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I honestly can't say I ever expected to play a gay cannibal game but here I am and I have to say that the game was great. The strange concept was what attracted me to the game initially, and I was a little worried I might find the game too weird, but Lane's character was actually very laid back and sensible (so not at all like a creepy psycho I was expecting) which was a good choice. The art style fit so well with the tone and the dialogue felt very natural. The endings were a bit too similar throughout, but it was still fun to go through and find each one. I also noticed that Thomas isn't getting much love in the comments haha. Personally I found Thomas to be extremely likable (I always like the cocky types that seem to know more than they let on) and Parker I just couldn't get into, not that he was a mistake on your part, just my personal preference. So I hope the lack of Thomas-love (sorry weird phrasing) hasn't gotten to you. Great and interesting game!