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The art is really pretty and I like the voice acting. That being said I really really dont like Oberon. Hes an unlikable character. Hes pretty but this demo just made me sure I wont romance him in the full version. Im not sure I really enjoyed any of the characters  personalities or dynamics...

Goodbye Ren

The quality of the new ones are amazing, the artist (you?) has grown alot in skill.  :) I'm sure I will grow to love them. I thought over my initial comment and apologize if it sounded criticizing. That wasn't my intention. I love your work always <3

the redesigns are beautiful and majestic but Im still a bigger fan of the classic ones. maybe because i grew accustomed to that art style for the game. 

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Really liking the game. The writing is really interesting and the concept captivating. I found a little bug, when Milo drops mc off their hair briefly disappears. It was quite funny.  Looking forward to more.

Im unsure if this has been asked yet but is there a route you consider canon?

Wow, amazing! This was one of the best otome games that Ive played this year, and I play alot. The writing was fantastic and the art was very cute. Really great work! 

wow hes breathtaking! wowowow! 

Good things are worth waiting for! Thanks for all your hard work !

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Wow! I love Auras new sprite! So cute! Excited for the next update! Are you still working on coming of mage or are you finishing mannequin academy first? 

I checked this game out because Im a huge fan of dead wishes.  I wasnt sure if Id like this one since its sort of a different genre, but Im so in love with it! Dietrich checks all my boxes. Hes soooo cute. I really love this story and Im incredibly excited for the full release! Amazing!

Vincent is so adorable <3 All of Turkeys hard work on redraws is really appreciated, he looks amazing. 

Exciting update! Im really looking forward to the full release. Cheering for you!

I really loved the demo! I cant wait to play the full game! Very interesting story, good art and intriguing characters. I realize you havent included all the sprite assets yet, but at some more serious points in the demo story the sprites having a big ole smile was disconcerting and mildy hilarious. lol 

This game was cute. I really liked it! I have to admit i prefered faceless fiance over atsuya. Its also the healthier relationship...

Has this project been abandoned? I really enjoyed this demo. its really fun, I really want more Noah..

Wow! I loved every second! Interesting unique storyline and very beautiful art. Im really looking forward to seeing more! Fantastic!

Thanks for the reply :) Looking forward to the release, so far it seems like it will be worth the wait. I enjoyed the demo quite a bit.

PS: I Love You community · Created a new topic status?

Is this game still in development or has the project been cancelled? 

I really enjoyed the demo, keep up the hard work. I love the art and your storytelling is great. Looking forward to purchasing the full version once its out :)