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Liked the concept, but I'd suggest either highlighting the objects or making only some of them mandatory to move on, and maybe rewarding the player for finding them all, given that it's a self-guided tour. Maybe the disembodied friend kicks you out or eats you for not showing enough interest in them, qnd the stargazing ending is the reward for finding everything. 

The couch made it difficult to get in range of the deer pictures, so I got lost for a while, but I did find it eventually. It's definitely a good start!

I'm still so in love with the papercraft style. I have so many questions about the tickets, but I don't think they could be answered without spoilers. Good job hiding the black ones, though.

I really like the way the character kinda slots into the keypad interface, but the mouse sensitivity seems to drop. Also, was the bread usable?

Played before the patch so I may have encountered things you already fixed. Love the concept and the mechanics!

I did it!

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Alright, got the full playthrough edited!

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Alright, made it all the way through. Conceptually and artistically, the game is fantastic, but the execution is where it falters. The slowness of the character makes death more tedious than frightening. Having to go get the sewer key multiple times was a slog. And it doesn't really make sense that you can only use a bed once. I'd suggest switching that mechanic for diary pages. It'd tie our story more closely to Cathrin, and it's a more finite resource than a bed.

Edit: I do disagree with Eshball on the puzzles, though, they were fine. Heck, I thought the moth guarding the switching station was super clever.

Edit 2: Also forgot to mention that none of the vertical cart models contain coal. Figured out I could burn the second batch of moths by accident.

This was my major problem with it. Saying it's not a game, but an accurate simulation of schizophrenia, and then having the only two outcomes be submitting to your symptoms or killing yourself is basically saying, "There's no hope for you." Take it from a guy who's been on a suicide hold: it's a really fucked up thing to do. Plus, chasing down colored keys in a maze kinda screams "this is a video game." I wish someone with actual medical credentials had been involved here. This stuff could be harmful to people who are already vulnerable.

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Honest to god, I gave up days ago. Thanks for the help. Hopefully I tweeted the right guy, and I'll bring the code back. Although, I might scream if it's aHR0cHM6Ly again.

Edit: No big code piece. I feel like I need to try Bleakshore next if I keep hunting for the code. The dev is one of the jam hosts, so he has to be in on it, right? 

Nice, I was trying UblhBBK!

"Oh, they wanna see someone beat it on hyper? I got this."

30 seconds later: I do NOT got this.

The first 75% was really satisfying, but it got really hard to find dirt after a while. Might I suggest being allowed to finish the job at ~95%, with bonuses for 100%? Also, I, uh... I escaped the yard.

2:42 to watch me escape reality.

I had a little trouble getting blocks to clear, and it took me a while to realize the block palette was multiple pages, but I really enjoyed it once I got the hang of it. The prompt system is good, and the block limit forces you to be more creative to achieve your goal. Great job.

16:18 if you want to watch me struggle to build a hand.

I know it's not the point of the game, but I think it'd be fun to see this expanded to other types of rooms. Clean an office, restock books at a library, maybe clean a murder scene... you know, peaceful stuff.

Love it, love every bit of it, and I can't wait for more. Good luck with development, man.

The game was awesome, but I feel really skeezy hitting the "follow hot girls with broken legs" button.

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Check other games in the wretched weekend, found two codes so far:
The Graveyard Shift: nL3dpa2kvU2
Possible third in Frontier Diver: 9TYXR1cm4=
Vestigial: aHR0cHM6Ly, but that's just the http:/ again.
Ashimeyama: aHR0cHM6Ly again.

Help from PedroStormrage in r/ARG:
Oh, good job! If you concatenate the last two codes superimposing the matching characters (U2VnYV9TYXR1cm4=) and then decode it using base 64, you get Sega_Saturn (which was the only I could think of after seeing "Sega_S" being the meaning of the second code)! I'm still not sure how that's meaningful, though.

I also tried to concatenate the first code (nL3dpa2kvU2) to the others in the same fashion (nL3dpa2kvU2VnYV9TYXR1cm4=), but didn't get anything meaningful out of it.

