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I just fell in love with these game , there was a time i was really into omegaverse, I read and wrote so much story and i love the universe you create for Mannequin Academy. 

I just have to say it was hard for me to have to have access of the route of Nor, and I was not expecting nor ready for the rape end I obtain first (And I play Diamond Mirage just before playing these game another rape scene was a little bit too much for me).  I just completed what we have for Nor route and i really love it, I just can't wait to have the whole route. His character and relationship his brother, I just want to know more of their story and the side character too. I usually do not really care for the intrigue more here just for the romance but I was really intrigued with everything happening in the school. I really like the teacher Artemis and can wait to know more about his story with his son and where does the new teacher fit in it. 

These little comment it's just to thanks you for the amazing work and a my thought after just playing one route still on work. 

(PS: Sorry for my english, it's not my first language. My comprehension skill is really good but expressing myself in english it's another things). 

I just finish the game, I would love a sequel. It was strangely for a horror game kinda sweet. I woul love to see the priest fall for Samael