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A topic by Aedian Glair created Feb 29, 2020 Views: 5,051 Replies: 73
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Developer (1 edit) (+2)

What are your thoughts on the game?

PS: Guys, you are amazing for leaving so many long, detailed comments! Reading them is our greatest joy, it makes us want to keep going and do even better on Mannequin Academy! Thank you so much for being awesome and sweet <3

Deleted 3 years ago

Hi Lascie! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. We absolutely love omegaverse and all the possibilities that come with this setting. We believe that it's so much more than a kink, and actually gives a lot of room for speaking out about various social issues - from an entirely different perspective!

There's a lot more coming , we are working on this project very hard. Hopefully we can deliver a content update soon:) We are considering making a demo, too. 

The MC is not always going to be a bottom is all we can say ;D!

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I love it! cant wait for the game to be complete so I can enjoy all routes to the fullest!

Love everything about it the characters the mystery and I enjoy reading omegaverse mangas  in yaoi the most so having a yaoi omegaverse vn is really great thanks a lot for your hard work!<3

Have to ask tough can we choose to be top or bottom? since you answerd someone he is not always going to be bottom I personally prefer being bottom so I am curious I mean I am going to love it either way bought it and was like dang I want to know whats going to happen  next....

Thanks for answering<3


Hi Mina, thank you so much for sweet comment, it made our day! We will release another update soon, so stay tuned for that <3 

Erotic scenes are very story driven in this game, so it wouldn't be possible to choose between topping or bottoming, BUT! We are convinced that since those scenes will be so meaningful and with really strong plot backing (rather than a 'so now we need a sexy moment, here it is'), they will be truly enjoyable and fulfilling.  But don't worry, the MC is going to be top in one scene only :)

Thank you so much for supporting the game!:3

This game is soooo good! Cant wait to uncover the mystery !  Julien, Laurent, Cami and Noah is my favs sooo far! like ,I cant wait to romance  them in their own routes.  I also like the twins but i have a  feeling that they are more then siblings and i kind of dont want to land on that boat  ;-O (hehehe) . Keep up the great work!!!


Hi Rose! Thank you sooo much for your comment <3 Great to hear that you like the characters! Whose route would you like to play first?;D

There's gonna be an update very soon, so stay tuned ^-^

If im gonna be honest i want to do Laurent first because that boi  is all mystery right now! And i have a feeling that he might  be more related to everything.  And also i am hoping that he is at least an Alpha or a Beta! ....if he is not a dead spirit  UwU  (Hoping for Julien, if im gonna cry a river in that case).


I see! Many people seem to like Julien the most, haha :) I guess it's because he's such a reliable guy!

Thanks again for playing, hopefully you'll enjoy today's update <3

So i have to say i loved all the new updates and Juliens new spirit is just...Wow...when i really thought, i could not like the guy more! Guess i was right about the twins, meheheheh  >:3.  Guess Gilbert has a good crush on us, or?  ;))))))) Just wanted to tease him soooo badly, guess i cant since hes like not a RO. ;/ Overall i cant wait for more <3


We're so happy that you like Julien's new look! He really needed it:) Julien was the character we redraw the most - total of 4 times. 

Thank you for leaving comments after updates, it makes our day to read them ^-^

The overall quality of the writing and the art (and oh my god, there's so much art! So impressed!) is absolutely stunning! And although all the characters are  extremely appealing, I think I'm most attached to Julien lol. Can't wait for the full release!  


Hi there! Thank you so much, that means a lot to us. We're actually heavily retouching some of the CGs. so their updated (and much better looking, hopefully) versions will be in the next update, along with new content. We should be able to post it  today or tomorrow;)

Julien seems to be a popular guy so far, haha:)

Hey  Aedlian,  I saw your game on lemmesoft. I'm sorry not one has commented, but truth be told Lemmesoft is sadly not as active as it used to be. I think many have flocked to discord in terms of visual novel games. Anyway, I was surprised by this game and how you are doing Omegaverse. I myself have read a good amount of Omegaverse stories, so I know a decent bit about it. One of the big put offs (for me at least) is how rape can be handled. I don't know if this story has it, but if it does, I was wondering how would it be handled? Don't get me wrong, I'm not super uptight, but the subject is wary for me. I do think the game looks great and want to try it. Having a Omegaverse story told in visual novel format is amazing to me. I know some may be put off by it, but I think it looks really good. I also did want to ask, will it come out for Mac?


Hi Starry! Thanks for leaving a comment. We should check out Discord perhaps in this case:) It's great to know that people are enjoying omegaverse as much as we do!

Could you elaborate what you mean by handling of rape? It would be easier for us to answer this way without spoiling the story. :)

We tried making MACs versions of our games, but sadly they don't work :[ So not in the nearest future I'm afraid. 

(1 edit)

Yeah, Discord would be a good place should you want activity from others. If not it's fine. And yeah, many due.  I do think you guys should make a twitter and get your game more known. But it's up to you. I would follow. 

And with rape, I mean like the main character gets rape and then either blames himself for it or forgives the semi's character easily. Basically the semi character does little to nothing to ask for forgiveness. For me, saying I'm sorry doesn't cut it. And what makes it worse is when the uke still loves him and goes back to him with ease. I do know rape is a bit of thing in Omegaverse stories.  What I'm worried about for this game is if the main character gets raped by a love interest. Not really if it's a sub character. I'm a bit more forgiving compared to some others, but that's why I'm a bit wary to play =(. 

And it's okay. I have a windows for games, but was just wondering. I'll get it when I can =)


Hi Starry! We actually do have a twitter and an instagram, but it's difficult to grow such channels from a scratch, and we're not very good at it (we'd rather make games than do marketing XD).   Our twitter is , our instagram is

Thanks for the explanation. It is true that many omegaverse stories are like: so you are an omega, I am an alpha, in the end we both have animal instinct and urges so don't blame me, we have to deal with it somehow and maybe we'll fall in love after all. 

Mannequin Academy is the opposite of that. The core of this story is that everyone is a master of their own fate, that we make our own choices - regardless of one's gender, secondary gender or social status.  That the mind would always remain superior to our urges, no matter their nature. 

This story has a slightly dark setting, but the protagonist's love interest is always a spark of light in this darkness. 

