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I'm not crying, you are! ;(

Congratulations! I look forward to the release.

Congrats! I look forward to playing.

Wow! I stumbled onto your game yesterday and was bummed it was still in dev, but now I get this notif! What great timing. I can't wait to play, and congrats! 

I cannot say enough fantastic things about Roadwarden. I played through three times to see and explore everything I wanted to, and there was still so much left to do! The replayability factor is insane. Shout out to my new family in the Creeks, Eudocia, and the Forest Speaker. 

I wish there were more games like this! 5/5.

I look forward to supporting the project! I wish you the best of success with funding.

I finally got around to playing this game, and I loved it. As many of the other commenters wrote, I would like to play a full length game with the Jester. 

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Glass Hearts is phenomenal. I finished my first run through and earned the "Where Memories Rest" ending. Xiuying has my heart. The content is very dark and heavy, but there is nothing about Glass Hearts that feels forced. The experiences Kai and the Long River crew undergo are, sadly, happening out in the real world. Nothing feels dark and gritty just for shock value but rather it's essential to moving the plot forward. My chest got a little tight when Xiuying was telling Kai about of Fai, but thankfully Xiuying stepped in...  ^_^;  I, of course, want to and will play again, but Kai and Xiuying are so perfect together. I don't think I could find a better ending...but I won't know unless I try! 10 more endings to go!

Question — Is there a route where Intern Tang is more present? He seems like a the only decent person in Long River. His interactions seem pure. Perhaps there is a parallel between Tang and Mingmei?

Really, Aedian and Glair did such amazing work with Glass Hearts. This game truly deserves a large audience and significant recognition. I'm happy to have played. Cheers!

Hey  Ertal, Congrats on your release! It's crazy that it's finally here. 5/5!

This is so exciting! I will be purchasing and playing in a couple days, and I can't wait. Congrats!

Oh my goodness, you're so kind. I'm sorry I'm a few days late, but your update worked perfectly! I can't believe you edited and uploaded a new build just for me. I feel like that might have been the nicest thing anyone has done for me?? :'-)

I hope your dad likes his new trainers, and I wish you so much happiness and success with your future projects. I just added Darling Duality to my "Games to Play" collection, and I look forward to it! I'm going to find you on Patreon, too! 

(Most...) Indie devs are so amazing, but you're certainly in the top tier. If you ever need someone to test Mac "stuff," let me know! I'm an interactive fiction writer rather than a VN developer (although that's my (unattainable) dream), so I'm not sure I really know how I can help, but I will if I can!

Thanks again, Marionette. >_>^^<_<

Awe, that is so sweet and generous of you. I know I'm over one year late to the party, but I appreciate that you're still taking the time to help make adjustments for new players. That's awesome. <3

Hi Melancholy Marionette! For some reason, none of the screen size options fit my Mac screen. About an inch on the right side of the screen is always cut off. Do you know if there is a way to adjust the screen size in game to fit the size of the device used? Thank you!

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Hey Ertal, could we have  a new progress update?

I finished my first playthrough and I'm very satisfied! I romanced Domino, of course. I can't turn down a cynical man wearing a crop top (or pizza on a bagel!).

I replayed the first Arcade Spirits right before New Challengers, and here are my takeaways. (No real spoilers).

- I LOVED seeing the original characters make guest appearances. I *geeked* when QueenBee and Hamza showed up. I also did not expect to see  our original character show up, too. The crossovers made this game very special for me.

- I really enjoyed the FoD2 mini-game!  It was great addition to New Challengers.

- All of the new characters were endearing, the art improved so much, and the voice acting was amazing! But I don't think the characters hit my heart as hard as the original crew did. I look forward to getting to know their stories better with more playthroughs.  Although I appreciated the attention given  to mental health. There is a real issue with the lack of concern for mental health in the gaming community, and it's often overlooked. Thanks for showing the spotlight!

- The ability to create your own character's appearance was a nice addition! However, having the ordinary-looking PC on screen next to the beautifully drawn NPCs was a little strange at first, but I got used to it. 

All in all, I give the game a solid 9/10.  The Arcade Spirits universe makes me very happy, and I hope that we get a third game!

Oh, that's great news! Congrats!

Just to clarify, Absolution is no longer in development? That's a real bummer for those who have been watching and anticipating being able to play the game from start to finish, especially after paying $10 for it. You might want to change the status of the game to "Development on Hold" just so other people know before they get interested. 

I wish you luck on your new project. 

Hi there. Are  books III and IV still in development? 

Hi Navypink! I hope you're doing okay. The updates stopped and I was worried about you. It's nice to see you back. :)

I know I'm very late to the party, but this game is truly unlike anything  else I've come across in my years of "gaming." I have finished 3 full playthroughs, and found a different ending each time. Mimi and Theo are just adorable. This game is so pure and refreshing. Ugh, I can't say enough good things. 

Congrats! I can't wait. 

Congratulations! I remember playing Changeling when it came out, and I can't believe Gilded Shadows is officially here! Woo!

Hi Ertal! I know you were saying that all the art, writing, etc. was finished, and the only thing left was the coding. But on Patreon you post about how you're working on writing the character routes and making CGs. Is there an updated status? 

Hi there, is TDS a kinetic visual novel, or are there many branching paths with a variety of endings determined by the player's choices?

I am so appreciative that you're taking the time to talk to and update the fans / backers. So many indie devs just disappear without a word or abandon their projects due to release setbacks, so thank you for being open and honest! Looking forward to the game.

Hi, I encountered an error that crashed the game. Would you like me to post the text back? 

I've been following the development of CoT:TR for several months, and I'm so happy to finally purchase and play! Congrats!

I've been following all the updates on your Tumblr, but I love the updates. I just finished playing through Changeling (for the nth time), so I can't wait to delve into Gilded Shadows. You have my endless support!

Congrats! I can't wait to play and support.

Thank you for the response! I've added this to my library. Good luck with development! You have my support.

As a supporter for a year and a half, I continue to appreciate your communication!

Awe, I was hoping for Charlotte! But all the routes will be great, so I can't complain! 

Wow! I am really impressed. I loved it and can't wait for more.

How much control does the player have over the story? I know it says (mostly) linear, but there are multiple endings. Thank you!

Is this game still in development? 

Hi Nova-box! I saw that End of Lines was released, but itch won't let me purchase the game. It just shows me an error screen. Is this a glitch on my end?

I know it will be some time, but I can't wait for Charlotte's route! Happy New Year!

I've been paying attention to the development of The Thorns of War, but I hadn't even played The Rose yet! I finished all the romance paths and earned all the CGs, and I must say, Lady Charlotte was by far my favorite. I love historical fiction, and VN fit the genre well! I loved the use of dated language. I really enjoyed this!


I've always loved Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures' (as opposed to Disney's), and 'Who is the Red Queen?' had Carroll vibes, for sure. I really loved playing, though I'm a sucker for any Alice themed absurdity. I completed all 3 endings and dead-ends, and my heart belongs with the White Queen. I wish there was more relationship with Cheshire, as the Cat was always my favorite of Carroll's characters. Nonetheless, 5/5, fun, short, and beautifully made!