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God, I love the feeling of getting on a good run with this. Building up speed bouncing between walls over a bottomless pit is pretty dang entertaining.

I enjoyed it after I figured out that A) I needed the book, and B) that I had to walk the shapes multiple times.

The flavor text is hilarious, man. Also, I'm not sure what caused it, but I managed to create an infinite amount of postcards. I think it may have something to do with how you can still interact with the world in the menu, and that the "pick up postcard" prompt never vanishes.

I guess whoever rated it got stuck, too.

I thought this might be a demo with some of the scenarios excluded, but it looks like at least seven are included based on the game files.

I will say in roughly an hour of trying to figure out the wall, I found a couple of cool ways to break the game. If you walk straight back from the beginning, you can walk up the debris pile and straight out of the level.

Also, I figured out why the fog area moves you back to the center of the tunnel if you're at the sides. There's an invisible "door" that works as the access point to the fog area and the trigger for death. It assumes if it renders the door, you've looked back, but it also renders the door if you walk backward through it, which also causes death. Same scenario for the crusher wall. If you walk backward far enough once you enter the wall area, you "see" the wall trigger, and you'll be crushed the next time you walk into its area of effect.

Another funny thing: after you exit the fog area (but before the wall) you can look back all you want, but you will die instantly as soon as you walk into the fog area again, no matter which direction you're facing. If you go in facing the "wrong" way, though, you'll start coughing before the fog even manages to appear.

Heck, I've even turned off the flashlight and tried to walk through the wall.

I've pressed literally every button I have to get past that wall. I've waited, I've looked back, I've walked back, I've tried looking for doors, holes in the floor, holes in the ceiling, switches, and I just can't figure it out.


I changed my mind. It's definitely this guy.

It's well worth the price tag, especially if you're looking for a challenge. 

I really did have to stop myself from just finishing the game. It's way too fun.

God, I love that song at the end. My only real feedback is to make the calendar slightly more obviously a calendar. Super excited for the full game!
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I was hesitant to talk about it after noticing the small figure in front of our neighbor across the way, but is this kind of an exploration of forbidden desires?

Drugs- The anti-drug PSA and the bagged body struggling after I take his syringe, and injecting the "sick" door with an unknown substance, in reference to shooting up to "get well"

Voyeurism- both me looking into my neighbor's window and the all-seeing eye

Rape- knifing the vagina door

Pedophilia- our friend across the way with the small shadow in front of him

Sadism/masochism- our ability to stab the wrapped body for no gain, as well as the "no pleasure without pain" section of the gallery.

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but there's also the journal entry referencing electroshock therapy, but I'm not sure if it's behavioral therapy or for fun. I was assuming it was corrective, and that the message telling me to indulge was in opposition to that, as if I was in treatment and fighting my desires to misbehave, and how I handle the door determines which of my behaviors I chose to indulge and how I feel about it.

On the other hand, that doesn't explain the anatomy references or the pesticide program, unless they represented a desire to murder.

Then again, I may have missed the mark entirely, because I couldn't identify the green organ (gland?) I'm stabbing in the non-stroke ending.

Edit: I just realized that the shadow could've been a camera on a tripod instead of a child, which would just make it another layer of voyeurism/watching.

Edit 2: I just realized it's a red room, not a triangular man in a red shirt in a window. I'm dumb.

Yeah, they're probably not getting back together.

Why was there a ghost duck on the ceiling? 

Sorry I'm late.

Superpowers was the worst to visualize for me. Of the successes, anyway. Dadosaur and Steph was probably the worst overall. Like, I knew there was a possibility of it being in there, although not like that. And not as graphic.

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I'm gonna get that final ending one day.

Edit: Never mind, that day was today. I'mma do another video next week with all the wins.

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Oh, god, I just realized the video didn't post. That really makes my first comment look dickish. I really loved the lump spaghetti.

Overall end result was hilarious, though. Great job!

Honestly did not expect any of that, much less the hand drawn horrible lump spaghetti.

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Snake champion right here.

Edit: Never mind, somebody else got 37. But I really liked that the story was hidden in the internet stories. It was a lot less sinister than I expected going in.

Prepare your inbox.

Supply chain for brains is a problem.

Is it brains?

Is there any way to follow a specific project on Following a dev only seems to alert you when they put out a new title, but I want updates on this.

I enjoyed it, but I'd love to see the concept in a longer game! Not the murder for love thing. Well, maybe the murder for love thing, but the gameplay for sure.
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Alright, what I think I know is:

Viscera is required for magic.

The viscera need not be from the kin of the one being magicked.

The Coppersmith is summoned with bloodied cloths.

The Coppersmith grants wishes (for lack of a better word) in exchange for the cloths.

The Crab Guardian grants additional years of immortality in exchange for the cloths.

What I assume from all of that:

The Coppersmith doesn't necessarily enjoy harming people, because we start the game asking for viscera by itself, with no particular wish in mind. With no wish, the Coppersmith wouldn't gain a bloodied cloth, so I have to assume the Coppersmith intends to grant wishes without taking viscera from the family. So why bother with taking the viscera from kin at all? My guess is that it's part of the mythos/religion to keep the peace and prevent people from trying to solve all of their problems with magic. People would probably think long and hard about asking for something when the price is the death of a family member. Plus, what would stop them from murdering strangers to get the viscera to pay for the wish?

What I want to know:

Are the Artisans capable of magic before they contract with the Crab Guardian?

Is there really another Coppersmith, or is this one's reputation so bad (Don't eat many children!) that the suicidal girl assumes there must be another one? EDIT: Another comment mentioned an impostor, so it looks like I missed something.

Do the other Artisans do the same type of magic?

Is the Coppersmith altruistic, or only doing this to maintain immortality?

You've got one hard and one easy comment, so I'll go with "just right." It took me four tries, but only because I kept trying the same basic path over and over.

Looking forward to the future versions!

I'm doing a lot better on mobile. I'm in the 90s on Time Attack now.

That was flippin' adorable. I love the magnifying glass.

I really didn't expect to turn around and see Bert Kreischer.

So, is there a way to steal a battery from the truck or tractor, or are you supposed to be caught?

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Holy crap, this is hard. I need to try the phone version, because I am not fast enough with the mouse. I got like 37 points in Time Attack. I appreciate the double tap reminders, though, because I never have any idea what's going on.

Never heard of Nuclear Throne, but I'll look it up! Thanks for the reply.

Any plans to continue development?

I'd heard of Fran Bow, but I've never played it because the description seemed so bleak. I have to go back and play it now, because this is black humor done so right.

Any chance we could get something like a solid gold golf cart that's so far off the side of the map that there's no way to get it back in time to buy it, even with all of the time upgrades?

You'd still want to give it a value for when somebody figures out how to glitch it to the register, but it'd be a heck of an Easter Egg.

I got the riddle and the street signs, but I missed the bed lumps!

I loved the button so much that the title of the video was almost "Trash?", but I decided that would send the wrong message.