We can't say much more, but we believe that you won't be disappointed:)

Oh, I'll follow. And I know what you mean. It took me a good couple of months just to do 200. But it's possible. It's good thought to focus on the game though. I'll follow here mainly since it's most active. 

And that is true. Sadly, it's also true for non omegaverse stories. I read a lot of yaoi, and some stories have rape and handle it terrible. Some are super popular too, and play it off as sexy or a joke. I don't get why people like it honestly. And they do often get mad when others don't like it lol. But it's good your story won't have that with the love interests or if it does, it seems like you'll handle it in a different way. I've read it already and the writing is good, along with the art. Art style is super unique as well. This is always good for a visual novels lol. 

As for me, I do like dark settings, so that is fine. This will be a fun read. Thanks again and good luck with progression =)

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

I completely understand what you mean and feel similarly towards dub-con/non-con stories. In general, I always want to make sure that my characters display real emotions towards what's happening to them, no matter the situation. Similarly, I would never portrait an evil deed as something else.  (Aedian)

Sorry for the late response. I'm not on here much. But it's good you're doing that. I am excited to see the romance part of this game. With yaoi, I really love romance, though it doesn't have to be the main part. Anyway, good luck with everything =D. I'll keep up with the updates 

I loved the game! I really want to know what will happen, what are the mysteries that involve the academy. And the romantic interests are so cute !! 

Noah is very different from his first impression. (and I'm very happy about it) XD Julien is a very hardworking Beta, with brothers who are Alpha. I can't help but think how frustrated he is (impossible not to notice the certain implication he has with Noah). I am very curious to play his route! AND THE TWINS, WILL THAT BE A TRIO, IS IT REALLY? My dream come true. * - * These guys are very hot, especially Nor, I already love them. And Cami, ah poor boy, he always seems to have a melancholy aura :( Romance between omegas doesn't interest me much, but I will play his route and bring some happiness to my boy. 

One thing that left me very intrigued was the fact that Cami's ex-roommate did not contact him. It made me very suspicious about this academy. (the director has a sinister aura and the doctor is equally suspicious). Wow, there’s a lot to discover ...

English is not my native language, so some things can be confusing. : v


Hi Carlane! Thank you sooo much for your comment ^-^ 

We're really happy that you're enjoying the game so far! We're working super hard on the story, the characters, and the mystery:) Thanks to  kind comments like yours we feel even more committed and want to deliver the best project possible. 

Whose route would you like to play first?:)

What a difficult question! I'm split between Noah, Julien and Nor (and Esha, if it's really a trio) ... But I think I'm going to play Noah's first, I don't know, this guy intrigues me a little, he seems too perfect to be true.


Nice! We hope you'll love them all!<3

I saw this game some time ago, but waited till I got paycheck try it. And boooy I did not regret a single thing. I love this game so much!!!

Noah, the obvious alpha of choice, Julien, who I saw and was like "heart eyes, binch". I love him. IDK what doc said about beta-omega couple making no sense, i love him and he WILL know that. Also he needs a week long nap right freaking now.

The twins! I love them both. Esha is so friendly from the very beginning and Nor calls Aura "shortie" and casually looks after him. !!!! I love them!

And Cami. I wasn't very big fun and omega-omega pairing, but Cami and his implications about whom he's gonna ask to spend heat with have my little heart go <3<3<3.

Also prof. St. Clair. Can he be love interest too?...Pretty please. I love him and I love his son (Angelo is a literal angel!!!If anything bad happens to him I'm taking the entire academy hostage)

And I love the whole mystery/horror plot going on! Poor Sasha... I have suspicion who's he to Aura...

I don't trust headmaster and doctor even a bit. Something's shady going on with these 2, I just hope whatever prof St. Clair is very busy with later has nothing to do with it. 


Hi Jeremaya! Thank you soooo much for taking your time to leave a comment, it made us so happy<3!! 

The characters are our beloved babies, so we're always super excited when people like them and want to romance them all! Can't wait for your thoughts on the routes. Julien seems like the most popular character so far;)

It's great to see someone mention prof. St. Clair as well! He's one of the most fun characters for us. There's a whole backstory for him, too:)

hi, I was just wondering how nsfw this game is going to be? <3  

Developer (1 edit)

Hi, there will be written erotic scenes with bonus CGs. Arts in those scenes will be erotic and/or suggestive, but not explicit. 

you upload so fast, bless your souls 💜


Hugs! <3 

Hey there!
So I treated myself & got this game because I was  pretty curious about it. And I surely don't regret buying it!
I think my absolute favourite thing in this game is how you manage to show the difficulties about being an omega in such a rather unfair world and the hardships our poor Aura has to go through. I guess most of us like reading about the whole omegaverse trope but more often than not, they don't deepen the actual cultural and/or social problematic  which comes with the introduction of the secondary gender. It's usually more like: Omega meets Alpha; they bond with each other; happy end.
That's why I'm also pretty happy that we can romance not only the Alpha, but also the Beta and Omega!

I think my favourite character for now is Cami, he's just so pure and makes me want to protect him at all costs?! I love him, my sweet cinnamon boy.
Needless to say I was absolutely starstrucked when I first saw Julien, he's so pretty and beautifully drawn!
The twins also caught my attention. I'm not exactly sure what I'm feeling towards them, but it's strong (of course in a positive manner).
Last but not least Noah: He isn't exactly the most talkactive guy, but he seems to be a chill dude. I wouldn't mind drinking a beer with him.
Oh and I also like St. Clair, he's such a friendly and sweet man. And his kid is super cute too.

I really look forward to the next update!
(BTW you guys are A M A Z I N G for throwing out the updates so fast, it's really admirable)


Hi Asher! Every time we see a new comment under this project our hearts throb <3 

Thank you so, so much for your words. You have no idea how happy you made us. Aedian read your comment at least 3 times in a row! Thanks to messages like yours, we truly feel like we can do anything, no matter how long it takes and how hard it is. 

As fans of all the implications and possibilities that an omegaverse setting offers, we really wanted to make this story something more than a sexy alpha-omega romance. It's great to know that we are succeeding!

Concerning the characters, wow, thank you for appreciating them all!:D We treat them as our precious babies and think through every single thing they say or do. Their integrity and likability is what matters to us the most. We want them to be like friends you'd like to have by your side, all the while keeping their natural imperfections and giving some room for character development.

