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Beautiful! Art and music are wonderful. I was drooling in the scenarios, they are very good!
I liked the protagonist, very authentic. And as for love options ... Aldrias is cute, although I don't like shy people very much. Lyrissa seems to be someone positive, I like her. What about Kierdan ... well, what can I say if I love the tough ones? XD
Looking forward to more!

I was looking forward to the release of the demo and I was not disappointed! It is wonderful. I was in doubt which character was my favorite before playing, but now I know. It's the protagonist! I've already fallen in love with Rave, he's an authentic person, which I love. I also loved the three initial love interests, so much so that I was in doubt which way I'm going to play first. As for the other two, I need more information first. 

Sceneries and songs complement each other very well, I liked both. 

I look forward to it! Congratulations for the beautiful demo.

That happened to me too.

Trank you! :3 

First, your game is beautiful. In all aspects. Characters, scenery, history, music ... I loved it.

To be perfect I just need to get the happy ending, which unfortunately I can not get XD

Please help me, what options should I choose in the last ritual?

How can I get the costumes with the bear in the hotel? So far only appeared the option to buy the condoms.

i see, thanks. ;)

Do I need to do something specific to get Hikaru's phone number? I'm in March and nothing yet.

This game has such a unique proposal! The Demo made me excited, I look forward to the full release of the game.

Hello, do you plan to launch on another platform or just on Itchio? 

I want to buy, but my country is a different currency and I do not have an international card.

About a doubt that I have ... does it have an ending for the Aurelius and for the Nazir? I'm just getting Serin's.

I liked the game very much, from the first minutes it already made me excited. I also liked the gameplay, it is very dynamic and the difficulty is normal (I really enjoyed the missions that appear on the map).