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E-Dustry: Sandbox Adventure Tower Defense Game · By Evolvedustry

Wiki-Page and simple question.

A topic by jExpe created Jul 23, 2020 Views: 383 Replies: 6
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I do understand that this game doesn't have many features, yet, BUT (with one 't' obviously!) this game has a great potential and needs a wiki. I would really like to see all the things which are possible to be made in this game to summed up in a wiki. With all the steps and explanations. 

Also: How to use the furnace? I made 2 Copper excavators, the copper is brought into the stone furnace via transportation belts, copper disappears in the furnace, but furnace count is still 0/100. Then after some time copper stops going into the furnace. 

What do I do wrong?

Edit: Needed coal. Got it, np ^^


I am currently working on a wiki that is not public yet and I am also building a wiki into the game for the next version. For instance, you could hold the "wiki help keybind" and anything you mouse over will give you extra information about it and if you click on something with the keybind, it will give all the crafting recipes, ingredients, what drops it, where to find them, basic stats, basic animations, etc...  

This next update is very large and it's the first version that's not "alpha" as 1.47/1.48 versions were prototypes to see if people liked the concept.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed the game.

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Oh I really like it. Although I cannot find any clay.. Nowhere..

Edit: Pushing the achievements or creature data keybinds does nothing. Also what I noticed: When your inventory is full and you pull items with shift -> The items fly behind you and as they cannot go into your inventory they push you with ridiculous speed. The more items are behind you the greater the speed. The skill-tree goes far beyond the skill-tree-screen and you cannot scroll/move in it so some tiles are not reachable.


Clay is a gray tile that makes a squish sound when you walk on it.

Some of the keybinds are not in the game yet.

I fixed the item bug and the fix is in the version I am working on currently.

Use middle mouse button and drag to move around in the skill tree.

Thanks for the feedback!


Nice. Middle mouse button works just right. Is the skill tree procedural generated? Also I wondered. Is it possible to add an option where you do not have to remove and place a better version of the structure, but just build the upgraded structure on the old version and upgrade it this way? Some clicks less, quality of life goes up. 

A map or compass would be great, too.


Yes the skill tree is procedural and I am also revamping it to have 25+ new passive/active skills and better user control/UI.

I am working on structure upgrading system for the next update and some extra building features.

I am also trying to work a map into the next version and it comes with configurable waypoints, world edit and pinging (for multiplayer).

Thanks and if you have more suggestions, feel free to add more as I can use all the improvements I can get.


can't find gravel nor dirt tile