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You left input gravity on.

loVE IT!!! <3<3♥

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is there a way to 

A. turn off automatic signal processing?

B. Turn the radio's volume down?

C. import files(pictures, mp3s) while the game is running?

Or are these things impossible ATM?

Also, sorry most of the comments here are people too dense to do a quick google search, or to discover things on their own. Also, sorry for phrasing my feature request as an open ended question to sound less demanding.

it does

Is there any way to turn off automatic signal processing?

wouldn't a better transparency solution involve just having the actual assets be transparent over the inbuilt windows "transparent" color; in order to avoid the transparency overlap currently present?

I did a poor job of explaining this so I'll leave an example.

Current system: 

Each sprite utilizes the inbuilt windows transparency system. When an overlap occurs the faux transparent pixels overwrite opaque pixels.

Proposed system: 

Each sprite is stored as a transparent PNG overlayed over a background of the faux transparency to produce a more accurate effect. Is the current windows transparency system too inefficient to achieve this without significant overhead?
Also do you have devlogs available? i would like to make my own desktop gadgets at some point.
     Thank you, and please ignore my username.

it's probably a tall order, but if you could add linux support i would be extremely gratefull!

Such a cool concept!

why is it titled "West Wing"? we're on a space station, there is no north?


i'll test this out later!

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How do you use the tv? what filetypes are accepted? i tried youtube links but they allways error, And mkv files don't seem to work.

yeah I figured it out eventually

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I keep getting daily tasks that require 9 tapes!

the max you can fit in a box is 8! and you can only submit one at a time!!

good game though! Also I keep accidentally pressing the c key when i want to zoom and I fall on the floor.

This man is LYING, the more frequently you exercise joints and muscles the stronger they get. 


I'M ON DAY 15 AND i do not have sandbox mode unlocked.

can we get the map as a png(so i can print it out) or an ingame item so we can chart our routes when situations change in the field? like if a server goes down, i like to plan my routes out efficiently, and pulling up the photo i took on my phone is a little bit immersion breaking.

they're not downvoting "because they have a disability", they're not downloading because this person appears to be demanding that no games contain math, because they don't feel like using a calculator.

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Nobody who creates free content on the internet owes anyone anything.

just ftr.


figured it out, if you don't ask to transition with gabby untill after you get the car, do it and then back out, you will be locked out of the car. i can provide a save if you need it, but it should be a simple fix.

hey, my save is broken. after doing some quests i appear to have lost the ability to drive to town permanently. is there any way to fix this?

I figured that out eventually, thanks anyway! Very fun game!

that's right!

The google API changed and the game doesn't work for anyone. I wish you had read even the first comment before yours, and you would have realized it was not a computer-specific problem.

Every time this game crosses my admittedly sporadic stream of consciousness I revisit this page, hoping for the text "Dec 14, 2020" to have changed. But alas, I always return disappointed. At least I'll always have my memories of exploring the ever changing halls of the infinite museum, to look back on fondly.

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How do you find new/different ships? my radio receiver isn't picking anything up in most fractals.

i had a space in the directory ):

ERROR: Formula "MZON" compiled with error code 1 and output:

It was a wonderful experience while it lasted. :,)

i'm talking about the audio that gets through before the delayed audio comes through.

hey-o!  I recommend describing what the game is about or the game play of the game. I feel like it would result in more downloads.

This concept has so much promise, and so much more room to improve. It makes me sad that this game is no longer receiving updates.  

multimonitor support?

uhh chrome doesn’t support custom apps I don’t think...

how will you host the website?

Oh one final thing if you don't like the air control thing maybe add a different way to conserve momentum other than the grapple gun (which again doesn't work in tight spaces.) here are some examples:

while crouch sliding you can use the A/D keys to lean and turn.

when landing while crouching the momentum is spun towards where the player is looking. ( does something similar to this)

you always have a mini grapple hook bound to mouse 2 that also works as the "pick up object" button when unarmed

oh yea and on a separate note sky 2 has a wall jump section in the beginning that you cant do without jumping on top of the wall . (maybe someone found a way?)

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hello! I'm loving the game so far but i have a few issues

first off, it's kind of hard to know how fast you're going and the speed lines definitely don't help. it's not that i don't like them it's just they're very inconsistent. for instance if you run normally then there are no speed lines but if you crouch Slide going the same speed then they suddenly appear and  it's the same for moving midair.  I say you just have them appear at a certain speed rather than to make the game look more cinematic.

second, the amount of air control in my opinion is very... limited?  I'm hesitant to type "none" because that would be a falsehood but it (again in my opinion) is especially useless when you've just grenade/shotgun jumped. But that's more of a pet peeve than an issue. I suggest doing something Source engine esque where you can sort of steer your momentum. I don't think I'm describing this very well so I'll link a wiki page on what I mean here. (EDIT: be sure to look at the videos i'm not suggesting that you put in the exploit just the air control, the  beginning of the portal 2 video is a good example)

Finally here are some minor but annoying issues.  accidental wall slides happen all to frequently in tight spaces, and it even happens while crouched. holding down shift while moving forward prevents you from jumping ( never mind it was just my keyboard.) Sliding into enemies in tight spaces is unreliable and the grappling gun's string doesn't always connect to the surface that you're shooting at hovering a few feet off the wall (visual bug only)

Keep in mind this review ONLY contains issues, do not let this discourage you from playing this awesome game!