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A treasure found!

The game has a very authentic and unique style, and I loved it. The art, the music (it's just wonderful!), the game menu ... Ah, everything is so neat <3

The full game will probably still take a long time to be released, but I will look forward to it <3

Note: there are some parts where the image of the scenery does not appear. Only "BARRACKS_DAY" appears.

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Hello, I would like to know if you intend to release the game later this year? The game is wonderful, I look forward to playing <3

I was thinking that Mannequin Academy was actually a refined "marriage house", where in the end the omegas are sold or something.

I got that impression since the conversation with Cami about his ex roommate. 

~Well, we'll see XD

How did you manage to make this game bring that feeling of nostalgia and peace?

I did not expect that I would like a visual novel so much that it only showed the protagonist's routine. But I loved it. Perhaps due to the fact that I really managed to feel like the protagonist himself.
It's so cute to see her relationship (in my case) and Cove's progressing the way you choose.
I don't like self-insert protagonists. I'm not necessarily a fan of beaches. And I usually get bored with everything from the "slice of life" genre.
But this is one of the games that I'm most looking forward to playing.

Congratulations, it's a beautiful game!

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And we return to the common route and its mysteries!

This school is looking more and more suspicious. I already have some theories XD

Noah and Nor are so protective. Love it <3

***I loved the music on Cami's route, it's perfect.

I look forward to the rest.
Great update!

Hello, wanted to know the minimum requirements for the pc to run the game? I downloaded it, but it always crashes as soon as I click the "new game" button.

I suppose you don't have plans to make a more "light" version or an android version, do you?

Hello, I would like to report some errors that are occurring in the final scene of Cillian's route.

See below:

image 'cillian_temple_evening' not found.
missing: tokyo default smile1 (and all other variations)
missing: tsuneka default rbf (and all other variations)
image 'cg_cil2' not found.
image 'cg_cil1' not found.
image 'cg_cil0' not found.
image 'cg_cil4' not found.
image 'cg_cil6' not found.
image 'spring_castle_terrace_evening' not found.
image 'coda "not found

I just want to see Julien let go of his wild side XD

It was wonderful, I look forward to the continuation <3

Thank you for the update! 

Okay, now I got tense! I didn't expect it to reach that point. THIS.ROUTE.WILL.BE.WILD.

Great update!

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That episode was sooooo good! I'm heartbroken, but happy.

It was especially intense and, oh God, I cried with June and Damon, they are especially wonderful in this episode <3

Good work,  guys! 

My heart is broken :(

But I can respect Noah for keeping his composure so well. Probably his route is going to be about how his whole life has already been defined for him. It's sad, I wonder how they'll get over it.


I always get tense with these updates XD

Great update! <3 \o/

This update was hot, HOLISHIT! 

Nor is so considerate and tender with Aura! They are so cuuute together!! I can't! So much sweetness <3 

The narration of the scene was beautiful. Romantic, yet realistic.


Great update! Can't wait for the rest.

Julien, just take Aura and run, my son! This route is making me nervous, Oscar is more disgusting than ever : v Larent's route also makes me anxious.

Just make these children happy.

Great update (and so fast)

Thank you! ; D

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :'C




Okay, I'm fine now. 

This is getting very exciting! Nor and Noah deal with the situation in different ways, but they were both very cute. I can't wait to know what's going to happen.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I look forward to the continuations of Julien, Laurent and Cami as well.

Well done, guys!

It is always a pleasure to see good game projects completed!
I have always been afraid to play visual novels with this status enhancement system. Because, well, usually when there is this kind of gameplay the story is weak.
It is a good thing that this is not the case with Royal Alchemist. With it I was able to enjoy a fun gameplay system, while following a very well made plot. I fell in love with Aurelius, Serin, Nazir and, of course, Alexis.
The game was fantastic!

Suggestion: it would be useful to include a space to "keep memories", that is, the romantic scenes with the characters. This would avoid having to replay the game just to review a scene.

