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A member registered Feb 19, 2019

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whoah i use an auto clicker to save me hours of clicking to rank them up

got infinite money now,

guess it's the end game ?

it work but very rarely

i receive a message suggesting to build base in altitude 

do i really need to move all my stuff ?

man water is rising and my base is next to a lake feeeeels bad man

can't find iron ore is it implemented ?, i even check the sea bed :)

izi game izi life

manage to upside down motor

0x000007b error

finish the game with 800 rocks didn't know gas mask gonna end it

being able to drag card while the game is paused would be really cool 

coz at the moment it's too much apm

giving sword to militia works fine

can't find gravel nor dirt tile

hi, i really like ur game but i can't find dirt and gravel with excavator  and so can't build kiln :)

good game

too difficult to give order


good game maybe u should draw a better thumbnail to attract more player

good game  u can add a way to gain extra life by collecting extra burgers when we are full fuel like a second bar to fill

harvesting asteroid with satellite could be good

good game

good game 1200 highscore

(1 edit)

good game

good game

i unblocked master of code and all other tech  good game so far  keep going :)

good game but we need a way to heal soldier

destroy our building to cut wood expense

cool it's kinda difficult until u realize stem pack got a additionnal storage bonus

good game

to much recursion error but good game tho

good game

defeated insane normal tower beat missile one

11*20*10/4 =550  that's why the 300 can't be 2*2

cool landscape but lack of gameplay

infinite puntos :

good game i reach season 25 :)

yeah sometimes we're able to get ressources we don't yet have storage for

best ones are :

mischivious alchemy

Celtic Music - Heart of the Forest | Peter Gundry

Dark Fantasy Music – Alchemy and Gators

Spring Festival - Original Fantasy Music

i won :)  well done game and music are so cool

good game overall

game not playable actually  coz some ressource can't be harvested