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Will It Work

A member registered Oct 21, 2015

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The art is good, but she’s such an idiot… I hated her and had to stop playing. So… well written?

Still not open for purchase. Looks interesting.

If we buy demo at a given medium, does that also buy the full version, or will it be listed in Itch as a separate game?

Interesting for a jam, but the jumps are super-aggressive. I wasn't able to get past the first screen.

I just saw this as I was going to request a collection. Make it a single game with a single save and I'd personally be happy to pay a bit more ($18?) .

The price isn't actually showing up, and website didn't prompt me when I clicked download.

Huh. Didn't this previously have a ‘buy on’ option? I would be willing to put in some non-subscription money.

I will pay lump sum money for a Mac edition. Thank you.

Are you going to release a version that's all of the content together?

Did the visual demo ever make it? I'd like to try to give this a chance.

Seconded. I backed the KS campaign, and got a Steam key, but I'd much rather have an (or a GOG!) key.

Does it have WASD or mouse control? One of my frustrations about RPG Maker is using the arrow keys on my laptop.