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Can't wait to see where things go! Best of luck Artur!

I do unfortunately agree that using two weapons at once is significantly better than using one weapon(Or a two handed weapon).

As to what could be the solution to this, I do not know. As for the abilities hit chance being 100% on two handed weapons, I had no idea about that mechanic, although I don't think I've ever had to worry about my abilities hitting or not before to notice them not.

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Ever got that sick awesome bonus stat weapon that you wanted to hold onto, only for it to break moments later as you stab your local fishmen for their sweet delicious flesh? Well worry no more, for this mod has your back! Introducing, absolutely no more durability in the game at all.

The game Soulash has a lot to do with Durability. This mod will actually take some fun out of the game for you potentially. I may make a mod that just increases durability instead of removing it all entirely later if requested by people.

Installation Instructions:

Download the file, open the data folder. Replace your entities.json from your folder with this one.

If it does not work, be sure to replace the file *inside* of the data folder. Don't just drag it over. Also to be sure you're using the right game version!

Be sure to save your data folder incase you want to revert back to a modless playthrough.


Well there's a bit of talk of possibly there being new races upcoming (or for people to mod them in), so here's a possible list of ideas on that:

Ghosts: Capable of going through solid objects, but actively gains less stats per level.

Ghouls: Can consume dead bodies for increased max health permanently; but has a malus health regeneration.

FloraMan: Regain health and hunger in day light, does not at all during the night (Or in caves or in buildings)

Dwarfs: More efficient miners, losing less stamina when mining/mining faster.

Kobolds: natural lock pickers, small enough to get through certain blockages (Steel bars for instance), worse starting stats.

Possibly for races to also have unique abilities (Or attributes) attached to them (Like how classes start with an ability). An example of this could be:

Vampires capable of draining blood off of sleeping targets from behind. If the vampire drains all of the targets blood whilst they're asleep (Depends on vampire hunger amount), has possiblity to kill.

Humans being able to disguise, appearing normal for a time being whilst not doing much.

Trolls are known for their regeneration and great hunger, so perhaps the capacity to use up their food to heal faster.

Orcs having a racial rage ability, perhap stacking with the Berseker rage. Makes for a good early game, but for each class as it'd be by the race itself. Perhaps only activating upon being surrounded.

Rasimi gaining unarmed damage bonus damage, cats having claws and the like.

Dark Elves being capable of blending in with the trees, giving them a hide ability when near trees.

Races could also have certain natural defences against poison, magic damage types or physical damage.

Possible race ideas to the side, at the moment people can find that hunger/water is a tedius interruption inbetween the killfest that is Soulash. I propose that foods have some form of beneficial effect. This would make certain races (Such as a vampire) taking it as a sacrifice in a way, as they would not be able to gain the buffs from eating (Such as possible stat bonuses, or permanent stat alterations) from special meals. Be it a temporarily faster stamina regeneration, extremely minor healing, or mushrooms causing the player to have drug-like symptons.

Perhaps putting together meals (Dead wisps, dead imps, flowers, etc) made of special materials could lead to powerful effects, which is something that certain races (Vampire/Lich) would not be able to take advantage of for the trade off of how they(will) function.

I'm not sure if it'd be possible, but spells that effect huge areas of the map could be an interesting feature. Unlike normal spells, such an ability would be using the world map for it's targetting. Extreme high level spells for those truly terrifying higher levels. Being once the God-King of the Dreamworld and tore the veil between realms to invade the mortal world, such would possibly be not too far-fetched.

Example possible abilities:

Impatient Dead: Reviving all corpses on a section of the map.

Divine Light: Damage all undead in an area of the map.

Great Blaze: Set everything flammable in an area of the map on fire.

Blighted Land: The dead will always respawn in this land. This does not mean they're your friends though. Turns bodies of water into swamp water,  normal grass into dirt.

Cursed Blood: Causes fumes to appear from all the blood in an area, making pools of poison water damaging anyone near/in them.

Foggy Mists: Creates fog that makes it harder for anyone to see through. Increases stealth and lowers vision radius for AI/(Player?).

Storm Clouds: Just makes it rain. Maybe strike thunder occasionally.

How it could be balanced out is depending on the ability, it could require different magical regements. Setting up a ritual area for it, with it only having a limited range depending on the spell.

