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I loved the game! I really want to know what will happen, what are the mysteries that involve the academy. And the romantic interests are so cute !! 

Noah is very different from his first impression. (and I'm very happy about it) XD Julien is a very hardworking Beta, with brothers who are Alpha. I can't help but think how frustrated he is (impossible not to notice the certain implication he has with Noah). I am very curious to play his route! AND THE TWINS, WILL THAT BE A TRIO, IS IT REALLY? My dream come true. * - * These guys are very hot, especially Nor, I already love them. And Cami, ah poor boy, he always seems to have a melancholy aura :( Romance between omegas doesn't interest me much, but I will play his route and bring some happiness to my boy. 

One thing that left me very intrigued was the fact that Cami's ex-roommate did not contact him. It made me very suspicious about this academy. (the director has a sinister aura and the doctor is equally suspicious). Wow, there’s a lot to discover ...

English is not my native language, so some things can be confusing. : v

Hi Carlane! Thank you sooo much for your comment ^-^ 

We're really happy that you're enjoying the game so far! We're working super hard on the story, the characters, and the mystery:) Thanks to  kind comments like yours we feel even more committed and want to deliver the best project possible. 

Whose route would you like to play first?:)

What a difficult question! I'm split between Noah, Julien and Nor (and Esha, if it's really a trio) ... But I think I'm going to play Noah's first, I don't know, this guy intrigues me a little, he seems too perfect to be true.

Nice! We hope you'll love them all!<3