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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Times Sticky

A topic by zatico created Jan 17, 2020 Views: 31,823 Replies: 667
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This is to post proof of your most current WR times!


(1 edit) i can't beat you, you won bruh.


beat you with some of them

I got 7:67 on sandbox 1

i got 6.82 on sandbox one it was really hard


lol i have 4.71

Deleted 1 year ago

quite ez just grab the boom and shot

quite ez just grab the boom and shot

i did it i got the perfect run... 2.63...also in just now made my account this happened a while ago but my game glitched out and i went zyoom with the boom gun

how did you get your time in sandbox 0?

  1. I'm Pretty sure i have the record on Sandbox 0 i cant find much info about it anywhere else though. this is glitchless btw
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I Did What I Could

(1 edit) (+1)

beat you with sky 0


Same don´t know if I can get this better:


I Currently Hold The World Record For The Whole Game

how do you shoot your grappler on nothing?

Deleted 2 years ago

Updated world record (sub 3 minute)

(1 edit)

I had like 14.98 before this and was using the rocket jumping so I dont think i can beat you



I believe i got the WR time for Sandbox 1!!!! Have fun trying to beat it!

you got me beat

I beat it at 4:21

my pb is literally 0 secs due to a glitch that caused the timer not to start

(1 edit)

world record on escape 2?

Deleted 2 years ago


i did a glitch on sky 1 to get 0 it takes a lot of time to do it tho

good enough

im sitting over here with 2 minutes on each one

me best times: The beginning.


I am not the best speedrunner

my record is 5.05 on sandbox 0 and 6.51 on sandbox 1, on tutorial i have 16.66 and on escape 0 i have 8.5

The Tutorial and escape 0 are the main ones

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Deleted 1 year ago
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Hey I'm not the guy who got 6s but i got 7s, my technique was jumping with your shotgun then killing the guy with the grenade gun, he will be closest to the walk way. Then quickly throw your gun and grab his and then you have to grenade jump to the end. You will need to understand how to air strafe so you can stop yourself. I wouldn't recommend trying to kill the guard on the end island he rarely hits you so long as you crouch before getting to the island. 

Jk ignore all that i just beat my record by jumping then shooting the barrel with the shotgun then landing on the milk. its easier and way faster. 

Hold my bear 😅🍻


this is my personal best
(1 edit)

ah. I lost
edit: typo

(1 edit)

how did you get that? was it glitcheless?

Deleted 1 year ago

Gonna post this here as well

(4 edits) (+2)

Escape 3

Sky 1

Sandbox 1

Escape 1

Escape 0

Sky 2

My times

(1 edit)

eh i have only been practicing for like 1 and a half hours so (this is sandbox 0 btw) and sorry for bad cropping


So, are those times 100% or any% because personally im trying to get the best times in 100% (kill all enemies befor finishing). I have speedran escape 0 (100%): 10.61 and sky 0 (100%): 9.25 and i think those are some pretty good times.

Record your times

Well, I haven't thought about doing 100%. Mine are all any%

I recorded my escape 0 time but it has very low fps, ill upload it for proof but don't excpect to see a lot.


I have a any% and i think it's pretty good, I will try to capture the next time I beat it tho

I hope he adds a kill counter to show if you got all enemies, would definitely make 100% easier to track



(1 edit)

sky 1 wr?

 (don't worry about my tutorial time i'm trying to improve it)

yep tink so

I think i hold the current record for Tutorial and sandbox 1. prove me wrong plz <3


Check Evan's post above :)



i think i got it now

I beat you in sandbox 1

Nope i hold the current record for Tutorial.

Here's proof:

I hold the tutorial


but you don't

Sorry but none of you do

New PB

Sorry, but you don't either.

(1 edit)

Neither do you sorry my dude

Well neither do you bud.

the one ups are getting real as hell I love it 

ok i just want to know how you guys get those insane speeds?
this is my first time speedrunning and i don't know anything rn, but i'm still proud of this sandbox 0 PB (i play on this shit res cause that's the only way for me to stay above 60fps all the time)


I  think i have the WR on Sandbox 1 now ;) 

Noooo, how I have 4:99


I have 13.78 but i'm on the wrong pc so can first post it on monday

We're getting better gamers!

i have a better escape 0.

