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I just finished all routes of what's completed of the game so far and it's great! I gotta say I didn't expect to be drawn into the mystery so much, but it's just super interesting and I've already started thinking up some theories of what's going on, although it's too soon to say anything for sure. I honestly think exploring the theater and discovering more about is my favorite aspect of the game.

I also noticed Cami isn't getting much love compared to the other love interests in the game and I just wanted to say that he's my favorite so far! Omega/omega is my favorite pairing as far as A/B/O dynamics, and unfortunately I don't come across it often, so I'm really glad you included it in your game. I love that he's super sweet but has a very sarcastic/sassy side to him as well, and his romance scene was just wonderful. Aside from Cami, I'm super interested in Laurent as well. I have a feeling he's not really a student and is tied to the theater somehow, and I keep wondering what exactly is going on with his secondary gender since Aura can't tell what it is. Super interested in finding out!

Anyway, lovely game so far. I'm looking forward to future updates!

Great to hear that everything is going so well! Just wanted to say that I'm so excited for this game and I'm really looking forward to future updates!

I honestly can't say I ever expected to play a gay cannibal game but here I am and I have to say that the game was great. The strange concept was what attracted me to the game initially, and I was a little worried I might find the game too weird, but Lane's character was actually very laid back and sensible (so not at all like a creepy psycho I was expecting) which was a good choice. The art style fit so well with the tone and the dialogue felt very natural. The endings were a bit too similar throughout, but it was still fun to go through and find each one. I also noticed that Thomas isn't getting much love in the comments haha. Personally I found Thomas to be extremely likable (I always like the cocky types that seem to know more than they let on) and Parker I just couldn't get into, not that he was a mistake on your part, just my personal preference. So I hope the lack of Thomas-love (sorry weird phrasing) hasn't gotten to you. Great and interesting game!

You've created a really wonderful game. If your goal was to have created a game with the feel of a regency romance novel, then you have succeeded with flying colors. This was a throwback to reading Jane Austen novels and I absolutely loved it. Lord Stanton was personally my favorite and Blake was a close second. I look forward to seeing what you create in the future.