We hope that you'll keep enjoying the game, there's so much to discover :) Mannequin Academy took over our entire lives for the past 2 years, we are extremely committed to this project and think about it even while asleep, haha. 

Have a great day and please let us know what you think the next time we update!


I will start this off by giving a warning: this will be a long review, as I have so many thoughts that I do not know even where to begin. For starters, I do not usually read this sort of genre. I tend to stay away because quite a few different media depict it the same, perhaps being a formula as the previous commentator before me mentioned. The alpha and omega meet, fall in love among certain cliche tropes, and typically have a happier ending. It's stale to me, personally, where I end up expecting similar outcomes. But I was too curious to pass up this game, however, and after a while of mulling over whether I wanted to purchase it or not, I ended up doing so. And, I was not disappointed. 

I stayed up very late pouring through the game, reading Aura's tale of misfortune from a young age, his struggles with what to do with his life, and then his fortunate offer to the Mannequin Academy where he studies to better himself in a world that would take every chance to see him where all other Omegas 'belong'. In a marriage house, or some other demeaning lifestyle. The cruel, biased thoughts are not as prevalent in the academy as they are in the outside world, but there were still times where he was treated poorly due to his social standing and secondary gender (I'm looking at you, Vincent, and the blonde beta woman). I felt for Aura and the mistreatment he was given. He's human too, but people cannot see past the gender he presented with and I felt injustice from the verbal lashing he's given. 

My point is, is that this game looks deeper into the societal issues and biases of the A/B/O worldspace and I love it. I love the harshness, the cruelty, and the stigmas. It paints a bleak picture, and even can reflect on issues in our own society as well. This game delves into the problems, all the ugly things about the societal structure that raises Alphas on a pedestal and lowers Omega's to be what their base nature defines them as - 'breeders', as to refer to what was said to Aura. And while they do have their instincts, you have crafted a world - a school for these fictional characters - where that does not define them. They may struggle against themselves, and may not be able to fully push past the limitations their secondary genders instill, but there is an opportunity provided to raise above that and become something so much more. It's a wonderful take on the A/B/O genre - a breath of fresh air to read something that does not focus solely on their instincts, but instead the difficulties and successes on how they can overcome them. 

I was truly enthralled from the very beginning, and felt only heartache when I realized I'd come to the end of what is currently available. It was like putting down a good book, and I desire to read more; to submerse myself more in this world. I am in love with everything, and a sucker for the small bits and pieces of worldbuilding thrown in. Those random facts of why an Omega has to cover their neck, why they are so desirable, why doctors cover up their scent to ensure a neutral harmony - I cannot help but want more of it. I want to learn more, I want to know why x does this, or y is because of this. I want to learn of the disparities between the secondary genders and what makes them different; if their academy uniforms are specific to their aforementioned genders. Of how the world is set up, of the rules and nature and everything in between. It is fascinating, and you have done a fascinating job of cultivating a world that is unique within the genre. 

Did I mention this was a long review? My apologies. You will have to bear with me for a while longer, as I have not even dived into the other aspects of this visual novel yet. I will try to not ramble so much and keep this relatively brief. Here we go:

The art and the backgrounds - it is all simply stunning. Each character has their own unique, memorable appearances, and every background is gorgeous. The setting reminds me of the Victorian Era with its wallpapers and architecture, and everyone's attire fits very well with the time period; so formal in its design. The academy looks to be a place I would not mind living in, with its charm and its library, and its beautiful grounds. I was pleased with the art. It was simply beautiful and so lovingly crafted. I applaud the artist(s). They have done a wonderful job!

The music - I am in love with the music. When I was going through the story, I would often stop and listen to the tracks that would play; just to feel the emotion within the notes, and the rise and fall of melodies. It gave me a sense of peace, fear, and amusement depending on what was playing in a situation. Forgive me, but I do not completely remember if the scores were original works or not. If they are, my compliments to its composers. I was enthralled. If there is any chance of a released soundtrack at all, or somehow to listen to the OST, I would be thrilled. 

The characters - they are all charming, every one of them with their different personalities and quirks. The main cast is absolutely wonderful, reminding me a bit of the friend group Harry Potter had at Hogwarts (forgive the reference, but everyone seems to be able to be the type of person Aura could come to rely on and find a friend in). Side characters are just as lovely (yes, I am even including Vincent, and those two Alphas, Oscar and Raymond). They add so much to the story, whether they be an antagonist pushing Aura or a helpful professor who wants to see him succeed. I have individual thoughts on every character, but this review is already a mountain of text, so I think I'll just touch upon the main cast. 

Aura: where can I start? He is such a strong character. Even in the face of opposition, he fights to take his future into his own hands, and show the world he can be so much more. He's faltered in the face of hopeless despair but even then he always seems to find some way to try to be optimistic. I love that part of him; the ability to try to look forwards and use his wits. He has a strong personality despite the injustices he goes up against. 

Noah: a strong silent type, he seems to be an Alpha with little he cannot do. As he's described, he is a model student of his make. There is so much more I want to know about him, however. His character seems to run deeper than his aloof, isolated personality, and the scene with him and Aura in the library makes me wonder about his take on Omegas. And not only that, but why does he not have any friends? It is a factor of wanting to focus more on studies, or something else? I can only guess, and that makes me more curious about him. 

Julien: now that is a hard-working character. He is a Beta, but seems to be on a higher level with his method of work. As the Student Council President, he takes everyone, even Aura, into consideration, and comes off as the kind of guy you would want as a friend. It might just be his job, but Julien seems to truly care. He treats everyone with equality. And, even when he is busy or swamped with work, he puts aside time to help his friends with their own issues. Like Gilbert, for example, with chemistry (It was Gilbert, right? My apologies if I got it wrong).

Nor & Esha: I get the feeling Nor is something of a charmer. He seems to be a little more abrasive with his words than Esha, but that makes for a dynamic that compliments each other. As an Alpha raised with equality, he gives off the impression of a protector, extending some of that concern even onto Aura. 'Shortie' is definitely a nickname I found to be very amusing. On the other hand, there is Esha - more docile and mannered than Nor. Overall, he comes off as a graceful individual, an opposite to his twin. There is something about him that is calming, but I cannot quite find the words to describe it. The two of them are an interesting pair for certain, and I am more than curious about who they are. How does their story play out together, and, how do they develop around the academy and our main character, Aura. 

