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when u quit and reload  the eggs disappear

it's a really cool game 

i think you should add research 

more tool

and  a hint too know what will be unblock by studying a item

hi !  if you hit a move key when fence hit you u can go through harmlessly

wire take too long to be fixed

in fact if we lost one  heart we lost ? at the end i mean ?

break into someone'else house and get whatever you need bro ;(

it's like AOE , so i think it's fine without tuto  :)

also the  villagers  stucked when given group movement orders

HI ! thanks for the game bro ;)

i found a glitch wich allow to research the same tech twice : pick a tech in furnace, a second one, delete the first :  twice will be available

it's not just a bug coz the bonus were applied

when u  build the town center in the beginning, if you stuck the settler you will get 

the town and a settler   wich can't be move by the player but it can be attack by ennemies resulting in instant game over

hope it help you  and stay in the perspective of what you would like to do

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i'm not first language english ;)

hi, i play  3 time about  5 hours and i came  for  give you some suggestions

improvement :

-try to reduce lag due to car shaft  ( how about an  new after upgrade on mine and food  that transport good  right to stock)

-please add a mini map (where we can click to move on,   and différent colour for type of building)

-please add a  expensive way to blow boulder up  to clear the way

-add a  way to get more entrance for colonny so we can  cut  colonny into sub-colonny, which can help reduce lag (i think)

-add rail that can gather a same good to  a near shaft spot  on a same line (when there are the same building)

-fix the fact  a single orc can carry 60 armor/weaopon :D

-increase the king request quantity with time, but   fix the fact he ask for mythril too soon

-fix the fact a building can be upgrade into another 

-add the possibility to destroy shaft 

- add a way to send more than one troops

new thing :

-add  a commercial  interface where we can  sell or buy but at  bitter price than ambulet trader  :)

-add graphic option  for car shaft or something to reduce lag , and to change the color of the background

-add more good to produce share and to build with , like wood  

-add well  for orc to drink  water  or alcohol with vine   and  bar 

-add war specialist like : siege engine (which give a troop bonus against well defend city  (like city and capital) / scavengeur (give a bonus to plunder more food) 

-add  village/city/capitol  with an indication of the good produced there in

-add a option to choose if we want to plunder gold or food or other good

-add research building  ( increase time before orc need food/nap by 1.05 or else -  reduce time to march on human by  a number of day or a formula - increase building production - increase trader spawn rate - better deal when trading  -increase speed of orc inside the colonny - more LOS when dipping or drilling etc...)

research to unblock the gathering of new minerald (better pickaxe)

-add new building like  market places wich give bonus or allow to  trade

-add new mineral (like those in minecraft and mod)

-add  goal, achievement    

-add a advisor wich cost gold when solicited  and give advice  and  what we need to build in order to avoid  starvation, lack of facilities and so on

-add cave in which can block the way and its sapwn rate can be reduce in a  upgrade or research way

-add a tool to dip 3 cases in a row

i played months ago and  i got elevator lag , i really like this game tho