If you remove the first n from nL3dpa2kvU2VnYV9TYXR1cm4=, you get /wiki/Sega_Saturn.

Alright, I found this

in Smalls Island Woes, but those letters do nothing in imgur.

There's also one from A Structure of Unknown Origin at Little Pine State Park: aWtpcGVkaW
, which is ikipedi in Base64.

So maybe it's, but I haven't found a code that for sure says it's the English version. No Players Online's dev apparently hid a real note in the woods in Belgium. Gonna keep looking.

Update: No big code piece in Smalls Island Woes.

Is that something I can get at a real restaurant? Also, how many/which games are connected to this universe?

Power Level community · Created a new topic Loved it!

I got a black screen after beating the boss, but everything before that was awesome!

Clever of you to put the key in a place that would require me to not look at the puppies.

Also, when does the OnlyFans go live?

Absolutely loved it. Only notes are that I think my rope pulled me down through the summit of the Old Man and killed me a few times, but I respawned on the rope. If the rope actually can prevent you from ascending, it'd be nice to have some on-screen feedback to let you know you're at the end of the rope.

Also, I know this probably isn't meant for speedrunning, but I managed the second peak in around 13 seconds!

Super confused, but I still liked it. Only suggestion would be to put a healing space on the respawn point in the library. I couldn't figure out why I'd come back with zero health.

Eidola community · Created a new topic Good job!

Movement was a bit floaty, but I love the concept!

Honestly loved this. It really changes what you do when confronted with danger. Normally, you just push the opposite direction on your controller, but having to learn the spells as a player, rather than picking it from a menu and pressing a button, was a great way to create immersion.

The flies are mandatory, whether you say they are or not!

Nice! I'll give it another try!

It's okay, even if you'd told me they were useless, I would've gotten them. I either wouldn't have believed you or I would've treated it like a challenge, anyway. I grew up on collect-a-thon games, so I have to get all the shiny things.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was to hit the end. This was so fun. I still don't think I ever really figured out when to flap, though.

Flap's up first if you want to see my gameplay.

I somehow managed to make it worse by adding tape to my eyebrows! What's the highest eyebrows-only score you guys have managed?

If you want to watch me wiggle my eyebrows like an idiot, Pinball starts at 14:05.

Love it. Love all of it. I felt bad about eating the buffalo baby until Papa Buffalo crossed me.

Never have I needed $10 as badly as this dude clearly does.

Good Lord, I can't even beat the balcony on practice mode. Great job.

By the way, bombs still don't refill after practice.

I have no idea why, but this was super relaxing.

I love the atmosphere you're going for, but I'm too dumb to figure out the story.


I may have missed some things. I figured out the booze and sedatives, I found the family photos, I found the article about the motorcycle accident, and I found the article about the cult, but I couldn't tie it all together. I couldn't tell if it was the story of one family, or a house with a series of tragedies. My best guess is that maybe the cult sacrifices happened in the house, and the next family was cursed with misfortune? Maybe the wife and baby survived the motorcycle accident, and she tried to sacrifice the baby to revive her husband? And then the player is an unrelated party investigating the house? Or maybe the wife just read about the cult and tried to replicate their ritual?

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I love the logic sequence about happiness and cookies about halfway through. The dynamic focus is great, but it's a bit too much when you're holding an item and trying to move around. The environment is super detailed, and I think you're doing good work. Keep it up!

Block 1: 10.27

Block 1 all dots: 11.17

Block 2: 16.79

Block 3: 21.41

Also, you may wanna look at the loop rail in the testing area. It goes somewhere fun that loops don't typically take you.

Streamed the short demo yesterday because I tried a regular video and realized I just spent the first half hour talking to literally every NPC.

Good lord, I can't wait for Faith Chapter 3. "How does Airdorf do comedy?" Incredibly well.

I cheated a bit, since I saw the gif of the bait level's solution.

Reeeeeeally love the "going so fast you catch on fire" mechanic, but I couldn't figure out how I managed to kill the turrets.

Down the Hole starts at 16:24.