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I realize I am but thanks, Jackson isn't currently on if it was I wouldn't have brought up the idea. Lots of games have there own speedrun site and Karlson is a great example of one that should, being that many people do singe level times and rarely does only part of the game categorys Mario kart does do single cups from what I know. Any way my point is it may be smart to have a site at least until it gets up on

I agree some may have trouble recording but almost every other game requires video evidence and no one complains there so I am gonna say video evidence is required

For categorys:

Any%- no major glitches but all else is fair game

100%- you must kill all enemies (also no major glitches)

Glitch% -all glitches are allowed get to the milk as fast as possible and by any means necessary

-what is and isn't a major glitch will be decided by the community

And you can run a single level or the whole game, also splicing is not allowed in any category

Agreed very disorganized, would you agree with needing video proof?

KARLSON community · Created a new topic Speedrun site

I have been thinking of designing a website.for speedrun times and want to know if the community would actually use it. If not I won't make it so be it but if people would want that I would love to do it. So just give me a yes or no and I will see

we really need to start using vid proof, not saying you cheated but damn that is crazy and I wanna know how it is done

KARLSON community · Posted in game

i would personally prefer shift but control is fine, i do agree tho would be nice to have control customization 

darn dude that sucks, idk how to help if it is the game but you might be able to mess with your display settings to get some improvement

if it is that your not getting bounced in the right direction off the yellow pad it might be because you aren't crouching =)

yeah seem the barrels can give your a pretty crazy amount of speed when hit just right, idk if it was intended.

don't worry bit a practice and your all good I agree took a while to get used to and i still find my self failing a lot lol=)

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sorry dude but i think you just haven't spent enough time with the game to get the mechanics down,watch some speedruns and you can  see with practice you can blast through the levels at warp one.

yeah we are gonna need a no glitch%

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Same obs is easy to get the hang of

KARLSON community · Replied to Redz in Times

the one ups are getting real as hell I love it 

I hope he adds a kill counter to show if you got all enemies, would definitely make 100% easier to track

you can gain tons of speed by crouch-jumping off the corner of a wall

I can't help much cus i am a windows user but if you haven't read it already it says this for trouble shouting on the home pageIf the game doesn't work after unzipping, try to use another unarchiver program. The Unarchiver is one for example. other than that try putting all the files on to your desk top it worked for me.. on windows so take it with a gain of salt

dude spam isn't gonna fix your problem the guys has other things to do and when all you say is "pls fix" no one has any idea how to help there are a lot of things that you are your computer could have messed up... you wanna chat ask nicely and be more specific then people might want to give you a hand

Okay then... bit intense dude... one you legit just said it might be because you are using a VPN so if it is that then turn off the VPN, also check witch version your trying to download in your settings check if you need the 64 bit or 32 bit version, if all else fails ask nicely and i bet Dani may try and trouble shoot any errors with the downloading process

game is awesome 👍, for improvements

1. Kill count for each level so we can run 100% category

2. Would be nice to be able to change control set up

1. Could be witch version your try to download, check in your settings under my PC if it is 64 bit or 32 bit you need

2. I wasn't getting crashes or anything but I was having trouble getting the zip file to work and eventually it just fixed its self, so I guess try again If nothing is working be patient