Cami: a frail Omega, sickly and ill. He has something of a sharp tongue, and I love the banter that he and Aura get into. Despite bearing his own insecurities with the limitations of his body, however, he is a character that comes off as a fighter. Even if he's faltered, he seems to try to make the best of what he can do for a situation. I fear for his heat, however. It seems to put such much strain on his body, and for his mentioning of not wanting to attend the heat rooms anymore (for maybe his mind's sake, perhaps), I worry there may be trouble brewing. 

Laurent: I am yet unsure if he is a main character, given we have seen little of him up to this point, but I am throwing him on the list anyway. He is, in short, an enigma. Something about him is off, as he certainly knows more than he lets on. There is a strange connection between him and Aura, and I cannot tell if that has anything to do with the Rose Theatre, or Sasha and Louis (bless those characters, they are having one hell of a hard time). There is so little known about him, and it is driving me up the wall with theories. Who is Laurent? Is he a student, or something else entirely? Is he related to the theatre? I suppose only time will tell. 

And, that is a wrap. You have my deepest, sincerest apologies for this incredibly large review, but there was so much on my mind, I simply had to put it down into words here. I wanted to give recognition where it was due, and to thank you for the incredible experience you have created so far. I am anxiously awaiting the next update, and to continue with this fascinating story. Aside from a few spelling errors, the game was wonderful. 

I do have one question, however, if you will humour me one last time. What frame of time can we expect for the story? I know when the game starts, it is the first semester, but I was wondering over what span of time the events would unfold. 

And with that, thank you, and have a wonderful day. 

Developer (2 edits)

Hi Mandarrin! 

Long reviews are the best, and we mean it. Nothing is as motivating for us as discovering what people think about the story, the issues discussed in it, and the characters. We read your comment a few times, it really thrilled and touched us. 

As we mentioned in a few other comments, the interesting part of omegaverse for us is how relatable it can be. Secondary genders might not exist in the world we know, but the mindset that “people do X because it’s their nature, that’s how it has to be” certainly does. We’ve always strongly believed in the power of the human mind, that no matter who we are, male, female, alpha, omega, the choices we make are ours. And just like you said - our bodies might have their limitations, but they do not define us. As omega is not defined by his heat, just like an alpha is not defined by his reactions to omega pheromones. They all have a choice of how to act in times of adversity. 

Thank you for appreciating every single detail of this story. There’s three people working on Mannequin Academy - Aedian draws the characters and does the majority of the story writing and story building, Nodus draws the backgrounds and does the RenPy scripting, Glair helps with story building and does the RenPy scripting as well. We didn’t have much experience in any of the above before starting Mannequin Academy, which is why, for example, the drawings might look different depending on the art - they’ve been redrawn and corrected SO many times for the past two years! Same goes with the writing itself, I don’t think any of us wrote more than 50k words in their lives before starting to work on this project. It’s all very new to us.

We absolutely love your interpretation of each character, and we can only hope that whatever their stories unveil will be satisfying to discover. We can promise that all of your questions will be answered, and that we will learn a lot about each character once the routes start. 

Concerning the time frame - that’ll be somewhat of a spoiler, so I think we’ll keep it a secret for now!:)

Please feel free to share your thoughts any time, we sincerely love every second of reading it. Have a wonderful day and thank you once again for taking your time to leave such a rich, detailed, wonderful comment. I think we might print it and hang it somewhere to look at! ;)

PS: About the soundtrack: the majority of our tracks are original compositions by ashesborn (known from Starfighter: Eclipse game) ordered by us exclusively for this project. The rest is composed by very talented David Fesliyan, there're some classical pieces thrown here and there as well.  We'll be sure to release all the tracks by ashesborn soon!

Thank you very much for the response! I am pleased to hear you did not mind reading through my mountain of thoughts. There was simply so much to put into words. I am, however, glad you found motivation in them. It can be a bit of an uplifting feeling a creator can experience from a reader, or a fan, or what have you. I'm honoured you'd want to hang it up on a wall as well!

The interpretation of the worldspace is very interesting, the way you've defined it as human mind over physical limitation. It truly is a fresh take on the omegaverse subject to depict it as you've done. Most of the media I've seen personally focus strongly on the Omega defined by their heat, the Alpha by their aggressive reactions or instincts, to use your own example. The Omega is depicted as this basic creature whose purpose is succumbing to their body, without much choice on the matter. The same goes for the Alpha, too. But in this take on the genre, there is that emphasis of choice, of fighting against what has been defined of the individual. It is a heartfelt issue, and as you mentioned, relatable. 

It's my pleasure to appreciate every little detail, as so much work is put into things like these. It's a story being brought to art form, an interactive novel, and takes time to code and create. I've tried my hand at creating visual novels before myself, but it's daunting, so right there you have my admiration; especially when working with a small group. It's fascinating to hear how you have broken down who works on which parts of the game, and even while you are all new to the process as you mentioned, I'm still blown away. The art, the coding, the story building - it's all wonderful. You all are doing such a great job with all these different aspects. Even if there's been redrawing, rephrasing, and rewriting, it is all part of the process as well!

I am thrilled to hear about the soundtrack as well. Ashesborn sounded familiar to me, but I hadn't realized they had worked on Starfighter: Eclipse. Their compositions were lovely in that game, and they still are now with this one. It would be quite the treat to have a chance to be able to listen to them whenever/if ever there is the opportunity. My compliments go to them and David Fesliyan. Their music creates a whole other layer of emotional depth to the project! 

As for the characters, I can't wait to see what unfolds. They are all very unique, and add such different presences to the story. I honestly have no idea where I would want to start when routes become available, but all of them draw me in, in their own way. I'm torn between them. To discover more about these characters will no doubt be satisfying! 

No worries about the spoiler as well. I'm looking forward to  how it will come together. But much as I am eager to see the continuation of this story, do take your time! You all have already done so much to bring what progress is available. The best we can do is be patient :)

the cliffhanger was just cruel hope fully it wont end up to that make someone save him please 


Hi! There's much more, just keep playing ;)~!

