
  • Really nice piece of artwork with some powerful story elements. Its almost a shame the artist joined late as if they could have spent more time adding a variety of assets, the scene would have looked a lot more unique and original to the ref. Despite that, its a solid piece of artwork where the foundation has already been lit and they just need to ramp up the production of assets, polish and fuse everything together.

  • Submission Title:                  Gone and Lost

    Submission Tier:                   Search for a Star

    Assessor: Anthony O’Donnell          Lead Artist           Firesprite


    Concept design & Development:

    The chosen concept is interesting and relevant additional research was carried out. Lighting tests during the blockout phase is a good approach as it gets the mood of the environment down early.

    Technical Art:

    As there are no source files to assess it is not possible to provide a lot of specific feedback.

    The use of Material Functions and the precomputed AO mask for the dirt is a nice touch.

    The use of tessellation on the floor really drags down the overall image as it’s noisy and is not a technique I’d use on what should be almost a flat surface.

    The images don’t seem to show much variation in material definition. For example the metal shelving and cabinets look dull with nearly no metallic / specular response to the light. Some more variation of roughness and metallic values across the scene would help it a lot. This material variation is evident in the Uncharted images in the reference imagery.

    The assets with wireframes shown in the production diary have reasonable poly counts and are cleanly modelled.

    A suggestion would be to also have a material blend allowing dust to be applied to the wooden floor.

    Creative Art:

    The scene works well visually and achieves the intended goal.  Assets were placed well when dressing the scene. Many are offset from each other via the rotation of each object creating a chaotic / organic look to the environment.

     If the piece was to be worked on more adding heavier dust via materials / decals with some cobwebs to push it in a direction similar to the reference shots.

    Written Documentation:

    The document presentation is nice but it does not go into any meaningful depth regarding the project or asset creation processes.

    Final Presentation:

    The final images are well composed. The scene composition and lighting have been handled well. As there were no source files with this project it’s hard to assess the technical side of the project. In terms of the end result the final images convey a nice of atmosphere in line with what the artist set out to achieve.

  • A really nice piece with some simple but effective story telling. Some clever prioritizing and utilizing of your strengths (in this case, clearly lighting), saved you some time and really helped unify your scene. Everything feels mute and almost "sepia" , and this really helps with the old and warm vibes your piece is trying to portray. 

    Good job and good luck

  • Awesome study of an Attic with very good attention to detail and atmospherics. Really nice layout and re-use of assets which is something we're very mindful of when creating game environments.

    Would be nice to see a bit more contrast in the lighting as the fill light areas towards the camera look a bit too bright in places. Also the papers perhaps need to be lowered in brightness as it draws our eye away from the chair. Lastly the shape of the top half of the chair gets a bit lost in the scene.

    We'd recommend to perhaps create this scene in Sketchfab or Marmoset as we'd love to view this in realtime and worth remembering not all developers use Unreal.

    Great artwork, well done!

  • its a fine edition to your portfolio! 

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