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guide please

i keep getting dead ends is there a place where i can get it thank you for the answer

can you send me the link i need to but it i will buy  keep hitting dead ends thank you

where can i get the nudity patch

steam will be still on January i am correct 

get well

when will the nxt steam update will be?

nice when will the update of steam 

when chapter 4 be released

cant wait for chapter 3 keep up the amazing work 


 on build 49 jenna route it is a absolute fact chase is an idiot if he was running from a killer and the choices were an open road, alley way and building full of people he would just trip and cry and "use words" to make the killer stop, chase  is so stupid that he had so many options he could have grab a pipe and shard of glass heck even the trash can would have helped more but no his idea of helping leo is jumping on brian the bear which he stated that the bear was bigger then leo and when he was flung chase was surprised and then he did again what did chase expect the result would be different for a journalist his so short sighted cant see the details around him he could have easily stab brians eye when the bear was so fixated with leo there was debris everywhere there was even a  syringe but nooooooo his first idea was talk to it, The bear was already hitting leo and  his first idea was talk to it!!! I MEAN TALK TO IT!!!! in times of confrontation like this its fight or flight or maybe i am not updated that its now fight ,flight and PUCKING TALK TO THE PERSON WHOS CLEARLY INTENT ON HURTING YOU AND YOUR FRIEND!!!!! GOD THIS PUCKING STRESSFULL so anyways  this update is so  disappointing  that making you read it will make you loose interest from the game so if you are waiting for build 49 i suggest you keep your expectation low like almost reaching the earth core low and hope that build 50 will be better 

hopefully they will be all be happy 

i was thinking the same thing as explain in adastra that the others are things you cant really explain and also in adastra that earth was used as an experiment planet that is why there are many cultures maybe one of those experiments cause a large entry in the town of echo as amicus says they only appear on little areas and not that present itself


keep up the great work and cant wait for the noah update

hey i want to congratulate you this update actually works  so it mean verbally threatening itch is a useful tip  

awww you ruin the surprise i think jenna is going to have to face his family and confront them 

i did it its says its up to date but its not to up to date 

didnt know that let me get that

i already have that the problem is it wont let me download the update 

can you just send me a link for the update i already emailed itch and trust they will just say contact the creator 

here is the proof its not letting me down load it 

here is the proof i bought it already 

hi i cant down load it it says i need to buy the game but i already have the game help pleaase

the echo of history as i am trying to avoid spoilers is about the founder of the town and his secret lover and there descendants to a crime that ether you will die trying to keep a secret or show reveal it and move on 

(1 edit)

so i finished the game so far the echo means different for each of them

echos of history

echos of life

echos of sin

echos of chains 

you get what i mean when you play it i wonder 

what is the last echo 

now on to the prostitute story line or according to its context haven't played it yet

amazing work here i saw it on youtube in the comments down below maybe you can try your hands on a BxB next just saying 

again i cant get it , why?

the cliffhanger was just cruel hope fully it wont end up to that make someone save him please 

that is unfortunate 

it only says major update and brings me back here

yes it does not  show 

do i need to send proof of purchase 

yes i purchased here at itch 

does this mean i have to buy the whole game again?

i cant download it 

when it will be released here still cant download it?

do i need to buy the whole game again?? or wait for the steam version to get this version