Deleted 4 years ago

Hi brinesweep! Thank you so much for taking your time to leave such a wonderful comment, you made our day! <3

It's great to know that you're enjoying the characters, the music, and the mystery aspect! We promise that everything ties together and will make more sense later on. 

Even St. Clair got some love, he's one of our favorites to write :) Hopefully you'll continue following the story and will be letting us know what you think! 

The last 2 updates were both heartbreaking and healing, esp in Julien's route. Like. THIS IS SOME KIND OF FUCKERY I knew i should expect from Oscar and still I didn't, even after the update what branched the game into routes. Julien though. He's my hero. 

I didn't expect to love Cami's route as much as i'm liking it now! I think he and Julien are my favorites now, with Nor being strong 3rd choice. I love how he calls Aura "shortie" and how badass he and Eisha are. 

Every update cheers me up so much, I love this game! It warms my heart and brightens my day every time I get notification new update is up and I have some more scenes to play. Thank you for all the effort you put into this game <3


Hi Jeremaya, great to see you in the comment section again :))

Julien is soooo popular, we're kind of blown away, haha! We have to make sure that the rest of the characters are just as interesting ^-~

Thank you for playing and for taking your time to write a comment, it really does help us a great deal to know that people are enjoying Mannequin Academy. Your feedback is priceless! <3

Omegaverse is a guilty pleasure of mine and to find a bl game with it is just *bless*. Looking forward to the completion of the game and to playing it :)


Hi Nyanni! Thank you so much.  If you like it, please consider supporting  and purchasing this game while it is still in development as it helps us out more than you could ever know <3 Besides, there's a loooooot of content already (like one full standard game, lol! It's a long one!) - and weekly updates! Hugs.

Just played through all the available routes and I seriously loved it. I can't wait for the game to be finished. It took me a bit to figure out how to see each route but I managed without having to look at the walk through. However, are all the gallery images able to be filled right now? Or are they just place holders for further updates? (Might have missed some scenes if so).

I only have one criticism so far, and it might just be because where the game is at in development. Most of the scenes with the two bullies have the exact same scenario until about half way through the assault. It would be nice if you could skip that chunk of the text as already seen text. 

Onto the praise!

I always like to play through visual novels with choosing the most true to myself choices first. Which generally results in me ending up with no one because I'm too nice or interested in everyone. That's exactly what happened the first time and no one came to poor Aura's rescue.

After my initial play through I chose to get Cami's route first. I'm a sucker for soft delicate characters. I was not disappointed, I loved the twist of Aura being mesmerized by another omegas scent!

Julien is such a sweetheart but not really my type, I feel like he's a crucial part to the story though and I hope he gets a break soon. I was so sad reading about him having to witness Aura's assault. It was nice to see some emotion in him though! 

I was immediately drawn to Esha and Nor and decided to save their route until later. I was so thrilled to see how much further Nor's storyline goes than the others. Talk about hot!!

I really hope to find out more about Laurent. I definitely get ghosty vibes, and am pretty sure he screams Rose Prince to me. His route was a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting it at all. 

Noah's route was about what I thought it would be, but it didn't disappoint.


Hi AlexBee! Thank you so much for playing the game and for taking your time to leave a comment, we truly appreciate it <3

First, the technical stuff:

The gallery: please don't worry about it, the gallery is a mess so far! We are working on improving it and separating all images into routes and putting them in chronological order, so that you'll be able to clearly see which CGs are blocked and which are not. 

The skipping: you can totally do that! Go into options and check 'skip unseen text', this way you'll be able to skip any portion of the game anytime you like. If it doesn't work even after checking the option, try reloading your game. This option will come in handy later as well, since there will be many common events for all the characters. 

SPOILER: Concerning the choices, I think it's something really hard to do. How can one really sum up a character with the choices you make and at the same time make it logical enough for the player? The way I tried to do it is think what the character you romance would like you to do or say.  It made sense for me that a character like Julien would dislike when Aura shows any signs of affection towards Noah, just as it made sense that Nor wouldn't care whether Aura flirts with others or not (in the first portion of the game).  Cami is a delicate one, his quiet interest in Aura might easily be overshadowed by fear that he, as an omega, stands no chance when it comes to compete against a 'model' alpha like Noah.  And Noah, well...he has his own problems to face before even thinking about Aura. So I took all of that into consideration when I decided which choices lead to which route. :)

I'm really happy that you enjoy the characters so far, and hope that you continue to do so <3 I love all of them equally, but Esha and Nor do hold a special place in my heart, they are sooo wonderful to write. Laurent, too - because he has such a huge chunk of plot behind him, and revealing it to the player will be super fun. 

I hope Noah still has an ace or two up his sleeve to surprise you, but we will see about that. 

Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, really enjoyed reading it <3

Im unsure if this has been asked yet but is there a route you consider canon?

Developer (2 edits)

We believe that all paths are equally valid :) 

There is no canon route. If we make a sequel we may have to choose which route from the original was canon, or which route we want to continue the most.

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I actually just found this game today and it definitely peaked my interest, I did realize that it may contain non con because most yaoi games/Omegaverse stuff does, so I was leery but I bought it anyway willing to take a risk. Needless to say really but I have enjoyed the game so far despite the non con which I found a bit hard to get through.  I am really interested in the story (you have me hooked I want to know what will happen next), and the characters are very likeable and interesting.  Also I am really fascinated by the art style it isn't one I have seen and it is quite eye catching.  I did Nor first because he was soo pretty lol and man his route is very steamy, I like it.  Julien, he is certainly not the type I normally go for but boy does he make you feel all mushy, like boy you are so dang sweet and kind.  Noah is well confusing, he is definitely a type I quite like and oh boy I have a feeling after what happened some serious drama is going to go down in his route. Cami is very lovable and I like him but I already know he most certainly isn't my type and won't end up being one of my favorites (he is totally the best friend I adore though.)  Laurent is the only one I have yet to do so I am going to head off and play his route, have no idea how this will go since he is super mysterious so I haven't got a sense for his personality yet.  So far though my favorites are Nor and Noah. Overall I am enjoying the game and can't wait for more.


