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It felt great to write something cute for once! I think they all deserve it, my precious poor babies;)

Love your comments, thank you so much <3 <3 

Hi Le! Great that you decided to play the game:) So happy that you enjoyed it! Thanks so much for your words!

Thank you for taking your time to write a kind comment - it really, really helps my motivation to continue doing what I'm doing!

It's interesting to find out that you were choosing between Noah and Cami, they're so different (but hopefully both charming in their own ways;D).  It warms my heart to read that someone likes the main characters and has a hard time choosing between them. They all mean so much to me.

Hi, no definite plans for releases on other platforms yet.

I have no idea why I read your name as Leo, probably because of the 0 following the 2! So sorry!

And thank you for the sweet comment. I hope you'll get to play Mannequin Academy soon and share your thoughts:)

Hi there! This is Aedian. Thank you so much for the awesome comment, it made my day:) 

Mannequin Academy is such an important project for me I'm excited and anxious any time anyone comments on it! I'm really glad people enjoy my writing and drawing style - both are only just developing as I've started around 2 years ago and have a lot of catching up to do.

Out of curiosity, who is your first romance pick?

Thanks again and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the way the story unfolds!:)

Hi Leo, the game is around 60-70% complete right now. We update every route so that no character is left out, they all have their fans that would be disappointed otherwise:) It's difficult to estimate when it'll finish as Aedian both writes and draws the entire story, so it's a lot of work for just one person. Thank you for purchasing it and let us know once you start playing!

I hope the romantic mood was to your liking :) I'm pretty sure it's not the last close moment with Cami, can't say how sexy it's going to be.

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Haha, more is definitely on the way, including more charming Noah :)

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What do you think is happening in the academy? We'd love to hear your theory!

I'm happy you liked the music :) I also feel it fits amazingly well with Cami's ethereal nature :)

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Your ears are spot on, we added several new tracks to the game. We're really glad that you're curious about the unfolding choices. We want each character route to feel unique and rewarding.

Prof. Crawford will reappear in the coming update, let's hope the negative impression about him doesn't prove right ;)

Thank you for another sweet comment ♡ I swear that it's everyone's responses that give us the energy to push beyond our limits...and some caffeine!

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We believe that all paths are equally valid :) 

There is no canon route. If we make a sequel we may have to choose which route from the original was canon, or which route we want to continue the most.

No problem! Have fun playing:)

Yeah, all routes will have both unique and common elements, and each will continue where it left off.

That all routes were updated with the same content :)

Hi! You need to download the game again to access each update, but you'll have all of your older saves :) 

Me too! Very soon<3

<3 <3

Not sure if that's the issue you had, but my project disappeared from search once when I deleted the game file in "edit game". And that was before I clicked "save".

Whenever I update a project I always make sure the updated file is uploaded to itch before I remove the old one. Basically I have to ensure there is a downloadable file or the game won't be listed in search.

I found your monster pack in search

Do you know how long it took before your game was listed in search?

Thank you soooo much! I'm so happy that you like him! <3

Yes, there are CGs in the beginning of the game that will be replaced with refreshed ones ^^

<3333 So glad to hear it! I loved writing Laurent in this update, he is such an interesting character. Will deliver more soon! <3

Haha, Glair told me not to spoil it so I edited the comment XD But I said you probably saw it already and I was right!

And lol!

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Aww, thank you so so much! I was afraid people would dislike his new look, but I just had to redraw him since something about his previous appearance didn't sit well with me. Now it's all better, especially the hair - I'm really digging this hairstyle.

Thanks for pointing that out, gallery is something we always forget to fix XD But now that there's more CGs and old CGs are being redrawn, the gallery is becoming more important :) 

Thanks! I like Aura the way he is, so I don't think he will. 

Sorry about the gallery, it's not a finished feature. We will try to fix it in the next update:)!

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Here's a higher resolution of this image : wink wink (imgur messed it up, but it should still be better than game screenshot)

Looooove it!! *-*

Omg<3 sooo cute! Wish I could see it:)

Thank you! So happy that you enjoyed the atmosphere of this scene, it wasn't an easy one to capture for me. Cami is such a sweet little thing, wanna squish him <3

Thanks so much! <3 <3 I enjoyed drawing this CG a lot, had it in mind for some time!

Same here, we love reading what people think about the story and the characters! It's super exciting:)

Hard to choose, they're all characters that I love for different (and similar) reasons. But if I were to pick one, just one... then it would probably be Nor!

I love them together! Writing their relationship is a lot of fun, but then again, I like them all :)

Thanks for keeping in touch!

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Thank you so much!<3 There's so much stuff to find out about Julien, but one is for certain - he really is a great guy :)

Yayy! So happy that you like it:))

Hi! It's not very likely. We did try to make a mac version, but from what we were told it did not work - and since we can't really test it without a mac, it's quite difficult. 

It will!:D We have so much stuff planned for those two ;D

Oh yes, so fun to watch Julien go 'crazy' ;) !

Thank you so much for playing, really appreciate it <3