How did you pull off the escape 2?

ight gamers, its time to start providing video evidence

what do i use to record?

i use obs

(1 edit)

Same obs is easy to get the hang of

(1 edit)

13:56 with a Rocket Launcher Rush

Yeah, im pretty sure this is escape 0 100% wr (im sorry for lag at start)

sorry bro but scroll up some one with 10:50

that's not 100% tho


oh kills well yes you have it but the time is what matters


its another disipline. you also don't compare ski to snowboard timen xD


It's a common thing in speedrunning to have separate categories like any% and 100%, for which you can submit a run only if it complies with the category rules. In a game like this 100% just means to kill everyone, in any% it doesn't matter.

I just got a better time:

Added Escape 1 to my post

(1 edit)

I hope this is the best sandbox 1 time

beat you in sky 0 and some others :)

If im right I currently have sky 0 WR

Look at sky 0 lol xD I had 4.43 seconds xDDDDDDDDDD so close

don't mind the new thumbnails, i'm meming with my friends

not the best time for most maps, but i'm proud of my Sky 2

Can y'all start posting videos?
Added Escape 0 to my post

im pretty happy with my times!


(1 edit)

very lucky time, competing with friends is pretty fun

again, ignore the changed textures, just messing around

sky 0 world record? (made an account just to post this)

lol, i also made an account just for this game! glad I made this group!

(1 edit)


Collision glitches


oh nice, i thought about using a prop like that once, didnt pull it off but you managed to, bravo!

I'm now sub 30 on all levels, just did a 1 hour recording session so I'll edit it down and upload my most recent levels. I don't have footage for sky 0, escape 0 or escape 1. the rest were all updated in the video. not sure how many are WR!

dang, Sievaxx beat my time while i rendered this... 

i think i have the fastest any% escape 0 time 

sry to say this but you don't have it any more

and i thought my time was insane

(1 edit)

I think i have world record for tutorial...

my times...

forgot to record the first time so had to break my own record again. new escape 0 WR

Gonna edit the video down now and post it when I'm done!!

(1 edit)

Mostly just grinded Sandbox 1 for a while. I have a clip uploading to YT to share the strat if anyone wants to get it any lower

Here's the video: 

beat me by 0.01 lol same

I just spent an hour+ getting this time. please make that unworthy by defeating it (ps i have a vid but its like an hour long + breaks for random crap)

(1 edit)

I posted and deleted this earlier because I claimed it was WR but someone on my post has 5:15, i'm just gonna leave this here as the best on-footage time of sandbox 0

(1 edit)

This Gun is OP


i have world record for tutorial

Not anymore



daaaamn wp for sandbox0 and 1 !!!!!

i dont have the sandbox 1 record somebody else beat me


I finally managed it.. I got 3.38 on Sky 0..


new time on sky 2, also i've now learnt that slow motion doesn't slow down the timer so it's probably best to turn it off in settings

I now have 2 world records 1 for tutorial and 1 for escape 0 :D


Video of Escape 0?

I hold Tutorial.

New Record.

Dani has the newest record. 9 secs i think.

Added Sky 2 to my post

hehe beat your sky 1 :)

SKY 1 (sorry that there is no recording :/ will try to get one if i can replicate run)

My current times. still working on finding strats for some

Sandbox 0(6:47) 

(2 edits)

Method for Sandbox 0? I got a 6:15 using a strat I found, but the path seems to top out at around 6 sec. 

Edit: Just got a 4:81, so nevermind. 

we tied

hahaha I got 2 milliseconds better now! :p

(1 edit)

Reclaimed my Sandbox 1, vid shortly: 

Edit: video here: 

these  sandbox 0's are kinda bad cause i get like 8s average and this is my PB and maybe WR

nah people are getting around 4 seconds on Sandbox 0

oh i didnt see that before i posted 6s lmao

(1 edit)

hype PB for sandbox 0 ngl 6:19 is nice

sandbox 1 in 4.31

i think the time for escape 2 is good. all are any %

Could I have just beat the world record for the escape 3 

the video is private



I even recorded it

I hold the WR for Tutorial.

post recordings then

Here are my times!

Did I get any records?

(1 edit) aaaa so close :( sky0 gonna start recording

I straight-up cannot beat sandbox 2. I can never seem to get enough momentum off the bounce pad.

so close... 3.96

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

Hey, I decided to speedrun this game a little bit as ive never done it before and I figure I might as well try it out. Unfortunatley my computer decided to have all my recordings be like 3 frames per second so there unwatchable lol which is unfortunate because I think I came up with some pretty cool routes but the times I have are: 6:97 sandbox 0, 7:61 sandbox 1, 10:79 escape 0, 23:65 escape 2, 13:27 escape 3. I dont think any of them are world record or anything but i'm pretty happy with them.

