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Hi, is the game not broken anymore

Hi are you still writing Wall ?

I was playing emile's route (got 3 hearts), but the game suddenly put me on bernard's route around march  26th :(

Putting homosexual romances as a warning is kind of funny to me idk

Since the last update the game isn't working on my Linux computer (black screen)

Yay! Thanks for answering <3

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I hope it will happen one day, WOAI has so much potential. Thank you for answering :) 

...Wait, there is a .sh file so it already work on Linux xD

Hello, will you add steam keys to itch ? 

Already did, thank you for answering. 

Glad to know, thank you for answering!

Oh, thank you for clarifying that!  I misunderstood your comment and got surprised, my mistake.

So i'll probably buy your game when on sale, whatever all routes are released or not. Especially since it will be available on Linux. Good luck to you. 

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Hello, this game won't be on Linux?  PS : there is a .sh file so it actually work.

Hello, VSN won't be on Linux? 

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A paid(?) DLC for a 40 $ visual novel ? I would think all routes & content would be available for a pricy VN. Sorry if I'm too blunt. 

I misunderstood, the DLC will be free*

Hello, can you add steam keys to itch  ?

It works ! Thank you for answering so quickly :)

Hi, why do i get a "no keys available" message when i click on "get a steam key" ?

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Hi! Don't want to be rude but i noticed you haven't updated Mannequin Academy since october, did you chose to focus on your new game Diamond Mirage? 

Damn should have brought the game earlier lol 

Thanks for the answer! I have Step1+Step2 DLC but it doesn't seem like i can start getting closer to Derek. At the end of Step2 i couldn't go on date with him, so i tried asking him out as a friend but his parents were like nope ^^'

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We can't go on a date with Derek during step 2 ? Or start his side romance with the step2 DLC  ?

Our Life is awesome. The characters were all lovely, the parents so sweet and i really fell for Cove. Everything was just so full of love and healthy dynamics, it cleansed my heart.

Me too !!