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Parkous-fps, Milk-Induced action shooter · By Dani

Speedrun site

A topic by OnyxManticore created 32 days ago Views: 243 Replies: 10
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I have been thinking of designing a website.for speedrun times and want to know if the community would actually use it. If not I won't make it so be it but if people would want that I would love to do it. So just give me a yes or no and I will see

how will you host the website?

That would be great! Right now it's way too unorganized

Agreed very disorganized, would you agree with needing video proof?

Hmm idk about video proof. If you grind a level for hours you'd just end up with tons of video footage you don't need or sometimes you might get a good run while not recording. I don't think there's another way to tell if a run is 100%legit tho so I don't see a way aroud it. Maybe make a smaller board where you don't need a video proof idk


I agree some may have trouble recording but almost every other game requires video evidence and no one complains there so I am gonna say video evidence is required

For categorys:

Any%- no major glitches but all else is fair game

100%- you must kill all enemies (also no major glitches)

Glitch% -all glitches are allowed get to the milk as fast as possible and by any means necessary

-what is and isn't a major glitch will be decided by the community

And you can run a single level or the whole game, also splicing is not allowed in any category

reminder that exists


I realize I am but thanks, Jackson isn't currently on if it was I wouldn't have brought up the idea. Lots of games have there own speedrun site and Karlson is a great example of one that should, being that many people do singe level times and rarely does only part of the game categorys Mario kart does do single cups from what I know. Any way my point is it may be smart to have a site at least until it gets up on

I'm gonna make a speedrun of escape 1

nvn i have to go to bed

My speedrun