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First I went to audition as an extra, then I think I went to Aegis Plaza (and Kyra said to come back later). Then I went to the bookstore and accepted the job, and went back to Aegis Plaza to see if it had already been unlocked (then I saw that the appointment was scheduled for noon). Then I tried to make time pass by going to the park, to the bar and finally going to Loophole (and I agreed to work there too). At the bar I still remember that I didn't have +20 funny and Kyra was disappointed. Then I went back to Aegis Plaza and Kyra kept saying it wasn't time yet. Then I revisited all the available places, but no more events appeared (Quinn just keeps repeating "time to go").

Here are some screenshots:

I'm on day 12 and time doesn't pass? I've already been to all the available places and the only thing left to do is go to Aegis Plaza at noon, but it's always morning.

I need help, I can't move forward.

Congratulations on releasing part 1 of the game! And it looks like things are looking interesting! Does part 1 have only one ending? I'm always getting the same.

AND OH MY GOD! This MC design is one of the prettiest I've ever seen. She is breathtaking!

This game is amazing! The story is intriguing and the characters very interesting. And the protagonist is so fierce, I loved it!

I'm looking forward to playing the full version! Good luck with the development!

Thanks for the update and good luck with the development!

Seems interesting! I'm looking forward to the game!

This game is amazing! I finished Aeden's route and fell in love with the character. <3

I was curious about this universe, it seems so interesting. 

Thanks for the game!

I've been waiting for this update! I already loved the interactions with Derek and Max. We haven't had a chance to interact with Alex and Jeremiah yet, but I'm sure it will be awesome too. <3 And I'm so excited to learn more about the bound person and their captor(?).

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I LOVE IT! Norelia is beautiful and Aleksander is so hot XD

Looking forward to the development of the game

I'm sooo excited for this! Let's go!

Great game! I already in love!

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Great demo! I'm curious about the characters' relationship.

I can't wait for the full game!

I love this kind of story! Great demo! I'm looking forward to chapter 2!

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Great game! Aureve is very beautiful! <3

MY BODY IS READY!! I'm so happy that I'll be able to enjoy this universe more! <3




First of all, I wanted to say that the game is wonderful. It basically has everything I like. An interesting story, strong protagonist, cute romantic interests and a lot of interesting secondary characters that improve the plot.

As for Lagi's route, I just loved their interaction. <3 Lagi is a ray of sunshine and he and Sheryl are cute together. <3 It was my first route, so it had a lot of impact on me. First, the number of deaths was a surprise. It was a real massacre! I won't lie, I was a little traumatized It would also be interesting to develop the characters' feelings after a death. (Some received only a single mention, which made it very superficial). Having said that,  I really loved Lagi,  couldn't get enough of him. <3

I liked the Hiryuu route more because it explained some things better. Like Blake's betrayal (damn Blake!). I also liked that the romance happened quickly (understandable, since they've known each other for a long time) and the complicity of the two is wonderful. But… Remi's death… oh no. I can't accept cute Remi's death, I deny it. (I think it would be interesting at least for the protagonist to have witnessed their deaths.)

Fraser's route was very painful. Kotoyo in the end broke my heart. </3 The troubled trio turned out to be more mature than I expected and I really enjoyed the interactions with the protagonist. Fraser is easily one of my favorite characters! I love chaotic characters! XD

Sin and Aito had more peaceful routes, especially Aito's. Sin was my fourth route and after having already witnessed Rosaline's death three times, I cried again. XD (I'm sensitive to deaths, ok?) AND WHAT WAS THAT ENDING? Please say it didn't end there, I need to know more!

Osamu was a nice route, although I can't see them as a couple. It was interesting to learn more about his and Sheryl's past.

About the Common Route... I thought it would all work out and there would be a "Disney" ending, but I was completely wrong. <//3 Well, I still enjoyed getting to know more about Dain, Lali and Remi. (Aiz and Rishou surprised me in the fight against Cordelia. They are truly underrated geniuses! Please give me more of the trio SherylxRishouxAiz XD)

What I missed in the end was a more complete epilogue, explaining the ending of each character. The endings were a little open, as is the example of Blake's fate or the character of Leo. I also missed a little more romance on some routes.(just a little more).

Finally... I really loved the game. I had been waiting for the release since 2018 and had high expectations. And they were fulfilled. The world, characters, music and art are all wonderful. It will be difficult to let go of this universe.

Thank you for creating this amazing game!

I'm in love. That's it.

The characters. The music. The story... I just love the "autumn" theme.

"Our Life: Beginnings & Always" is one of my favorite games, and I believe this one will be even cuter.<3

Congratulations and good luck with the development!

The game is very interesting! I look forward to reading the rest of the story! Good luck with the development. <3

I still remember the first sprites... what an evolution! They look even more beautiful with each new update, I can't wait to see Noah, Nor and Julien. <3 

WAIT WHAT?? I really didn't expect this!


What do you mean the protagonist is the leader of Sval? I have so many questions... How did she change her appearance? Why was she with the "De Chabenet"? (And she also looked sad about her parents' death...). What is she looking for?? Who is Lucius and why does he look like Emrys? Is it mere coincidence??

Waiting will be more painful than I expected, but I'll make it! XD

The game is wonderful! I really liked the new elements, like Lucius' power of divination. So helpful. <3 I'm already in love with Emrys and Darryl. Iris is also extremely cute.

I'll look forward to the full game! o/

Thank you!!

Thanks! I appreciate it.  :D

Just try to ignore the rest and focus on Lagi and Hiryuu. I believe that this will work.

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*crying* So many deaths...

One more question: I'm just getting Lagi's bad ending. Any tips? I tried different combinations of different answers, but I didn't get the good ending. It's really hard.

I get it! 

I just have one question.


Is there any way to avoid the deaths or are they permanent parts of the plot?

Hi, are you going to provide a guide?

This is a dream? I've been following the project since the beginning and I'm so looking forward to the release!

The first three routes in a month, you said?  *-* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh <3 

The demo is wonderful! I already fell in love with Arashi! <3

I also loved the protagonist, she is so firm and confident.

Good luck with the development

I haven't even played it yet, but I know it's going to be great! TAKE MY MONEY!

I confess that I missed the frequent updates, but I understand that sometimes it is necessary to stop, think and, perhaps, rethink the whole project. I believe that delay is not a problem, so just try to keep everyone informed, and we will understand each other. I really love this game! Good luck (and stay safe)!! <3 

I was expecting this! THANK YOU SO MUCH!  <3 

Thank you so much for your hard work!

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Edit: The "download" option is gone from the page.

23:48 pm for me. I should probably go to sleep :v 

It's today, isn't it? OMG, how exciting!


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A treasure found!

The game has a very authentic and unique style, and I loved it. The art, the music (it's just wonderful!), the game menu ... Ah, everything is so neat <3

The full game will probably still take a long time to be released, but I will look forward to it <3

Note: there are some parts where the image of the scenery does not appear. Only "BARRACKS_DAY" appears.

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Hello, I would like to know if you intend to release the game later this year? The game is wonderful, I look forward to playing <3