I just finished Laurent's and was surprised. I want to know how it will get out of this XD

I love the way the scenes were narrated. You feel the protagonist's anguish. I had to pause a few times because I was afraid of a bad ending.

Good job, guys!

"If you ever get close to my brother...

Me: Oh no. Baby Esha will be in danger on that route.

... he would kill you before i even manage to do it myself"

Me: 0.0

Well, maybe not.

I did this scene with everyone (except Laurent) and I loved every possibility. Looking forward to the rest. <3

Run, Aura! Run!
Oh my God! It stopped at a crucial moment, I hope I will be able to contain myself until the next update. XD
Good job, guys! It is getting better and better.

My heart is broken for Sasha, poor baby.
And then there's Gilbert ... I can't trust this guy. It may just be a boy in love, but something stinks.
Glad the specific routes are about to start! Can not wait.

What a difficult question! I'm split between Noah, Julien and Nor (and Esha, if it's really a trio) ... But I think I'm going to play Noah's first, I don't know, this guy intrigues me a little, he seems too perfect to be true.

I loved the game! I really want to know what will happen, what are the mysteries that involve the academy. And the romantic interests are so cute !! 

Noah is very different from his first impression. (and I'm very happy about it) XD Julien is a very hardworking Beta, with brothers who are Alpha. I can't help but think how frustrated he is (impossible not to notice the certain implication he has with Noah). I am very curious to play his route! AND THE TWINS, WILL THAT BE A TRIO, IS IT REALLY? My dream come true. * - * These guys are very hot, especially Nor, I already love them. And Cami, ah poor boy, he always seems to have a melancholy aura :( Romance between omegas doesn't interest me much, but I will play his route and bring some happiness to my boy. 

One thing that left me very intrigued was the fact that Cami's ex-roommate did not contact him. It made me very suspicious about this academy. (the director has a sinister aura and the doctor is equally suspicious). Wow, there’s a lot to discover ...

English is not my native language, so some things can be confusing. : v

I finished playing and was very excited to know the rest of the story! My dream is an omegaverse game * - * Thank you! I really liked the game!

Oh, one more thing, did you say that the first part of the game was going to be finished, that is, there will be two parts then? Will they be sold separately? I also wanted to know the percentage of the game that has been updated so far.

Good luck with the development. \o/

Beautiful! Art and music are wonderful. I was drooling in the scenarios, they are very good!
I liked the protagonist, very authentic. And as for love options ... Aldrias is cute, although I don't like shy people very much. Lyrissa seems to be someone positive, I like her. What about Kierdan ... well, what can I say if I love the tough ones? XD
Looking forward to more!

I was looking forward to the release of the demo and I was not disappointed! It is wonderful. I was in doubt which character was my favorite before playing, but now I know. It's the protagonist! I've already fallen in love with Rave, he's an authentic person, which I love. I also loved the three initial love interests, so much so that I was in doubt which way I'm going to play first. As for the other two, I need more information first. 

Sceneries and songs complement each other very well, I liked both. 

I look forward to it! Congratulations for the beautiful demo.

That happened to me too.

Trank you! :3 

First, your game is beautiful. In all aspects. Characters, scenery, history, music ... I loved it.

To be perfect I just need to get the happy ending, which unfortunately I can not get XD

Please help me, what options should I choose in the last ritual?

How can I get the costumes with the bear in the hotel? So far only appeared the option to buy the condoms.

i see, thanks. ;)

Do I need to do something specific to get Hikaru's phone number? I'm in March and nothing yet.

This game has such a unique proposal! The Demo made me excited, I look forward to the full release of the game.

Hello, do you plan to launch on another platform or just on Itchio? 

I want to buy, but my country is a different currency and I do not have an international card.

About a doubt that I have ... does it have an ending for the Aurelius and for the Nazir? I'm just getting Serin's.

I liked the game very much, from the first minutes it already made me excited. I also liked the gameplay, it is very dynamic and the difficulty is normal (I really enjoyed the missions that appear on the map).