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It makes the cost of towers completely free.

Thanks for the comprehensive assessment of things that should be added or fixed. I'll make sure to implement them. 

It's taking longer than expected as coding in the architecture is quite hard as I have to relearn how to do things.  About half to 3/4  the way there depending on roadblocks that might appear as I work on certain things. The update is huge and thanks for playing! 

You can build defensive towers to defend against the monsters or you can go to the settings by pressing ESQ on the keyboard. Then, you can navigate to the gameplay tab and set the difficulty to peaceful which will prevent monsters from spawning.

I have been working on it but it won't be out for awhile.

Hold down left shift to pick up items.

Hi, you use conveyor belts and storage devices to interface with towers. For instance, place a barrel right next to the furnace and put coal or ore in it. Then, set the output towards the furnace and it should be put in there. I am working on a tutorial for a new version that should explain everything you need to know and also a way to interact with towers directly.

Yes, you should be able to open the settings mid game by pressing escape and navigating to gameplay tab. Now you can adjust the difficulty slider all the way to the left until it says peaceful.

Hi, if you set the difficulty to "Peaceful", monsters will not spawn and your base will be safe. :)

The new update I am working on is in a new programming structure that can handle millions of entities with no lag.

Good idea, I'll add it to the list of things to do.

Thanks for letting me know! 

I am glad you liked the game.

The skill tree, not the window itself, can be moved by pressing the middle mouse button and dragging.

I'll add it to the list of things to do. Thanks for playing!

Some towers have buttons on them and/or other UI that effectively blocks the right clicks.  I made tons of improvements to tower manipulation in the next update which also fixed this problem.

Carbide is in the next update which is not out yet. I am glad you played for so long!

Ok, will add to the list of things to do.

You can rotate towers by using the scroll wheel on the mouse.

Thanks for checking the game out and I will implement some of your suggestions! This is a independent developer game so production takes some time to get perfect, especially with the magnitude of the next update.

That would be awesome. I have to make sure some of the shaders transfer properly and will try to make it happen.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Yeah, it was a prototype. The new update that is around 20x bigger and is way more original with all the new content. I don't think they are a ripoff at all. I originally started this project in relation to Mindustry as I loved the game but disliked the lack of adventure and extremely large playstyle like Factorio. There is 400+ new creatures, 12 biomes, 5 dimensions, new towers, open world multiplayer with factions, + other super cool stuff in the upcoming update. I actually talked it over with a lot of other communities and they said the monsters were fine because every other game does zombies, slimes, skeletons, and wanted to add them because they are iconic to survival games. 

Yeah, the name is going to be changed from "Evolvedustry" to "Industrial Evolution" as suggested by the reddit community.

Thanks for the feedback as it is appreciated!

I am still working on the trailer as I was more concerned about making extremely polished gameplay with minimal bugs.

 Thanks for the offer.

There are going to be custom game modes for multiplayer such as COOP, 1v1, 2v2, 4v4, and 10 player battle arena + some other cool variants like Endless (single or coop survive as long as possible against never ending waves). Also a built in world builder for custom maps + c# scripting built in for even more custom worlds + mod loader for even more custom stuff.

In the current version, classes don't play a significant role, but they are extremely useful in the upcoming update as they also influence pets, towers, resources, active and passive skills, etc... Classes make it easier to expand into other biomes, underground, hell, dimensions, etc.. which are coming in next update. The classes also help with all the new 50+ bosses.

As for driving the player to explore the infinite worlds. In the upcoming version, there are 12 biomes to build into with their own resources, bosses, creatures, and need different playstyles to conquer. There are also different dimensions to explore and collect new materials from (Currently 5 in next update) which have significantly harder monsters to take down but you can get for instance, the cosmic and nebula ores. There are also different planets to explore, but this is way late game.

For progression, there is a achievement tree that has connections to the next things to do with tips to help the player get started towards completing them like farming, dimension exploring, tech, towers, magic, etc.

 I had others mention the tooltip hovering and I added it in the new upcoming version. I left out a lot of stuff in the details above as they are a surprise as some of the mechanics behind gameplay are fun to figure out.

Yeah, this next update is so unbelievably large and I can't wait for the community to see it. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the post as I like to see what needs to be added to the game! 

This was a prototype version and the new "Official" release is about 20x bigger currently with multiplayer, mod support and tons of new features including a built-in wiki for new and veteran players. I am still working on the official release update, but its coming along nicely. Also, the achievements were bugged with creating new characters and that is fixed in upcoming update.

