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I checked this game out because Im a huge fan of dead wishes.  I wasnt sure if Id like this one since its sort of a different genre, but Im so in love with it! Dietrich checks all my boxes. Hes soooo cute. I really love this story and Im incredibly excited for the full release! Amazing!

Vincent is so adorable <3 All of Turkeys hard work on redraws is really appreciated, he looks amazing. 

Exciting update! Im really looking forward to the full release. Cheering for you!

I really loved the demo! I cant wait to play the full game! Very interesting story, good art and intriguing characters. I realize you havent included all the sprite assets yet, but at some more serious points in the demo story the sprites having a big ole smile was disconcerting and mildy hilarious. lol 

This game was cute. I really liked it! I have to admit i prefered faceless fiance over atsuya. Its also the healthier relationship...

Has this project been abandoned? I really enjoyed this demo. its really fun, I really want more Noah..

Wow! I loved every second! Interesting unique storyline and very beautiful art. Im really looking forward to seeing more! Fantastic!

Thanks for the reply :) Looking forward to the release, so far it seems like it will be worth the wait. I enjoyed the demo quite a bit.

PS: I Love You community · Created a new topic status?

Is this game still in development or has the project been cancelled? 

I really enjoyed the demo, keep up the hard work. I love the art and your storytelling is great. Looking forward to purchasing the full version once its out :)