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Good lord, I would play an entire game based around the hammer and coin movement. Great job!

Hey, I actually found that, but now that i got to the jailbreak part, I can't proceed. I deleted the file and restarted the game, but nothing changed. And I'm getting the "Hmm. Let me look that up" message again when I asked about amicus to see if she remembered.

I've bugged the game out, I think. The only task I have is decipher the code. I tell her to remember the amicus trials, she says "Hmm, I'll look that up." and never says anything else. I've tried deleting the game and registry files associated with the term "acolyte," but she's there every time I reopen the game.

I really didn't expect to get hooked on it, but I was. I recorded a let's play, but lost the audio, and I'm genuinely disappointed. Tropical storm really caught me off guard with the voice, but the grunt at the end was the cherry on the weird sundae. You guys really put some soul (and flesh) into this.

I got redpilled by a giant sperm.

That music video completely blindsided me. Wonderful.

I genuinely didn't know you were the Don't Open Your Eyes dev when I started. Love your stuff.

I didn't consider this while playing, but was the old lady in on it or no?

Genuine sadness about a fake dead dog with a horrible wet stain under it.

You did a lot with a very limited aesthetic! I think the VHS element actually added something here, because you can blame the blackouts/teleportation on camera malfunction.  Very good idea.

What got me about this game is that even when I expected the scares, they still got me because of how unsettling the monster/guy is. Great work!

I was genuinely so mad at myself for losing the crew, but at least I beat that particular chunk of monster. Such a good game.

I think you did something really great with the lo-fi graphics by forcing me to never really get a good look at what's chasing me. The monster stays a mystery, and that makes a good monster. Good job!

It's a shame there won't be updates. I love the idea of exploring real historical murders in a supernatural context.

I know the story is self-contained, but a world of weird, industrialized flesh-pipe electronics monsters sounds so cool. Good job.

This was honestly a good start. I think the biggest missed opportunity here has to do with the sound design during the last part. If the sounds had been triggered at specific points to direct me away from or toward the exit, it would've been super cool. Looking forward to what you do next!

Thy flesh starts at 13:35.

Honestly, when I made this video, I didn't know that you made both Black Eyes and Not All There. They were suggested to me completely separately. What I loved most about this one was the random pop-ins from behind columns like a happy gopher.

This one starts at 8:00.

Why did they leave me alone? I'm so small!

Black Eyes is first!

Honestly, genuinely good atmosphere and pacing. Shocking that it was for a jam.

I always wanted to make a game like this with real ads and a leaderboard just to see how much money it could make.

OH. I need to play again now.

Genuinely good zero-g simulator. If you could fix the clipping, I'd love to just whoosh around in a space forklift.

How much medicine was involved in the making of this game?

The solution is always just to go back to bed.

I broke the kitties.

Weirdly, I love the concept and think it would make for a great game once everything gets refined.

Had to record it twice, but it was absolutely worth it.

Spookware starts at 11:31.

Waiting for the sequel, where we manage to escape into 4D space.

Metamaze starts at 4:05.

Please, god, make more of this. I want to get as absurd as we possibly can!

You're up first in the video!

Obviously, the game looks fantastic, and I appreciate the story, as well. My biggest ask is for a little more direction, or visual blocks for areas I'm not supposed to get to. I just asked myself over and over why I couldn't just step over the rocks and cross to the other boat, instead of taking the route through the statue. and maybe add more rocks and debris around the diving suit, because nothing really stood out to tell me which little bit of ocean I could walk into. Other than that, I expect the final product to be incredible! Good luck!

I'll give the rest a shot as soon as I can get the update!

Honestly, I wish I could've gone full survival mode in that final room, just to see how long I could last with that handful of bullets and a knife. Good job!

Honestly loved it. The only thing I'd consider changing is the blood trail, because it seems to lead to every room in the complex, but that's not a huge deal. Good luck with the final project!

I accidentally broke out of the play area, but I enjoyed the experience!

Honestly, I love the LACK of information we're given. We've just stumbled onto a horrible secret beyond our mortal comprehension, and that's great. Well, not for us.

Fart Gun is the best! Headshot damage only with piercing capacity? YES.

You already know I think it's great, but I made a walkthrough video, too.

I know it's a graduation project, but I'd absolutely love to see a full game from this. The art is beautiful, and traversal feels great!

I still never figured out what the green balls were.

What I want to say, more than anything, is that you did a great job by not making a big deal out of the ghost. No big musical sting, no jumpscare noise... she's just a fact, and she doesn't just go away after she appears. Most games scare you, you run away, and then you're safe for a while. Not here. Once she's out, you're stuck with her. Pretty amazing that it was made in such a short time, too!