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A touching story about parental love and self-sacrifice.

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Seeing the comments I guess this must be just me, but the camera is too close to the ship where I can only see the nearest surroundings. At first I thought it was intended, as the ship damage might affect the navigation, but after repairing the ship it remained the same. *

An unlockable zoom might even be a nice touch to add to the immersion, similar to Upgrade Complete where everything is upgradable.

Anyway, the game looks very promising, I found it fun even with (or due to?) the added handicap. I didn't get beyond the repairs because I couldn't find the Repair button and I was already at 20 HP.

* Edit: It turned out to be that you cannot zoom in or out without a mouse. I gave it another try and it is pretty fun even incomplete and with a few bugs (which is understandable in this early stage).

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Pretty nice short game, atmospheric and slow paced. A little interpretation is required as the story isn't thrown at the player; a well made narration, minimalistic in style.

I restarted the game right after finishing it and thought there'd be an alternate ending since most flags seemed to not have been reset, and some characters were missing while others were there but invisible. The lines of text weren't visible either, though I had to click through in order to advance. Edit: closing and opening it again fixed the issue.

One dialogue in particular also made me think of that possibility. Just to make sure, there is only one ending, right?

I'm looking forward to this feature, I need a mouse for the skill tree and for rotating structures. I hope the update is still coming, the game has a lot of potential.

Not sure if it's zoomable, you can drag it around by holding the middle mouse button (I had to connect a mouse).

1. Most graphics options while playing don't seem to change, only HDR seems to make a difference. Although some seemed to work the first time I started the game. The same happens with the sound. The slider moves but the number remains at 100.

2. The ballista and turret have their names/descriptions interchanged (I think I saw this mentioned elsewhere).

3. The rarity of all items show Unique, even the common ones.

4. When trying to manually place a single filter item for the filtered router, the item remains "floating" above the structure. If one clicks on another item, the one clicked is lost, and the hovering item disappears. If one tries to place the same item with a stack, the item is placed but the amount doesn't decrease. After taking out the filter item, the stack returns to the original amount in the beginning. A workaround I found is to configure it semi-automatically by sending items through a barrel.

5. The player sometimes can't grab an item that's too close and gets pushed by it.

6. The game starts lagging after a while, I thought it was the world size (which might be a factor) but the game returned to normal after shutting down and starting it over. Intel Core i7-3630QM CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel HD Graphics 4000.

7. Some weapons (even your hand) can damage your own structures, not sure if it's intentional but the magic ones don't.

8. This may be a feature request if not a bug. The items inside a barrel are lost if the container is destroyed.

9. This is subtle, probably hard to pinpoint, but a group of iron ores (6 extractors with one conveyor belt) were entering the furnace slowly and forming a line, as a bottleneck. I thought it was normal till it sped up after removing an adjacent copper barrel (I'm pretty sure it wasn't connected to the system).

10. Not sure if it's a bug but there were a lot of hearts in the snowy biome. Maybe they just spawned over the course of a longer playtime, since it was my first world.

11. Sinterred is typed with "rr" in the skill tree, while items have it as "sintered". The charcoal production facility is the only one that mentions charcoal instead of coal.

A cross between Terraria and Factorio, as mentioned above. Even facing such competition, this game achieves uniqueness in merging action (bosses) and automation (less grinding). While it does have a few bugs and other issues that need ironing out, it is quite playable and very fun at that, even in this alpha version.

I appreciate the non-intrusive tutorial, but the learning curve is still a little steep in the beginning. For instance, it took me a few in-game days to figure out how to make the furnace work, perhaps a little modification of its sprite would help. On the other hand, it's also extremely satisfying when you get the hang of it. I think I've seen most currently available content, I'm missing one boss and one mining structure. I look forward to the next update.

I think what motivates her to get out is to go to a better place. Unless she's out for revenge against a corrupted world, helping the spirit more than herself.

In this case, English conveys the intended meaning and maybe the Spanish version could use a little fix. "Perdiendo" where? In what?

E.g., "le muestra [] un mundo exterior que se está perdiendo [en valores, corrupción, avaricia]", "un mundo decadente".

For the other meaning, "le muestra (todo) [el] mundo exterior que se está perdiendo".

I don't mean to be dense (sorry if I come off that way), I just enjoy analyzing meanings. Since we both seem to know Spanish and understood it differently, I think we can agree that it isn't entirely clear.

I think "is being lost" should probably be "she is missing" (I believe she's the subject of "se está perdiendo").

I agree about the subject change sounding a little off. "que le muestra" might be a better choice ("that shows her").

I just finished playing both games in the series and I found them quite enjoyable. It has a few rough edges but they don't affect the experience. The following is just my subjective impression:

Positive points: atmosphere (visuals and audio), nice characters and branching narrative. Jumping right into the story without long intros/tutorials. 

Neutral points: it could use just a little more character development but I found them likable and believable as they are. This may also be out of the scope of a short novel, making less more and viceversa. The difficulty of the puzzles in this part was more even and a little easier.

The only mildly negative points are that I missed having longer endings and that I wished the interface could be more keyboard-oriented. I don't mind scrolling down and tapping with the trackpad but it becomes a bit of an issue (for lazy people like me :P) when the options take more than one screen (meaning that scrolling down to the bottom hides the top options).

Overall, an interesting read, very recommendable. Thank you for making these games and for taking the time to answer.

You're welcome! ^^ It is hard to judge your own creation. When I used to draw I often found it challenging to find even glaring flaws and was sometimes praised for things I wasn't too satisfied with. You get so familiar with it that it's difficult to think it could be different (for better or for worse).

Very nice game. I like this kind of atmospheric games. I'm not the biggest fan of visual novels but I find myself playing some from time to time. I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised.

I'd started the sequel before reading its description and realizing there was a first part :P. Maybe this is just me, but I sometimes prefer to play before reading it in order to let myself be surprised by the game itself (also with movies, etc.). Perhaps you could add a mention/link to this first part in the other one's title screen? Unless they may be played in reverse order for a different experience.

For anyone not hearing any audio (again, maybe just me :P), you have to allow autoplay in this site.

Also, I found a bug/bugs, not sure if you're aware of it or where I should be posting it. I'll try to keep it spoiler free: it involves going back to an outdoor area near the end after triggering the event there. The text reappears as if entering it for the first time and a related item gets highlighted but isn't actually usable. I tried to reproduce it on other playthroughs but I couldn't (more like speedruns by now, which might be affecting the result). Instead, now I always get stuck without choices and the last displayed text after trying to go north (west and third options loop as intended). This happens after the event and only after reentering. Reloading and continuing leaves me with the same text, no options and the initial bus background.