Inspired by this video.

Currently the way that spells work in 0.2.6 is that spells require a person to gain the level requirement for it, and being the correct class. Could the modding support be put in that a player for instance has two routes:

Level 2 told they can be given either an Icebolt, or a firebolt.

If the player chooses Icebolt, at level 3 the option for an Iceball attack would now be eligible to appear. If they choose Firebolt, then the option for Icebolt doesn't show up anymore, but instead one for Fireball would.

I think it could make for some interesting uses, such as a description in a spell stating ;"The path of the Assassin", giving the hint that similiar abilities of it's nature would then appear for instance. A character deciding to specailise in Summoning could potentially then see more spells in that route, a warrior who focuses on stuns seeing more stuns then possibly if it was modded that way, or seeing more spells involving cleaving.

Could just be a handy thing for modding if it is possible to add at all

ie: certain abilities being able to appear once prerequisites for it (An earlier ability choice) have been met?

"Support Pillars" that would be in the world building menu section of things, that when destroyed, causes the placement of new terrain. So a person goes into a mine, breaks the pillars crushing whatever is under it (Or being crushed from such).

"Gunpowder barrels" that when set on fire, cause an explosion(Breaking nearby things perhaps).

Environment Spell additions to current spells already ingame.  Such as:

Vines creating plants.
Freezing Ray putting snow or ice inbetween the target and caster.
Fireball burning things on the way as it reaches it's target.
Peircing Arrow shot with the capacity to go *through* some objects, like trees.

Certain terrain causing different effects as well, hiding in a bush to increase one's stealth, being in the water making you slower, swamp slowing you down, "dream lands" terrain (if it existed for instance) could provide benefits for the player, or maybe hostile to their now mortal form. If there was lava, it setting a person on fire if not with the correct fire resistance gear.

There could also be gods that arn't worshipped by the "smarter" races so to speak (Goblins and the like may even have a fake god, or a demon pretending to be a god)

If that existed it'd certainly be possible via modding to do that then. Even if it wasn't in the base game, the capacity to do something like this through Mods would be a very happily seen feature :D

A feature that would be very much loved is if casting a spell on certain objects would produce different results depending upon the spell and the object.


A custom spell called: "Enchant". (Purely example) on a sword, would make a "Floating sword" ally for the player. But if "Enchant" is used on an ID that is for say a bow, longbow, or even a stone if it'd ID was there, to become a 'Floating bow'. ally for the player.

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Powerful Necromancer

Adds multiple new abilities to the Necromancer whilst making Raise dead more utility, and not a starter spell.
From 5 to now 21 Necromancer abilities!

If you don't see any new abilities, it's because it's a chance at the moment on level up.  Same with old abilities.

Hoping to add some powerful high-level abilities as well, show the world the power of Death!

If you have any suggestions, requests or feedback, please comment below. Known querks: -Raise dead can be used to get over the stamina max. This is intended -Was not made for playing any other class than Necromancer. Some abilities might spill into other classes. And a lot of classes may not even have any abilities aside from necromancer at all. It may also not be balanced, if something is too powerful (Or too weak), please say so!

Stay tuned for even more updates as well, such as powerful near permanent summons!
Raise armies of Skeletons, Ghouls,  Zombies and more!

Current version abilities:

Lvl 1
Ritual of Undeath.

Lvl 2
Raise Zombie. (Ghouls)
Acid Spit.

Lvl 3
Grow Maggot.
Vampiric Bolt.
Lvl 4
Winds of Decay.
Sense Living
Sense Dead

Lvl 5
Raise Wisp.
Raise Skeleton Warrior

Lvl 6
Storm of Decay
Skeletal Form.

Lvl 7

Bane-Fire blast. Acid, Fire.

Lvl 8
Skeleton Archer
Pillar of Darkness

Lvl 9
Poison Cloud

Lvl 10
Maniacal Laughing

Lvl 15
Grasping Hands

Lvl 25
Finger of Death

Version5 will come out when certain bugs have been fixed, for a more balanced out starting gameplay.


Simply open the folder and drag and replace your 'data' file with the data file within. Be sure to save a datafile of your default game so you can remove the mod whenever you'd like!

DownloadV8(Note may crash sometimes, not my fault)