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good game 1200 highscore

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good game

good game

i unblocked master of code and all other tech  good game so far  keep going :)

good game but we need a way to heal soldier

destroy our building to cut wood expense

cool it's kinda difficult until u realize stem pack got a additionnal storage bonus

good game

good game but goals a bit repetitives

to much recursion error but good game tho

good game

defeated insane normal tower beat missile one

11*20*10/4 =550  that's why the 300 can't be 2*2

cool landscape but lack of gameplay

infinite puntos :

good game i reach season 25 :)

yeah sometimes we're able to get ressources we don't yet have storage for

best ones are :

mischivious alchemy

Celtic Music - Heart of the Forest | Peter Gundry

Dark Fantasy Music – Alchemy and Gators

Spring Festival - Original Fantasy Music

i won :)  well done game and music are so cool

good game overall

game not playable actually  coz some ressource can't be harvested

cool game i win with only 100 000 victim instead of  1 100 000

nevermind i find a way

Nova Islands community · Created a new topic poop

how can i get the poop for the tech upgrade ?

i can't save the game 

and sometimes it freeze

but despite that it's a good game bro

the drill work if all 8 cases are on minerals

thx for the hint i fast researched this upgrade and win izi

u can put several worker in one mine there you go :)

need a shortcut to repair multiple building

i won :)

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that a good game maybe give a boost at the start to make it faster like giving several drill :)

church give u infinite faith though

when u quit and reload  the eggs disappear

it's a really cool game 

i think you should add research 

more tool

and  a hint too know what will be unblock by studying a item

hi !  if you hit a move key when fence hit you u can go through harmlessly

wire take too long to be fixed

in fact if we lost one  heart we lost ? at the end i mean ?

break into someone'else house and get whatever you need bro ;(

it's like AOE , so i think it's fine without tuto  :)

also the  villagers  stucked when given group movement orders

HI ! thanks for the game bro ;)

i found a glitch wich allow to research the same tech twice : pick a tech in furnace, a second one, delete the first :  twice will be available

it's not just a bug coz the bonus were applied

when u  build the town center in the beginning, if you stuck the settler you will get 

the town and a settler   wich can't be move by the player but it can be attack by ennemies resulting in instant game over