Thank you for your kind words <3 It feels really nice to know that you not only enjoy the characters and the story, but also my art. I try to push my style in new directions with every new project and your comment gives me more confidence that what I'm doing will be appreciated :)

(1 edit)

Hi! Don't want to be rude but i noticed you haven't updated Mannequin Academy since october, did you chose to focus on your new game Diamond Mirage? 


Hi Lascie!

We will definitely update Mannequin, but it will take some time since we need to review the entire game before we continue and decide how we want to plan the development of the story.  We're sorry for the delay T.T

Aside from that, Diamond Mirage will be finished next month and a new game we're very excited for will be posted soon on our profile. 

Have a great day!


Also don't wish to be rude, because I really really loved and enjoyed what I've played of the Mannequin academy (easily one of my favourite indie VN), but as a customer it is discouraging to read about new projects being announced while all those outstanding, particularly this one, are unfinished. Doesn't make me inclined to spend any further money, despite serious temptation with Diamond Mirage, because I am unconfident any will actually be finished before further new projects are announced.

I do not begrudge parting with £15 for Mannequin academy before full release, but I do resent ever so slightly the feeling that I've paid early to support other games. Particularly when from this message it sounds as if Mannequin academy has essentially been parked since last Sept. as it awaits still this review. 

I'm sorry for being so blunt. It truly truly pains me to be or say anything other than supportive (genuinely ummed and erred over an hour at 3:am whether to even post this)


Hi Alex :) We're happy that you enjoyed Mannequin Academy. Yours and everyone else's kind support has helped us bring more content to Mannequin.

We will be finishing Diamond Mirage first, if everything goes as planned then it should be ready in March. I'm writing the second to last early access update and the art and music are ready. Hopefully when you see the game released later this month you will be able to play the whole thing :)

If you'd like to know more about Mannequin, here is the Mannequin Academy development status update that I just posted as a separate thread.

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i should probably wait until i finish the game to leave a comment, but i'll just consider this a mini-review for now and will edit later, because HOLY GOD DAMN THIS GAME IS AMAZING. omegaverse is such a creative trope that allows the author to go a million different directions depending on the story they want, and you definitely took advantage of this. it was very interesting to see a more in-depth analysis of sexism in a/b/o, and how it's a mirror to real life misogyny. to some, it may seem over the top with the discrimination, but i'm assuming the time period for this is 1800-1900s ish? so it makes sense. taking the era into account and combining it with animalistic instincts, and you're in for some really bigoted worldviews... it was infuriating to read the way that some of the characters talk about omegas, knowing that that's how some men think about women even today. but it was also refreshing to see that other alphas aren't like that. 

as much as i love a good damsel-in-distress situation, i also wish that aura is able to defend himself in the future without an alpha's help. maybe nor or esha could teach him the badass fighting skills they have? ;) that would be a good scene! and speaking of the twins... G O D. i just finished nor's route a few minutes ago, he was my second route. noah was my first, and you have no idea how difficult it was to choose who would go first between the two. i loooooove noah, but after playing with nor, he's undoubtedly my #1 favorite best boy!!! and just so sexy.... when he beat up that rapist asshole my heart was on fire <3 he 100% deserved that and i hope he pisses his pants again the next time he sees nor LOL. i was a little disappointed when i realized that esha doesn't show up in nor's route so far, though... i am a nasty person and was lowkey hoping for a threesome or something... i'm really curious about nor and esha's relationship, and why they had to move here in the first place. i'm curious about ALL the boys backgrounds!! julien is really worrying me, he seems so overworked and stressed all the time, give this boy a break ): does it have to do with the fact that he's overcompensating for being the only beta son in a family full of alphas...? and how about noah; is he a top student just because his family's reputation demands it?

another thing i'm curious about is the headmaster's connection to the theater, and what julien and st claire (sorry if that's not his name, i can't remember right now lol, but the omega teacher) are up to. the kid is so cute btw, if anything happens to him i will wage a war. i had little theories in my head about what the headmaster's deal is as i was playing but they're gone now... frustrating!! maybe i'll remember later.

and lastly, i love the little sideplot going on with the alpha and omega in the play (again, my terrible memory refuses to let me say their names D:)!! they're super sweet and i wish the best for them <3 i wonder if this really is just a sideplot or if it will have a bigger impact later on?

that's all i got for now, but wow, thank you so much for this. not only did you create a yaoi omegaverse game, an amazing achievement in itself, but you also created relationship options that aren't just alpha/omega. we love representation <3 (is it bad that i lowkey ship julien and noah...? they seem like they would totally hatefuck and it would be super hot. 10/10 would pay to watch.) OK enough degeneracy, i am here for the plot too i promise LOL. i'm super interested in learning more about the academy's dark secrets!! the headmaster recognizing aura was real suspicious... did he know his parents or something...? aura didn't go into great detail about them other than they abandoned him, so... hm. i could be totally off the mark here haha but just spitballing.

this turned out a lot longer than i expected whoops. i'm gonna go eat dinner now and then play more of this fantastic game!!!! :D 

edit: can’t believe i forgot to mention this, i am a fool. but /ugh/, all the boys are pretty or hot in one way or another, but nor really takes the god damn cake. i cannot believe i am thirsting over a drawing this hard. he has a gorgeous, pretty boy face, but he gives off such confident/top vibes... that combination is DEADLY. you’re going to put me into cardiac arrest.

Developer (2 edits)

We're happy you liked it :) The setting in MA definitely adds a layer of realism. Relating to irl, there's still a ways to go in the area of individual freedom.

I'm not sure if you've seen all of the routes yet, but there will be moments when Aura can and will stand up for himself. As for the rest, I don't want to spoil anything so I will just say that there are some surprises in store when we release more of the story ;)

Oh, so you like Nor :), no promises, but Nor route is in the works right now, so it might come sooner than some other parts. We aren't playing favourites, however it might be easier to conceptualize and finish the story if we focus on routes individually instead of in parallel, still figuring things out...




ahh yes, i have finally finished what's up so far!!! i was so relieved when aura managed to stick up for himself :) and i am in love love love with every single character; i didn't expect to like laurent as much as i do!! he's so intriguing and sly, i can't wait to see more of him! and then there's cami... ugh i can't thank you enough for including an omega/omega pair, as well as a beta/omega one. untraditional ship dynamics are my weakness. i'm SUPER excited for more of nor; i haven't been able to stop thinking about him... he's so hot and charming and ahhh... what a catch ;-; i will patiently await an update; please take care of yourselves!! <3


I just finished all routes of what's completed of the game so far and it's great! I gotta say I didn't expect to be drawn into the mystery so much, but it's just super interesting and I've already started thinking up some theories of what's going on, although it's too soon to say anything for sure. I honestly think exploring the theater and discovering more about is my favorite aspect of the game.

