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E-Dustry: Sandbox Adventure Tower Defense Game · By Evolvedustry

Any ideas that you want added to the game? Post It Here! Sticky

A topic by Evolvedustry created Jun 04, 2020 Views: 743 Replies: 35
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Hey everyone, any ideas in this topic with high up-votes will be implemented into the game! 

The reason for this is to become more connected to the community and implement things you guys want!


Being able to change the keybinds would be awesome.


I am already working on it. Even better, I am adding passive and active skills that sit under your experience bar and you can click on them to set key binds to the skills directly in the game. Thanks for leaving feedback as I now know that people want this feature.

How do you rotate conveyor belts? ;p Also, how long until we can change keybinds? I really prefer arrows to move.

Game looks promising so far :)


Use the scroll wheel on the mouse and I added fully customizable keybinds and UI in the update I am working on which will be out soon. 

Thanks for the nice comment!

for some reason scroll wheel doesnt do anything for me :( well, im going to wait for mentioned patch anyway :)

I'm looking forward to this feature, I need a mouse for the skill tree and for rotating structures. I hope the update is still coming, the game has a lot of potential.


Can we get some sort of hover-text or indicator for crafting materials? Tried to craft the Kiln with what looks like sand and clay but it doesn't work and I'm stuck trying to figure out what the heck the Kiln actually needs because the sprites for resouces all look so similar.

Additionally, a pop-up for when you don't have the necessary ingredients to place a building that denotes what you're missing would be very helpful as well.

In the same vein, showing how much of each thing you can craft right in the menu would be nice. For example if you have 100 leaves and sticks it would have a little "25" next to the wood in the crafting menu.


I'll be adding these suggestions to the "to-do" list for the next update and will get them into the next update. 

You need sandstone and clay to make the kiln and you can get sandstone by putting sand into the compressor.

Thanks for helping to improve the game! 


Shift clicking from chests and the main inventory would be very nice to see :)


Thanks, I'll add it to the list of things for the v2.0 update.

Awesome! Thanks for the quick reply. I wanted to ask, when do you suspect the next update might come out? looking forward to joining that discord :)


I don't even know yet as this update is so large that I can't even predict what could go wrong as it contains features I have never interacted with before like multiplayer or ECS coding architecture and it's nearly 20x larger which means longer polishing times.  I am also trying to get the update out in about a month or two but will be delayed if I don't think its polished enough.  Awesome, I would be glad for you to join.

An in-game tutorial for things when you place them (i.e the furnace) I spent a while trying to figure out how to use the furnace

(6 edits) (+1)

● buildings and barrels should drop the content they're holding when deconstructed.
● audio controls ingame doesnt seem to work, WIP perhaps?
how do you navigate the skill tree? hold the mousewheel, this should be indicated in keybindings.
● a way to identify ground tiles.
● a map, or at least a direction indicator of which direction my spawn point/bed is currently at.
● spark thrower/slinger doesn't have an indicator of what fuel it needs, found out it was coal.


Good ideas! I will add all of them in the next update.

The in-game audio should not work as this was the prototype version and it was not implemented in code, just visually. It will implemented in the next update.


● a way to take a full-base screenshot.
● gates - blocks enemies but not player.
● backpack accessory - acts like a portable chest.
● range indicator for turrets.
● insufficient resource indicator for buildings. (e.g. generator requesting coal, turrets requesting stone, etc.)
shift-leftclick to deconstruct instead of leftclick alone.
shift-click to craft a full stack at once.
shift-click on barrels or chests to withdraw the full stack at once.
shift-click on inventory to deposit full stack into chest at once.
● sickle tool that can cut tree-branches and grass, has a wide swing for multiple grass hits in one swing, effective aoe weapon as well.

  • Full-base screenshot (Added to todo list)
  • Doors, gates, pistons ,and actuated walls (Added to todo list)
  • Character backpack (Added to todo list). You can mount chests on pets in the next update that acts like a portable chest.
  • range indicator + tower stats already in the next update.
  • Circuity and logic gates already in next update. You can do very advance calculations and automation with logic in next update.
  • Ok, next update now has shift l-click for deconstruction (you can also modify this in keybinds now in next version).
  • Already have shift click stack for instant stack crafting in next version.
  • You can currently shift click barrels to grab all items for barrel in current version and shift click items in chest is in the next update.
  • Depositing and sorting functions for chests and barrels added to next update.
  • In the next update, mass collection of herbs, foliage, and aoe damage can be done using a scythe. 

Thanks for all the suggestions and making the game better!


I think itd be nice to find a way to utilize the lava, like heat power, pump it out to use as fuel, etc.


I have geothermal generators which use lava as the fuel, you can pump lava just like water, acid, oil and cerebral fluid and it is used in certain crafting recipes in the upcoming update. 

Thanks for stopping by!


Thanks man! Also I dont mean to rush or anything but any idea of when that could possibly come out? Again, I dont mean to rush so If ya dont got a timeframe on it or anything thats fine, just figured id ask


I am trying to get it out in a month or two, but might take longer if I feel like it needs more depth, features, etc. This upcoming update is ginormous as it currently around 20x larger than the current version  with new features, items, bosses, biomes, towers, dimensions, and lots of other stuff.

Mobile support


That would be awesome. I have to make sure some of the shaders transfer properly and will try to make it happen.

Thanks for the suggestion!

some kind of enemy repelent, I hate my base getting destroyed when

 i go afk


show an arrow to where the convenyor is pointed 

its really annoying putting a convenyor thinking its aimed to the right and realize that its aimed to the left


Ok, will add to the list of things to do.

I have a problem where I reach the border of the skill tree, maybe you could make the skill tree moveable


The skill tree, not the window itself, can be moved by pressing the middle mouse button and dragging.




Here’s some ideas:

  1. An item unloader because I think too many items are offscreen and it lags me

  2. Maybe something like when you press an item you don’t craft it yet you need to press a craft button, mainly because the items needed can be pressed in order to find out the ingredients to craft that item.


The new update I am working on is in a new programming structure that can handle millions of entities with no lag.

Good idea, I'll add it to the list of things to do.


I feel like we should be able to have non wood walls being placeable near lava, it doesn't make much sense when a stone wall catches on fire

an way to repair buildings faster

i mean yeah walls do repair them selves but

if i want to create an EXP farm if i leave it alone long enough the spiders will simply... yk

destroy the walls

an building/minion that repairs thingswould be good


a way to zoom in the level upg window would be good

l a v a  b o s s  w h e n ?


a way to walk on lava? some kind of  bridge perhaps