(1 edit)

Good at Escape 1


Idk if it matters but i think i did ok? Sandbox 1 8 seconds

good news you can now abuse objects managed to shave five seconds of the first area of escape 1


youtube video by yours truly

pls watch, I'm so small and unimportant at the moment


thank you

World Record time so far for SKY 2

beat these!

Can we get a Speedrun discord for this game? and we can submit to src aswell  to make it more legit. the speedrun is quite fun and i think with some categories defined it'd give people something to go for ie pacifist and all kills etc.

yes we need a discord it would be able to be more organised than a itchio page

some one made one

some one made one

Here's my escape 0 time of 8.36 seconds. haven't seen anything faster, i believe this is wr

ESCAPE 0 8:82       I know it's not WR but it is my PB

just got 8.13 on escape 0... i believe sub 8 may be possible

The current record is 6:14

(2 edits)

SANBOX1 WR!! 4:99 seconds!!! ill reply the yt link to proof in a bit!

(1 edit)

My current PB and probably (WR) for tutorial. New speedrunning discord

link doesnt work

Escape 0 world record (i think)

How did you..

I got 8:15 I believe this is world record time for Escape 1 (1:10 for record)

My times

my best scores for now 

3rd Fastest Sandbox 0 (At time of posting).

I believe i hold the sandbox 1 WR

SKY 2 WR!!! 12:04 (i got stuck you can get sub 12 easy, maybe even sub 11 but i found the strat)

Lmk please cuz this stage is a pain for me

how on earth did you get that?

Any% WR Afaik (Timer starts when you click escape zero and ends when the menu saying next appears on the stage sky 2) the video doesnt show the final time because i did a blue chromakey and i forgot a pb is blue lel. first image is my IL Pb's

I got 6.55 seconds on Sandbox 1

I got




(1 edit)

Sky 1 in 0:18.73 PB


ty, got the game 2.5h ago and already having such a blast (literally?) This is the only level I wanted to try to do good on, at least for now, because it just feels good somehow

its definitely a great level 

(1 edit)

 I have the  first part of SKY 1 in the bag but i dont seem to be able to do the last jump any tips?

(1 edit)

Oh yea sorry I just realized there were multiple pages lmao. New to this website.

its ok i just need you to help me out with tips for the last jump

Idk for sure as you don't have a video. If you mean the walljump off the red, I just try to hit the right side. The jump in the end room I just jump while sliding to not lose momentum, and it's a bit random whether you get it with one jump.

i mean the last rocket boost jump

There too you have to start holding control in the air to keep your momentum when you land. Then just jump and shoot (preferably behind you to get a push forward instead of upward) at the same time.


Has someone requested the game on I hadn't registered yet and you need a week old account

Escape 2 Any%

What is your technique?

(1 edit)

Do the first part until the corner in 1 swing via the lower part of the platform, then on the second part hug the left wall and swing through the gate. After that you should have enough momentum to make the last bit in 1 swing. I will set up video recording and upload when I beat this. I'm sure sub 20 seconds is possible.

Hey I just beat my record. Check my latest post for a video.

I think i've got the wr 


can anyone beat my SKY 1 (18:44)

This is my Escape 3 time

And I think this is Escape 3 WR

P.S. this is any

(4 edits)

My current times


Possible world record for Escape 1, please prove me wrong.

Possible world record for Sky 0 (NOT WORLD RECORD, ACTUAL WORLD RECORD IS 5.11)
Possible world record for Sandbox 2

Sorry but that's not WR


What's your technique?

at least I have the world record for sky 3 ;J

actually that's not even the world record. Cannalyst has 3.94 seconds somehow.

Sry but thats not WR either. this also isnt

I know that Sky 0 was beaten in like 3.31

Did you use that glitch where you grab the shotgun by running up the pole that the platform is on?

eh i got 15.00 sec on sandbox 2, currently checking for wr to see if i have it

I speedrunned the tutorial, got 19:61, celebrated. and now im here saddened by someone who got 17:


Those are my times atm im pretty happy with them

Escape 0 Record i think
(1 edit)

how good is this time?(if picture doesnt load its tutorial with a time of 00:25:41


do you have a video of it?

yes, gotta edit it tho


bro u ps this or smth? post a vid

i think i found the trick he is most likely using it is called a mega jump i cant really explain how it works as i cannot do it my self


Probably not WR, but pretty good nonetheless

I believe I hold the world record with this time at the moment. Escape 2 - 20.38 

Deleted 2 years ago

Damn, good shit on sandbox1, I literally am working on it right now.

