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Psychological horror with a dark twist
This is a horror game developed by students from KDU University College for their Final Year Project.
The Evil Masters brought chaos, horror, destruction, pain. Fight them, if you dare.
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Rutabaga is a game about a rutabaga drinking booze and learning how to escape death
Just complete the stages very carefully where you play.
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Survival horror VR experience based on a real location
An interstellar game about consent.
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Narrative driven puzzle-horror.
Join the fantastic adventure of Elemates and accompany the journey of adventure and friendship!
Absolute Silence is an experimental album of lo-fi abstract games.
The momentary guide of lost ego
Hack your way into government favour.
Your well meaning grandmother bought you a knockoff Super Console, might as well play it.
Racing Puzzle
Play as a coal miner during the Great depression, working hard to keep yourself; and your family alive.
L'Onirarium regorge de mondes a parcourir et a comprendre.
Keyboard vs. mouse game for two players
Escape from the Area 51 disguising yourself of human objects!
A short, dark FPP horror puzzler
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A 7DRL game where you play as a spirit and possess bodies to solve puzzles.
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Afraid Of The Dark is a puzzle 2D indie game created for a brazilian game jam (TGM Brazil JAM #3)
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it be deh game. ░░░░░░░░░░░░
Your greed will consume you.
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Initen, a third-person exploration experience in which sound plays an important part!
HTC Vive Arcade God Game
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