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E-Dustry: Sandbox Adventure Tower Defense Game · By Evolvedustry


A topic by yesbutnobutyeah created Apr 05, 2022 Views: 121 Replies: 1
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This very much is terraria, Minecraft and mindustry(or maybe any factory games because the only factory game I play is mindustry) combined which is pretty cool but there is nothing that helps the player understand the mechanics of the game or what I need to craft. tutorial on just how to interact with certain objects, a way to see what Item I'm seeing would be needed and just quality of life stuff would be nice

A cross between Terraria and Factorio, as mentioned above. Even facing such competition, this game achieves uniqueness in merging action (bosses) and automation (less grinding). While it does have a few bugs and other issues that need ironing out, it is quite playable and very fun at that, even in this alpha version.

I appreciate the non-intrusive tutorial, but the learning curve is still a little steep in the beginning. For instance, it took me a few in-game days to figure out how to make the furnace work, perhaps a little modification of its sprite would help. On the other hand, it's also extremely satisfying when you get the hang of it. I think I've seen most currently available content, I'm missing one boss and one mining structure. I look forward to the next update.