Deleted post
Deleted post

Have anything for sandbox 1? I got it as low as 4:90. I'm baffled at how you got 4:71!

Deleted post
Deleted post

that's still pretty good man

Deleted post

So close yet so far.

Deleted post

Here it is new Escape record

Deleted post


Deleted post
Deleted post

Took me abit longer than last time but new ESCAPE 0 record

Escape 1 Record i think

(1 edit)

Ok if this 0:15.32 isn't Sky 1 WR then I WILL punch someone. Who's hiding the sub 15?!?!?

(1 edit)

huge props my dude

(edit) it is tooooo good, super super hard 2 beat

slow mo = do it again lmfao

To be fair, you could do the second grenade jump on the little platform on the left if you want to be a pacifist (ez 0% strat) :P From my experience it's pretty random whether you kill a guy on the middle platform or not, but most of the time they do perform an die

im just playing its still impressive

Deleted post

I have video for Sandbox 1 at 4:74 woot woot.

I just got 4:64 but I wasn't recording. Will try to recreate soon

Gonna post 4:58 for Sandbox 1. Woot woot~

tutorial is the main one

World record escape 1

WR on Sandbox 1 any%

that is just sick time!

(1 edit)

I'm not going to lie, my wrists are killing me I need to stop. My head however can see that I can easily still shave off time if I hit just the right angles and perfect that start.

just got 4.32 
Video will be coming up soon

We will break this level

damn right >:D

Deleted post

I too just recorded a 4:37 lol


Deleted post

are you kidding me lmao 

Karlson- Sanbox 1 4:32

here are my times. haven't tackled sky levels yet(because i hate them >:{  )

Deleted 2 years ago

I'm so so nearly breaking 4:20 if I can angle my camera right by using the red barrel at the end

I have WR for sandbox 1


Escape 0 has a quicker time of 5:94

I'm pretty sure this is WR, prove me wrong

Nvm just got this.. 

Deleted post
(1 edit)

New world record for Escape 1

EDIT: nevermind just saw previous guy rip

world 2., or am i?

welp, here is my record

Deleted post

New world record right?

(3 edits)

close to the world record?

Seriously, someone needs to get us a page. Does anyone have an account that's 7d old? Pls request it.

NEW SKY 2 WR!!!!!!!! 11:58 (finally got it sub 12, now I will upload how i did it (p.s. its very very hard to hit the window) it took me 5 hours of trying it non stop and got it only twice.)

Also, there is a way to even get sub 11 i almost hit it once but its a whole different route. I will be back when i hit that :)

escape 2 pb and maybe wr

bet 17.94

whats wr for sandbox 0?

Deleted post

also whats the method for fastest movement?

strafing... a lot

(1 edit)

im trying but its pretty hard. im used to csgo strafing is it like that? i might be doing it wrong. also wtf does crouching do?

(1 edit)

its like quake strafing, you have to hold W and A or W and D

My personal records:

Deleted 2 years ago

I have faster time on sky 1

Damn I had 13:88! gonna try to beat you on escape 1 :p

Do you have any footage of your run?

Ha! World record right here xD Told ya

Or is there a faster run?

video of the run comming up soon

Deleted post

Escape 2 WR?

idk how close this was to the world record but  its uplaoding so you might not see it right awat

(1 edit) WR? Idk tbh (NVM I SAW THE 10 SECOND WTF)

14 sec Tutorial!!! going for 13 next! :D

Sandbox 0 and 1 are the best

(5 edits)

I don't have any videos of them but I think I may have the best cumulative time of 2:22.94.

Oh yeah and I found a secret behind the Tutorial level. 

these are my records so far i havent tried to speedrun every level yet but im pretty good at some of them, some of the records ive watched vids for are insane

2nd Fastest Sandbox 0

here is my new record

lol imagine not beating my escape 0 world record of 5.81

I believe I own escape1 WR
video below for proof! It's the 16s one sadly, I forgot to record my 13s one.

13 SECOND TUTORIAL i didnt have my keyboard thing...

I tried to do some casual speedrunning, ended up with this: 12 second tutorial

Okay, I believe this is the world record for now. Has anyone beat this yet? 

Video for proof:

we should create a page

escape 0 wr?

Got this beauty. Is this WR? I think i have the clip too.