I love it when the community helps me figure out what needs to be changed or improved because its hard to tell myself. 

Glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for stopping by!

I am trying to get it out in a month or two, but might take longer if I feel like it needs more depth, features, etc. This upcoming update is ginormous as it currently around 20x larger than the current version  with new features, items, bosses, biomes, towers, dimensions, and lots of other stuff.

I have geothermal generators which use lava as the fuel, you can pump lava just like water, acid, oil and cerebral fluid and it is used in certain crafting recipes in the upcoming update. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Ok, I'll fix it in the next update.

Are the item images flashing there and then disappearing? If so, I fixed the bug in the next update.


  • Full-base screenshot (Added to todo list)
  • Doors, gates, pistons ,and actuated walls (Added to todo list)
  • Character backpack (Added to todo list). You can mount chests on pets in the next update that acts like a portable chest.
  • range indicator + tower stats already in the next update.
  • Circuity and logic gates already in next update. You can do very advance calculations and automation with logic in next update.
  • Ok, next update now has shift l-click for deconstruction (you can also modify this in keybinds now in next version).
  • Already have shift click stack for instant stack crafting in next version.
  • You can currently shift click barrels to grab all items for barrel in current version and shift click items in chest is in the next update.
  • Depositing and sorting functions for chests and barrels added to next update.
  • In the next update, mass collection of herbs, foliage, and aoe damage can be done using a scythe. 

Thanks for all the suggestions and making the game better!

(1 edit)

Fixed the barrel problem in the upcoming update. 

Fixed the stack overflow error (Can't believe I didn't find this one myself in testing).

Fixed saving in upcoming update as I implemented a new saving algorithm that saves literally everything in the game. I originally didn't save conveyors and building in the prototyping version as it was extremely slow if there was a lot of conveyors. 

The router is trying to output to the barrel but can't because it is full, then swaps to another tower to output to but that has a delay. I will remove the delay in the next version.

Thanks for all the help as I really appreciate it!

Yeah, I never implemented a save for experience siphons in the prototype version. The next version that is coming out is way more polished as I didn't leave anything out and has way more stuff like 10 dimensions, 20 biomes, +2000 items, etc... It will be the first non-prototype release. 1.47 & 1.48 was to see if people liked the game style. 

Thanks for reporting bugs as it makes it way easier to fix them.

Thanks for the extra information.

Interesting, I'll look into it. 


Good ideas! I will add all of them in the next update.

The in-game audio should not work as this was the prototype version and it was not implemented in code, just visually. It will implemented in the next update.

I don't even know yet as this update is so large that I can't even predict what could go wrong as it contains features I have never interacted with before like multiplayer or ECS coding architecture and it's nearly 20x larger which means longer polishing times.  I am also trying to get the update out in about a month or two but will be delayed if I don't think its polished enough.  Awesome, I would be glad for you to join.

Thanks, I'll add it to the list of things for the v2.0 update.

Use the scroll wheel on the mouse and I added fully customizable keybinds and UI in the update I am working on which will be out soon. 

Thanks for the nice comment!

I made one already and I'll get it into the game in the next update. Thanks for your suggestion. 

No, it's not intentional. It sounds like a driver compatibility issue with a shader.  When it is night, the lava pools emit light, but I assume it was like this even when it was day? The flashing of color is definitely  not suppose to happen. I will see if I can come up with a solution and more details is appreciated.

Thanks for the heads up!

Yes the skill tree is procedural and I am also revamping it to have 25+ new passive/active skills and better user control/UI.

I am working on structure upgrading system for the next update and some extra building features.

I am also trying to work a map into the next version and it comes with configurable waypoints, world edit and pinging (for multiplayer).

Thanks and if you have more suggestions, feel free to add more as I can use all the improvements I can get.

Clay is a gray tile that makes a squish sound when you walk on it.

Some of the keybinds are not in the game yet.

I fixed the item bug and the fix is in the version I am working on currently.

Use middle mouse button and drag to move around in the skill tree.

Thanks for the feedback!

I am currently working on a wiki that is not public yet and I am also building a wiki into the game for the next version. For instance, you could hold the "wiki help keybind" and anything you mouse over will give you extra information about it and if you click on something with the keybind, it will give all the crafting recipes, ingredients, what drops it, where to find them, basic stats, basic animations, etc...  

This next update is very large and it's the first version that's not "alpha" as 1.47/1.48 versions were prototypes to see if people liked the concept.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the game.

I think I have a fix and the patch will be released in a couple days to test if it is fixed. Thanks again.