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So I read your review and it got me thinking on a few things about the the game. 

In terms of the bugs, I myself have actually not experienced any and I’ve played twice, nearly done with my second play through. Nor have I seen any game errors. However, I haven’t done every little bit of the game and haven’t finished it yet. I know there are bugs though and likely a good number, but many have been fixed. I do agree that when putting out a game, especially when selling it, that it’s good to try to catch the bugs. However, I will say that for a game like this, it’s not easy catching every bug and it is there first game. I do think you’re being a bit too harsh in terms of this part. The game is very playable, especially now and it’s silly for one thinking that their would be no bugs in a dating sim game created by a newbie developer. It’s clear the creator is fixing them and that’s good. I’ve seen things like EA and other creators who don’t care if their are bugs or do little about them, so we should be a bit more grateful that she’s fixing them, even if it takes time. As for the patches, I’m not sure you can do them on, but don’t take my word on that. Yes, it sucks to lose progress. I think that needs to be fixed. And please understand, I do want the bugs to be fixed and prefer a game with little to no amount of bugs, but I’m understanding that this is the creators first game. A

Art- It’s funny. I’ve seen some really dislike the chibi art, others love it. Like you, I like the chibi art even during the sex scenes. And yeah, I too really like the art. I am confused why you think they are too naked? I admit, I do not understand that part. 

Voice acting-I admit, I haven’t listened to any of the voice acting. Not that it’s bad, but for some reason I prefer reading it on my own with no voices. I do the same with Camp Buddy. Good to see it’s done well. I’ll say, cause even if you turn off the voice acting you can still hear the moaning when they have sex, is done well. So yeah, maybe it time I give it shot. I just like having my own idea of what they would sound like. 

Plot-I’m at half bag with this. I cannot give a full review yet, but I’ve played enough to know what  you’re saying. You are right. This is not a plot heavy game. It’s more of fluff, with maybe slight drama depending on who you are played. But yeah, it’s not plot heavy. And I admit, like you I would’ve preferred some more scenes diving into the characters and mc and more plot. However, this game wasn’t made to be a plot heavy game. Would it have been better if it was? Honestly, it depends on the player. Many like fluffy and cute games or need a break from drama. I feel like the game did well when it game with just making a simple slice of life and funny game with romantic elements. I also find the romance okay. I did believe, for the most part, that the pair (whoever you choose) cared for each other. I did like the filler scenes as well. However, I’m gonna guess this game isn’t for you, because you seem to want a more plot heavy game. Problem is, this isn’t that, so I’m sure I can agree with you on that plot. Yeah, the story has issues and isn’t perfect, but isn’t bad and is good for someone wanting a light hearted game. I feel like you have to take that into account. 

Playability-I do agree with you on Playability. I’m playing again and not even using cheats, and the only thing I’m wanting is to do the route. Not much else to do, but I’m still not bored, so that’s a good sign. I do feel like we needed more NPC or moments focusing on other characters. Like you, I also wish the phone and computer did more. I was a bit sad about that…It would’ve been fun to text. I guess for me, I’m mixed with Playability. For me, I just want the route and don’t mind if certain things are the same, but I understand those who are upset about. However, please know their are those that like a simple dating sim. Backstage Pass, just is kind of boring to me though. And note, the more focus on stats and NPC scenes, the less focus on the guys. And this had decent focus on the guys. Honestly though, it depends on whose playing. 

So, while I agree with some of these points, some people prefer a game that focuses on the love interests. From what I’ve seen, people aren’t too disliking of the dating sim part. It’s fine is their is a single goal. I don’t think games should have to be the same either…But again, it depends on preference. 

As for customization I do agree. It wasn’t there. I’m fine not chasing much of the mc appearance, but I wish we had more furniture and clothes and having the mc actually wearing the clothes. And maybe more to do with the furniture? I do agree with this and feel like this part could’ve been very fun if done better. 

Replayability- I have a simple answer for this. Don’t use the cheat. Yeah, I’m not planning on cheating either. It will make the game worse for you. Like you’ve said, this game is not meant to be played in one long play through. I admit, I’ve taken my time and sometimes need a break. I would love Replayability though and wish they had it.However, sine we don’t, I’m gonna say don’t cheat. Doesn’t do anything much except make things easier. And honestly, the player should buy the guide if they want an easier game play. And again, this goes with the playability part about how some games focus on the routes even if it’s a dating sim. It doesn’t hold up depending on who the player is. The gameplay wasn’t for you it seems, but I promise you others don’t mind. Again though, depending on the player. 

And honestly, it’s a bit depressing you won’t recommend this game. If you think about it, just how many yaoi games are there? Not many. This game isn’t bad and honestly, the stuff you mentioned depends on preference. I wish you’d say something like ‘this game would be good for those or bad for those’ instead of just saying you would recommend. Yaoi games are hard to come buy and you’re making it even more difficult doing like this. And no, I’m not saying recommend bad games, but this isn’t bad. I’ve played much worse games. But I will say, it’s good you still have faith in the developer. And I do understand why you may be disappointed. Maybe for you, a good game would be Camp Buddy. Or one of the other yaoi KS games. Sadly, those aren’t out yet.