I also noticed Cami isn't getting much love compared to the other love interests in the game and I just wanted to say that he's my favorite so far! Omega/omega is my favorite pairing as far as A/B/O dynamics, and unfortunately I don't come across it often, so I'm really glad you included it in your game. I love that he's super sweet but has a very sarcastic/sassy side to him as well, and his romance scene was just wonderful. Aside from Cami, I'm super interested in Laurent as well. I have a feeling he's not really a student and is tied to the theater somehow, and I keep wondering what exactly is going on with his secondary gender since Aura can't tell what it is. Super interested in finding out!

Anyway, lovely game so far. I'm looking forward to future updates!


I'm glad that you enjoyed the game and that the mystery was immersive :)

We're big fans of omega/omega pairings. Cami's route will see more development in the future as will Laurent's. Thanks for your support!


I came across this game a week ago or so, and I absolutely loved the game design so I bought the bundle right away >.< I cannot wait to see the full result! Do you have already an idea to when you'll be able to update it? Also, congratulations on releasing Diamond Mirage, I think I'll buy it too! <3 


Glad you like it :)

We're actually planning a small update in a few days, so stay tuned for that 💜



I just fell in love with these game , there was a time i was really into omegaverse, I read and wrote so much story and i love the universe you create for Mannequin Academy. 

I just have to say it was hard for me to have to have access of the route of Nor, and I was not expecting nor ready for the rape end I obtain first (And I play Diamond Mirage just before playing these game another rape scene was a little bit too much for me).  I just completed what we have for Nor route and i really love it, I just can't wait to have the whole route. His character and relationship his brother, I just want to know more of their story and the side character too. I usually do not really care for the intrigue more here just for the romance but I was really intrigued with everything happening in the school. I really like the teacher Artemis and can wait to know more about his story with his son and where does the new teacher fit in it. 

These little comment it's just to thanks you for the amazing work and a my thought after just playing one route still on work. 

(PS: Sorry for my english, it's not my first language. My comprehension skill is really good but expressing myself in english it's another things). 


Hi Electre! Thank you so, so much for your sweet comment, it really made our day <3 ;;

We're super happy that you enjoyed your playthrough and that you like the characters! Mannequin Academy will soon get updated, so hopefully you'll stay tuned for that as well. We're planning to get back to working on this game full time, so there will be much more content coming. 

Once again, big thanks <3 Feel free to give us your thoughts whenever, we're always grateful for all the comments we get and use them to make the game better!

Hi, I was finally able to purchase the game and I love it! Julien is my fave so far. 

Though Omegaverse is something I'm pretty neutral towards, the art really drew me to this game. Looking forward to future updates and a full release. 


Thank you so much! 2022 is a year in which we plan to dedicate a lot of time to Mannequin Academy ❤️

Great that Julien gets some love!:))

Hi my name is Nyx and i have a couple of questions/suggestions(?). first off i just want to say i love the game, the scene between Aura and Cami was the most beautiful thing ive ever seen, but the SA scene (bad ending) was truly devastating... it would be cool if you guys could add in a bit more of an in-game warning or even like an option to disable that scene entirely so when they first get to the storage room a screen comes up saying that you got the bad ending so that ppl who are very disturbed by sexual violence dont have to worry about it.

Thanks for your time and thank you for making this game!


Hi! Thanks for playing the game, we're glad that you enjoyed it :)

The scene between Oscar and Aura is a quite realistic depiction of an assault since our goal was to show true emotions, pain and fear instead of a romanticized/sexually arousing version of it. Although the scene itself is descriptive and not explicit, we realize that it can still be upsetting.

We completely understand why it might be triggering and perhaps even too much for some players. The entire world building around Mannequin Academy is dark and realistic, and difficult/uncomfortable scenes take place from time to time. For this reason, we put a warning in the game description of's page. We will consider a place to put a general warning in the game itself, however, it would not only break the immersion if we were to make a pop up window with a skippable content, but also the player would be lost later if they didn't know what happened (because the scene with Oscar and Raymond happens in every route, and it's always slightly different. It's not only a bad ending.) This is something that we need to give more thought to.

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it!:) This story deals with a lot of upsetting themes, so in the end it might not be suitable for some players. Remember to take care of yourself first. ❤️ 

I'm not sure if you've played through all of the routes (and whether you plan to), but if not, I hope you enjoy them once you do. 

Have a great day!

hii yeah that makes a lot of sense, it was just intense for me which i probably should have anticipated. but i played Nor's route which was absolutely beautiful (that being said id love to see Cami get more of a flushed out ending to his route hes my fav). thank you so much for the response and all of your work on this game, cant wait to see where it goes from here <3 


We're happy that Nor's route didn't disappoint-We are putting a lot of work in it :) Cami's route will get a lot more fleshed out in the future (It's unfinished at the moment).


So when the last update came out I was... sort of feeling punched in the gut (sign of fantastic writing though for it to hit me so hard), so I wanted to give myself a long while to wait and go back to reread Nor's route. I had feelings on it, but I wanted to make sure it was what I really was feeling and not because I had bought the book recently, so had been enveloped in it for a while at that point. Nope. Still hit me even on a fresh read.

I am the kind of person who reads A/B/O and werewolf fiction because I love the concept of mates, and the one person meant for one person. I don't buy into poly/3-way relationships because I don't believe one person can be in love with 2 people equally. Nor and Esha's story was tragic and very beautifully written. I wasn't sure I'd be able to sympathize with their situation especially because it would negatively effect the PC. However, it was so well written that I really did feel for them.

I absolutely adore Aura, and I can't bear to see him in a situation where he spends the rest of his life making someone his number 1, and he will always be that person's number 2. Earlier in the story we see how painful he finds it when Nor essentially ignores him while talking to Esha because he feels like they are in a world all their own that he'll never be able to be a part of. Like it's actually heart wrenching for me. No matter what I don't see a way where he can ever match up with the twin thing, let alone the twin thing + the I've loved you almost my whole life thing. Like that's a mountain.

