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So, is May coming back?

Keep 'em coming! I didn't get stuck this time, either!

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Decided to go ahead with the video, but I may switch it with a new one when the update comes out. Really loving it so far!

Note: if you thought the voices were harsh and annoying before, you're in for a rough ride with this video.

Ready to see what's next!

I was so determined to get those keys and see what happened. Is it time, number of zombies killed?

See, this is what I wish FNAF was. Murderous animatronics that actually move. I also wanted to say I was really impressed with the attention to detail. The footsteps are clearly bare feet on a floor, and the flags in the game room actually move. You didn't have to do either of those things, but it took the immersion to a new level. Excited for the future of this game.

I'm glad to hear it's still in development. PT really kicked off the "home horror" genre, and its cancellation put so many devs to work, but a lot of the games being made to fill that void are either in development hell or have been cancelled. I really hope you succeed. The work you've done so far is really great.

Damn, I was really gearing up for a ritual to bring my family back. Which probably says a lot about me. Acceptance was probably healthier. The voiced parts really helped build a sense of loss, and the (what I call) nightmare portions were a good "show, don't tell" concept to illustrate how he was living with his grief.

Super ready to go through all of the rooms.

See, you get what you get when you walk into a restaurant that's clearly closed.

Really thought the ghost was gonna be in grandma's goiter. I know there's a part 2 already, but I'd love to see this as a full-blown series. Probably my favorite visual novel so far.

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I love this concept, and I want to see more, but I don't know how. I think you created a really interesting dynamic by making this self-aware game character and actually putting the player into the game as well. The ending gave me an idea: Instead of continuing to help the character we started with, what if the player (as a character) is just as trapped in this place as the other character? Like the end of this portion was the player jumping to another avatar so that we can escape by selfishly throwing others to their deaths?

Playing with the original files vs. the update that made the doors not smack you out of the way makes a huge difference.

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Why does the eyeball scream? Also, why is that dude crying in the bathroom?

Why the hell is the wall-knock the most immersive sound I've heard in a game this month? I never once thought "This is in my headphones." I don't know how you did it, but it gave me chills literally every time it happened.

I'm always down for learning about different cultures' ghosts and monsters. The end of the chapter explaining exactly what I did to affect whether the spirit attacked me made this into a really educational experience, and it's really refreshing to see a different approach to supernatural horror. Being given the option to show respect for a spirit and being rewarded for it was great, and having multiple ways to end the experience really added depth, especially the most realistic option for a haunting, "Get the **** out." Ready for chapter 2 whenever you guys finish.

I'm really excited to see the full project. I got the little Easter Egg at the end of the canal, but are there more hidden in there that I missed?

As someone who never got to actually play PT, thanks for making this.

Good God, congrats on the sound design.

Definitely something I'd tell my friends to play without warning them. Looking forward to the park update.

I managed to get it to change my courage assessment, but how do I get it to say I don't follow instructions? Or is completing the game an indication that I follow instructions?

I was able to get through it without knowing Portuguese, but the video has translations, anyway.

Ha, I didn't know I was about to get murdered by the rich kid and just stood there while he walked toward me. I hadn't saved since I finished the first section of the train.

It took me forever to figure out the ring box. Really hoping this eventually gets a full release.

Really excited for the full game! Switching the doors in the projector room was my favorite part, because it changed my idea of how the camera worked.

A good game about how depression feels and how to overcome it.

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So ready to play part 2.  And The Library.

You definitely left me wanting more.

Really enjoyed the bit right before the end.

But I still enjoyed it.

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Just edited the original comment. Good timing!

Whoops, set it to private instead of unlisted. Should be visible now.

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Ooh, got the spooky update out just in time for recording. I'll be back with a video.

Edit: Not sharing the whole video yet, but this was my favorite moment. 

The whole game was the equivalent of somebody threatening to hit you in the eye with a stretched rubber band for 20 minutes, and I loved it so much. I really wish I had a heart rate monitor, because I'm pretty sure my heart rate stayed high from the moment I turned around after I turned on the basement lights. Great job.

Really excited for the updates.

Well, that took a turn.

So ready for the kickstarter.

Got it, thanks.

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Do you have a link to the Kickstarter yet? I know it won't go live until the 15th, but I wanted to put a link in my let's play. You definitely earned my support.

Holy cow. Not only is the game pretty, but the sound design is just fabulous. There's never silence, just this faint white noise that makes you painfully aware of how quiet it is.

Hey, I'm doing a month-long event featuring a different indie horror game every day, and you're October 24th! This video will go public on October 24th, at 2PM EST.