I got a single ms better

Yep. here's the clip:

my times (no records at all), but at least i can say  that i was the first one or really close to be the first one to do sandbox0 under 5s with slowmo on (15-20min after release, got rekt 5mins later by 0.03s)

has anyone passed me on escape 3 

Deleted post

Speedrun times. Apologies to the bottom left, as I have put a new motherboard in and Windows has not recognized it.  I believe I have WR on Sandbox 0, but I'm unsure.

nvm someone else got sub 5 seconds on it

I hold the record for sky 0

(1 edit)

Im pretty sure i have the record for tutorial

tutorial wr is under 10 seconds

All Stages And Any% WR's RTA

Sub 2 any% soon

Do you have a macro that does rocket jumps? if not, you do  but are those allowed?

I play with default controls, no macros, default sensitivity, just grinding and practicing. Macros are not allowed

(1 edit)

Those rocket jumps are wayyyyyy too consistent and there is no way you could do it that quickly on default sensitivity without throwing your mouse forward and back and that would be super imprecise and you are looking at the exact same angle every time. 

you can watch me live lmfao, this game is super imprecice and ive been playing nonstop since it came out but i definetly would not use macros or anything (and i often have to readjust my mousepad because im swinging the thing like a madman

(2 edits)

Anybody know better video editing software

I think I have the speedrun time for sandbox 2

Ok so i went through this entire thread and saw that nobody had a time better than mine, this is wr currently, please tell me if you beat my time.

i accidently got 0 seconds on sandbox 1 

Lmao if you can recreate this record it and share it please

it glitched and the time stuck on my screen but i could still move so it kept the time of 0 seconds and i cant get any time better

How did you do that?


I think I have the WR time for Sky 0 at 3:60s.  Gyazo Link to screenshot since I wasn't able to record it


Deleted 2 years ago

holy heck the 5:51 escape 0


We're getting closer boys... When's an official page gonna come out? With the full game?

They are waiting for the full game release.

Heard that from the staff, they rejected my game request.

(3 edits)

New Category/Challenge Idea:

Nonlethal 100%:

  • Have to take out all enemies.
  • Cannot shoot enemies with weapons, or explode enemies in any way.
    • This includes enemies shooting each other.
    • Can shoot weapons for destroying doors and movement.
  • Can eliminate enemies by:
    • Sliding into them.
    • Jumping into them.
    • Hitting them with objects.
    • Throwing a gun at them.

  • Fastest time wins!
  • No macros.
  • This is a level by level basis. If some of the glitchiness of the “non lethal” kill system gets resolved in the full release, than this may change to an RTA challenge.

I am currently working on videoing my best times in this.

is this an RTA challenge?  and is it starting from tutorial or escape 0? 


I was not planning to make this an RTA challenge, as the “non lethal” kill system is a bit glitchy and doesn’t always work the same every time. I have found no way to prevent these glitches, so it would be purely luck based. I am only working on times for tutorial and the escape levels, but I was planning for it to be for all once I got more familiar with the other levels. :) 

Escape 2- 18:89 (fastest I have seen so far)
(1 edit)

Someone earlier in the post has a 18:81

Here are my time. I think I have WR for Sky 2


Also has anyone created a page for this yet or nah?

i submitted it but it was rejected till the full game comes out


everyone remember to use the advantage of rocket jumping!!

got 10:10 flat on escape 0

i got a hella sexy time my guess is 2 place 

On what?

sandbox 1

Deleted post

With Grenade Launcher, 3 Grenades, 1 Kill

Tipp: When you kill a enemy with a explosion the slowmo pops up. but the time goes slightly slower than the game speed resulting in a ~0:02 Timesave

I've tested to see if slowmo makes the timer any different and slowmo has a slight disadvantage making the timer run faster with it.

You can disables slow-mo in the options! It helps a ton :)

Yeah I tried that and it helps extremely well, when you're like me who likes to do trickshots while flying though the air. :)) 

(3 edits)

Fastest run I've gotten on Sandbox 1. I don't think I can push myself any lower rip

BTW guys for updates on the most impressive runs and best times. Source is this thread. 

I also requests Karlson and Karlson 2D to

My only notable achievement in life

I think I have the new Escape 0 WR

holy heck man ur line is impeccable

will post video of best time when im done, attempt at clip flopped

(2 edits)

I tried to make a list of all the World Records I've found. The names are their usernames, except for a few which are from videos I found on youtube. There's a good chance I missed something, so please correct me if I'm wrong

thank you Tizen, very cool!

i have 5:40 in escape 0

Deleted post

could you give me a link to the server?

Deleted post
Deleted post




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