I am going to seriously hope that there are 2 endings to the Nor route. An 'I love him no matter what' ending and a 'Power bottom Omega Rockstar  I deserve more/better byyyyyeeeeeeeeeee' ending. Like just because he's an Omega he doesn't have to settle.


Thank you so much for the beautiful comment, it was such a pleasure to read!

(And the timing was perfect, I'm slowly getting back to writing another update for Mannequin and need all the inspiration and kind words I can get, haha!).

I understand your point and feel similarly towards poly relationships. To be honest, it's not 'my' thing, and in general, I think it kills the romance and potential for two characters to build something special just for themselves. In many ways, Nor and Esha's route is a challenge, but like all other characters in Mannequin Academy, I feel like it's them writing themselves, not me writing them.  

I can't spoil too much, but there will be a few different endings for all the characters. Nor and Esha will definitely get more than 2, so there's a lot to look forward to (I hope!). 

Once again, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Recently I've been feeling quite down about my writing and lacked creative drive, so it truly made my day.


There's just no way to not love this VN. The writing really is incredible. As such, it's hard not to have a strong opinion about every character in some way. I do understand what you mean about the characters telling their own story. I figured most routes would have more than one ending, as that's fairly typical for a VN, but I guess I was just expressing my heartbreak for Aura's plight, and wanting him to be empowered to make that choice when the time comes. Nor really is my favorite LI thus far, though I suspect I will also be quite fond of Noah once we get to know more about him. I really am looking forward to any future updates on this VN. It really is brilliant work, and while I think I've figured out somethings about the past mystery, I don't want to post them here. Plus even if I was right... you wouldn't confirm either way.


Thank you! It makes me really excited to slowly start unveiling some of the mysteries (there's quite a few, and I wonder if someone will guess them all!), as well as getting back to writing the other routes. Noah is making me so nervous that I actually already started rewriting his route (not the part that is in game, but the continuation that's in my notes). And I'm very happy that you like Nor - he and Esha are my favorites. I just can't get enough of them.


So I extra created me an account just for this game and I tell you it was quite troublesome to pay for it (since the payment methods here aren't my preferred ones), but in the end a friend gifted it to me and I'm so very happy for it.

So I have been playing a bit of this game today First thing I noticed for it being early access there is already A LOT of content. I played the game Red Embrace on Steam a few days ago, which was finished and much shorter than what I played today.

First I just chose what I thought were the best options which ended in a very bad ending for my Aura. I found it a bit hard to figure out how to avoid this bad ending, so I instead looked at the walkthrough. That's how I reached Nor's (and Esha's) story path. I like the both of them, however I really am kind of a jealous person xD so I found myself a little pouty throughout parts of it, but I think I can adjust to it. I felt like I was kinda going through the same emotions as Aura. Anyway ... Esha with long hair is so darn hot, can't blame Nor. They're both hot.

So I played what exists of their route and really liked it. After that I started Noah's route (yes going for the Alphas first) and it's really interesting so far, I wonder how that will continue, considering the physical and chemical changes what happened most likely will cause to Aura.

I kinda want to play the other routes, too, but it's 3am here and I'm getting tired, can't play them till after pentacost most likely.

So a few thoughts I have.

* It would be nice if there was a way to also skip dialogue, that is the same in different routes like the Storage Room scene with Oscar and Raymond, skip until actual new dialogue arrives.
* I noticed that the game is mainly written in First Person POV, which I find very immersive, but there are a few scenes written in Third Person, which kinda throws me out of that immersion.
* The artwork is absolutely beautiful.
* The writing is very good and at the same time not overly complicated, so it's easy to understand also for people who don't have English as their first language.
* I kinda wanna learn more about Gilbert (but then again I haven't played all routes yet). Will he turn out ot be a crazy stalker or is he just a guy that's a little bit odd and shy, but kind. Curious to find out.
* I have my assumptions and theories about the story :) Curious which ones will turn out to be true.
* Headmaster gives me the creeps, as does Mr. Crawford (but giving me the creeps in writing is a good thing :D)
* I love Mr. Clair and Mr. Chiaro :o I wish them all happiness in the world.
* Honestly also kinda hoping for a advanced toxic relationship storyline with Oscar ... just because I love bad endings at times and because I in the beginning without walkthrough only ever got the Oscar ending
* Cami deserves love, protect him (curious for his storyline, can't wait to have more time to play)
* and lastly, I saw that the last update was nearly a year ago. I hope you still continue working on this. I am a huge fan of Omegaverse stories and this is the only Omegaverse VN I found online and it's so good. I want to learn more about all the lovable and unlovable characters.

Thank you for making this and I wish you a wonderful day and a weekend that comes soon :)


Hi there! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment :) 

At this point in time, Mannequin Academy is so huge it's honestly twice as big as a standard Visual Novel, and it's not even finished. It was a very ambitious project, and the two of us started and continued it because we love it, but we had to slow down the updates because frankly speaking, it was making us both broke :< The starving artist stigma is so very real, and to be able to continue making games at all, we had to diversify a bit and start launching smaller, more 'popular' games that would help us buy groceries. Right now, we are both working full time jobs (we spent all of our savings to develop Mannequin up to the point it is now), so our game dev is considerably slower.

And to address some of the points that you've listed:

- There is a skip dialogue button!

-So glad you're enjoying my writing, thank you :) I think it's much better now than it was at the beginning of MA, but I'll be slowly rewriting parts of it later. Same goes with the art, this game is evolving together with my skills.

-Nor and Esha really can make a person jealous, can't they? I honestly live for this dynamics, and the uniqueness of their relationship in a game that is 'Aura's', and, in theory, his romance;D

- Speaking of POV, it might be a mistake that it switches to a 3rd person. We will need to investigate this.

-Can't really do much about the payment methods, I'm sorry:( 

Once again, thank you so much for leaving a comment and for liking our game! We're very excited <3

I've seen that you have other project that your working on, but I noticed that this game hasn't been update in a year and was wondering if it has been dropped? I've really enjoyed it so far though!!


Hi 😊

We are working on Mannequin Academy behind the scenes and the project is still in development.