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an way to repair buildings faster

i mean yeah walls do repair them selves but

if i want to create an EXP farm if i leave it alone long enough the spiders will simply... yk

destroy the walls

an building/minion that repairs thingswould be good


a way to zoom in the level upg window would be good

l a v a  b o s s  w h e n ?

hello again!

so i just want to point out some things that annoyed me in the game so uh

lets get started i guess...

///items buildings descriptions\\\

so steel gen has this description:"uses coal as fuel produces 5kilowats/sec"

ok but the spark descprition doenst help

it says:"shoots a hurricane of sparks"

ok yea but

what does it uses as fuel?

coal? energy? logs? rock?

something similar occurs with pickaxes

YES it does say which ore it can mine BUT

how am i supposed to know how the ores looks like?

like if i want to find copper i have to go each ore and mine it(which takes a lil bit but its still preety annoying when u first play)

///convenyor problem.\\\

1.putting a fast conv is annoying as hell

i know i already say that before but rotating conveyors is preety annoying without an arrow pointing where the conv is pointing at

its even worse at 10-19FPS

also when building a conveyor(or anything that can turn in general)

could you put an text saying the controls below?

like while you are choosing to put an conveyor an text pops up at the bottom of the screen:"Scroll wheel to rotate the conveyor

Right click to cancel

Left click to build"

///1x1 block problem\\\

so this is because alloy smelter exists.

since it needs like 3items at once

1x1block only lefts you with:1spare block(to avoid clogging)

so if i want to make 3alloysmelters in the same place it would look like this:

so yea if you could pls make the smelters bigger(like 2x2 idk)

///drills and sandbox\\\

so about drills...

they are by far the worst to destroy in this game

if you try to delete the drill by right clicking the part of the drill that spins it just doenst delete.


please make a source building in sandbox that spawns like the item source block from mindustry. please

also make the option of spawn inventory items in creative mode.

so thats it!

there was more things but i forgor what those were so uh yeah

also how complete is the next update?


fi im not wrong you can move it by holding middle mouse button just hold it and it will move it


(1 edit)

so there is one problem with deleting things

like i can spam right click and it does not delte it

like its hard

i need to click away from the part that keeps spining from the drill

Last hope

i am playing the game for 2 days and I STILL DINT FIND CARBIDE 

i found a lot of diff ores an blue one ruby 2 greens one a lot of coal,iron,tin


show an arrow to where the convenyor is pointed 

its really annoying putting a convenyor thinking its aimed to the right and realize that its aimed to the left

Thanks! sry for the late reply couldnt answer in my phone :)

so i started playing the game and im really confused im triying to take 1 log  to one turret but im pressing "R" and it doenst change direction

i tried holding it to a diff direction and nothing happens

how do i turn one?

this game is just... beatiful